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Those bad days come
The days were getting out of bed shouldn’t be an option
Were looking at everyone can’t be a choice
But you have to smile for the camera
Everyone is looking at you
While you see that moment
That moment of being on a bus with a friend
A friend that took your friendliness for flirting
A friend that decided to play fight with you
But play fighting turned into something more
Into something you wished it didn’t
He kissed you
You didn’t want or intend for that to happen
You didn’t know what to do
You’re paralyzed
As you tell him no, he tries play fighting again
You reject that too
But in the end, he bites your arm
And now you are stuck with the feeling of teeth on you
The feeling that you still have the bruise
A bruise that you had to hide from your family members
A bruise that symbolized
“You are broken”
You get stuck wearing anything but a normal shirt
No one questions it...but yourself
You can feel the pain
You can see yourself crying all over again
You can feel the hug that your teacher gave you when they found out
That teacher helped you more than anyone
That teacher took care of you in your time of need
That teacher was your parent because you couldn’t show them your bruise
You can feel the nothingness that came out of that experience
You can hear the whispers
The whispers of blame toward you
The whispers of “they asked for it”
No you didn’t ask for it
All you asked for was a friend
A friend to sit next to
A friend to stay close to, so you wouldn’t get lost
But in the end you got more lost
If anything, you got lost and betrayed
Within minutes before and after that first kiss
But you still feel that bruise, even after it’s gone
You feel where their teeth sunk in on your skin
That part of your skin remembers every nerve being in pain
Your muscles remembering tensing up right when it happened
That friend marked you
For what, because you were friendly
Because you gave them attention they hardly got
Who’s to say,
All you know is that you had a bruise and a bad memory on that bus
A memory that haunts you till this day
A memory you wished would just disappear
Just like the bruise
That friend got in trouble
With a slap on the wrist
And everyone on their side
You are the one at fault
You started the whole thing
But you are the one with the wounds
You were too friendly, everyone said
How could that have mattered
When you are now bruised on the inside
Where their teeth were
Maria Nieves Sep 11
Recently it hasn’t been easy
Lack of sleep
Horrible thoughts
But you
You are one of the reasons
I get up in the morning
Knowing that I will see you
Knowing that I get to hug you
Nothing has made me happier
Than spending time with you
So thank you
Thank you for saving me
For keeping me safe
For showing me a good time
Thank you for being there
When others were not
Being back in college hasn't been easy on me, but one person has been keeping me sane.
Maria Nieves Jul 31
I am a Rose
I might be small
Might look fragile
But I have some thorns
Definitely not afraid to hurt you back
But I am always fighting
Might not look strong
I am beautiful
I am a Rose
You are just as beautiful and strong as a Rose
Maria Nieves Jul 25
She sees you as this strong guy
You see yourself as a weakling
She believes that you can do anything
You think everything is impossible
She makes sure to make you laugh at least once a day
You wish you had a better laugh
So she tells you that you are the most handsome guy in the world
You think she’s lying
She says all of this for you to make you happy
You stay in your bubble

She stopped smiling
You try to make her smile
She loses her concentration faster
You keep her focused on you long enough to see what’s wrong
So she stops caring about everyone
You ask everyone to help her like they helped them
She gave up
You give her reasons to not give not
She is silent more
You are trying to get her to speak out again

Sometimes helping someone else in their time of need can be draining
But if you know that this person has helped you
Try and do the same
You don’t know what is going on in their head,
In their lives, and many more
Be nice to everyone
Life isn’t always butterflies and rainbows
For those that think it is,
Congratulations to you.
For the people going through tough times
I believe you can get through this
You are stronger than you
Maria Nieves Jul 15
Let’s be honest with ourselves
You want her
She wants you
She wants to see you every morning
See your bed head before getting up to go to work
She wants to come home to seeing you
Asking her about work and vice versa
Both of us in the kitchen making dinner
We end up being silly and mess up dinner
Cuddling on the couch
Watching our favorite movies
She falls asleep in your arms
You wake her up with light kisses
Just to bring her to bed
For that to become a reality
You have to be honest with yourself
She wants you
Do you want her?
It’s a yes or no
She just wants the truth
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Maria Nieves Jul 8
3 words can change a person
It’s not a bad thing but sometimes it’s not a good thing
Until you hear it back
Then you can feel the world stop
The idea is confusing
And just risky
Watching my friends get hurt by those 3 words
Those 3 words have destroyed many things
3 simple words
3 quick syllables
Yet it could affect everyone around you
But you said it
3 words
You don’t take it back
...but you do question if they said it back
When you find out if they did
Those 3 words are
Joyful, but horrifying
You're overzealous, while also anxious
Knowing that those 3 words were said aloud
Those 3 words might as well be your death
It could also be the start of something new
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