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The darkest eyes in this sphere, are in his possession.
Twinkling at me like it's Christmas.
Adept in rousing euphoria, amusement and gratification.
Only intensifying the radiance of his brilliance.
Minuscule moments rebound in my head for hours.
Intertwining of hands synchronises our thoughts into one.
Shared silence for hours. His hair flailing around like a wildfire.
Hazy crimson skies accompany our every move.
Nothing holds us back on this lengthy road.
Freedom no longer in our imagination.
Marie Anna Jan 14
Sometimes looking back, truly living in those past moments.
Is the best medicine to help you move forward.
Marie Anna Jan 12
All the changes that happen,
Occur without us looking.
It's a surprise you still recognise yourself.
Marie Anna Dec 2018
You claim you know me.
Comment observations as if they are facts.
How I am "adorable", "pretty" or a "coy" under a guise.

You're contradicting every word you spout.
Head stuck so high up in the clouds.
Truly not able to truly look around.
The bigger picture is so far from your vision.
No ladder will ever be high enough to bring you back down to reality.

You claim you "feel" for me.
In contrast you deny this claim,
In case I'll be bummed.
We can't have a fairy tale love, or one like in the rom-coms.

Thus, I have no ill feelings towards you.
Just no real expectations.
There have been no investments made by my heart.
Do not bank on unsubstantiated visionaries.
Of me being this lovesick mutt
Who you throw a bone.

Rejection is something I have also dished.
I am not always the one on the receiving end.
Although I have a peculiar taste,
Do you think are you actually my cup of tea?
Not the kind you drink to be polite.
In a rush before a flight.
But instead to savour on a warm night.

You act as though you are my first choice,
As though I am pining for your affection.
Like every word that you spew.
Has monumental significance.

This isn't me being bitter.
It's my response to your wittiness.
Understanding the very words you play with
Can be put forward in exchange.
Marie Anna Dec 2018
I'm going to miss you.
All the memories we had.
You will always be in my heart.
I can't cry, it hurts too much.
I know we said together forever.
Life has just pulled us in different

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