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Clarice Dogood Dec 2013
That's all it took to break us
My trust was thin
My patience thinner.

I came to you for a change
I told you about my pain
I trusted.

1 month and 1week
It took to fall
Then break
Now it's done .

I cannot trust your mystery
I cannot believe your lies
I cannot trust for it'll just make me cry.

All I can be sure of
Is that
I will not mold myself into
Your idea of **perfection
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
2 years ago
I met  the  one
in a dream
he treated me like a queen

I thought he wasn't real
but a week ago
i met him

2 years ago
I would've just fallen
but since then I've felt..

­It cant happen again
I wont let it happen again

So the  one
is going to have to wait
because my pain is still fresh
& every morning
when I wake
it hits me harder
I cant just bring down the walls.

2 years ago
it would've just been him
but today
I'm not so sure.
Clarice Dogood May 2014
it took a day to fall in love
and 6 months for him to leave
now how could I be the same me
when the only thing that made me me
doesn't care to stay with me
so now the me I used to be
isn't me because i am **broken
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
He is beauty
In every way
His walk
His talk
His metal smile
The veins that make their way up his arms
He is imperfect
He is real
Yet he is beautiful
He is shy
The dark look in his eyes
I know he has a secret
& I want to know what it is
His arms
The way he hides his teeth when he smiles
The way he pretends to listen to music
While he's actually blissfully aware
Aware of me
I'm longing for him
& his imperfection
His **Beauty
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
He fears reality
so he goes off to a land
that is his own

He fears feelings
so he runs off
several times a day
& still he seems to feel

He puffs out clouds
from his very soul
and with every cloud
he feels ecstasy
with every ounce of it
he runs
f a r t h e r and f a r t h e r.

I know I barely know him
but I want to though
I want to know even the parts of him
that never get to see the light.
With me
he wont need to run
he can just
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
I worry about him still
& I care for him still
but i'm done being his caretaker
i'm moving on
to bigger and better things
though i'll never forget him
Clarice Dogood Oct 2013
How could someone ever have feelings for me?
Dont they see im nobody?
Im still breaking everyday
When someone says they like me
All i can think is..
Why me?
Do they just want something from me?
I'll convince myself that its that way
That everything's temporary.
Thats why i cant afford to have feelings or
To trust the feelings that person claims to have
This is why ill always be emotionally unavailable
And alone.
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
I'm nobody
A little piece of nothing
I'm nobody
Just broken hearts
Empty promises
I'm nobody
And nobody cares
I dream of being somebody
Maybe someday
But right now
I'm nobody
And nobody cares
I'll probably never be happy
I'll probably never find anyone
Who cares?
I'm breaking
I'm cracking
I'm dropping
But nobody cares
And they'll never notice
I'll be here
No love
I'm nobody
And nobody seems to care
They'll see my smile
And swear I've got no worries
I'll probably pretend to be happy
They'll never know
Because I'm nobody
And nobody will ever care.
Clarice Dogood Oct 2013
I've worried about irrelevant things for quite some time
The more I think the less things make sense
The tears cloud my eyes and they make everything blurry
I feel less and less air getting to my lungs
Just when I think things can't get worse
I get my very own private earthquake
I quiver and I can't see
I can't breath
I ask "why me?"
It's just something I've got to live with
It's the constant pain of feeling no love
I've not been kissed in years, not been hugged in months and not been told "I love you" in days
The girl with the heart of stone craves affection
Clarice Dogood Jan 2014
Its hard to see who you are
until you see who you want to be
I saw him , he saw me
although its hard to believe
it was as simple as can be.
Now you tell me
how is he all that i can see?
how could he love me?
this cannot be reality
yet it is, and he is.
Clarice Dogood Sep 2013
They sit there
Two perfect strangers

He sits there
Soaking in perfection .
She sits there
Putting up a front .

He sits there
His perfection fading
He too is putting up a front
He sits there quietly
Wishing he could scream at the top of his lungs
But instead
He just sits there-  Silent.

She sees that all of his perfection is gone
But she wants to soak in him
They're mutual loneliness
They're mutual pain.

They sit there
Two perfect strangers
Silently  *falling
Clarice Dogood Oct 2013
What attracted you to him?
with that tan skin
and those blue eyes.
What attracted you to him?
for you have yet to meet him.

What attracted you to him?
with that smile
that renders the sun useless.
What attracted you to him?
for he is so silent.

What attracted you to him?
with that dark look in his eyes
his bodies in the room
but his mind is in the clouds.

I can tell you what attracted you to him
its that you have yet to meet him
that you don't know the reason for the darkness in his eyes
that hes mute and keeps to himself
and that hes not an open book like the rest of them
What attracted you to him was
the mystery factor.

— The End —