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Mariamme Feb 12
got so much to say
nobody to tell it to
don't wanna be a burden
scared it all just might
envelop you
send you to **** and back
when you see the pain i'm in
so i keep my sadness closeted
this is the original sin
self portraiture
11 feb 2019
  Feb 11 Mariamme
Johnny Noiπ
Christianity makes sense,
& by extension all religion,
only if seen in the context
of quantum mechanics, the
only certainty probability.

In quantum mechanics it is
assumed things exist based
on sometimes slim evidence.

A quantum event ripples
through the time-stream.

Time, a single globular
entity existing in space
like bubble tea
is independent
from space; dark matter,
or Ether, exists apart
from space.

Time is porous.
Space is likewise
globular, like
an egg yolk; time
is within space
within the Ether.
Mariamme Feb 7
hey baby, big brother
i see your grimace
fake fancy smile like you love me
while you put stars over my words
as though my voice didn't exist
i see you, you can't hide
you know my name
you love the way it tastes
crunching my bones for breakfast
'coz i put my body in this poetry
i could be more explicit
give you the ride of ya life
but you bore me, baby

you think you're so slick
unctuous like an oil spill
slide my words under the rug
thank god i'm quietly political here
or i'd have a lot of asterisks
you know i don't love you
you're laughable
protecting people, you call it
classist notions of self respect
sticks and stones so threatening
too bad the world ain't soft
and asterisks can't cover up
the blood on politicians lips
censoring things
as if what they don't wanna hear
can ever be forgotten

oh i know, dear poem place
your asterisks are kindness
meant to be helpful, maybe
too bad i'm so jaded
i don't see it as such, i'm sorry
can't fight the system
but i will never be polite
i'm explicit to my marrow
tasty, full of sin and rawness
a fragrant flower never silent
so be liberal with the stars
if you so choose to be
but hey, baby
you can't hide from me
lol you tried it, i'm unabashedly explicit loves. get used to it.
07 feb 2019
Mariamme Feb 3
tonight, tatsuro yamashita
while i swirl the embers together
blow soft like a baby breeze
i feel your love all on my heart
it truly is magic, mama
the way the flames lick at me
curl my hair around your palm
and call me a goddess if it fits
i do i do i do repeats itself
you flare like this fire in my soul
it's magic, marvelously so
tatsuro yamashita - magic ways
cried, dancin' against depression.
big smiles & a fire for mi diosa.
(morning glory is great too, go listen!)

02 feb 1019
Mariamme Jan 29
sister sister
spends her time
wailing "mister
won't you be mine?"

poor lil sister
she doesn't see
the way his eyes gleam

mister mister
he's a real mean man
beneath that smile
is a nasty plan.

lil sister, please run away
or mister might just
ruin you today.
so weary of staying wary

Mariamme Jan 29
i'd sell my soul for small change
a range of experiences
a dizzy busy bit of life
replace me with my smile

skim over my contents
like a newspaper
typeface, a small space
stuff me in a sidewalk *****
i want to melt away
empty like a ghost town doorway
thunder rumblin' in my chest
full of sound and fury
signifying nothing

28 jan 2019
Mariamme Jan 21
my smiles are so noisy
corner creases ***** me open
like glass, fragile. friendly.
can you hear me
even as i hide my face
teeth like crooked pearls;
i crunch the icy anger to bits
make room in my mouth
to fit the love & light.
loud like sunlight blaring
forcing the sad shades away
tongue twisting, trying to
take laughter's shape;
i guess i'm still transparent
shaky smiles like sobs
the edges of my composure
frayed & yet so friendly.
you can tell that i'm trying.
21 jan 2019.
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