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Marianne M Jul 2016
Sa kabila ng paglipat
Ng pahina ng buhay ko
Ay ang pag-usad ng istorya
at pagtatapos ng kabanata mo.
Marianne M Jul 2015
I gave him, almost, another chance.. To ruin me again.
Marianne M Jul 2015
I almost did, give him another chance
I almost caved in, to what he wanted
I almost made, the same mistake again
I almost did, love him again.

In between these almost,
between loving him and losing myself again
I chose not to give in,
chose not to love him.

Months have passed, I won't give up
All these months, building up myself
You came back, tried to tear up these walls
I did not let you in, I won't let you.

I'm sorry, I almost did, give you another second chance
I'm sorry, it won't work anymore
No matter how you try, I will not go back
I will not go back, to what broke me.
Marianne M Jul 2015
Don't light yourself on fire trying to brighten someones existence.
Marianne M Jul 2015
Whatever you do, never run back to what broke you.
Marianne M Jun 2015
When nothing else matters, reassure it is never the end.
Marianne M Jun 2015
And the next thing she knew, he was already gone.
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