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Mariah Cormier Jul 2016
I would like to believe it's just my opinionated pessimism getting the best of my poetry.. But the truth is sad and simple, and unfortunately unpoetic.                              The world is becoming more and more self-obsessed.                                         The people are becoming more and more self-possessed.                            The face of humanity is becoming more and more generic, envious, and grossly contemptuous.                                 The truth is not something the angry world likes to hear. It makes them scowl, it makes them sick, and it makes them foolish.                                                The truth is not something the foolish can comprehend.                                           The truth is not the magicial pixie dust starlight within you..                                      The truth is MORE than YOU.                   And that truely is the truth that the self-seekers cannot stand.
Mariah Cormier Dec 2015
My thoughts desire to be loved before they even begin to exist. My mind is made of things I cannot use words to describe. Because I feel thoughts. I do not simply think them. I think in feelings. My thoughts are plagued by emotions bigger than themselves. Let me explain; My thoughts are pure nothings without feelings, however my feelings are more than thoughts, therefore I cannot possibly tell you what I am "thinking" without first conversating with my feelings about what they are thinking. Rather they are not thinking, but they are feeling thoughts.. The feeling thought is called a "fought". All fights end with one final "fought"
It is easier to telling you I am not thinking of anything, than to explain this
Mariah Cormier Feb 2015
I think raisin is a weird name for dried fruit but I think apricot is a weird name for fruit but I think fruit is a weird name for things that grow on trees.
Mariah Cormier Feb 2015
Am I more lonely than lost, or more lost than lonely? am I alone and misplaced? Or misplaced and alone? Is it really all the same, or is the same all real?
Mariah Cormier Mar 2013
What the hell is love?
Don't think any one knows except for God above?

It's a push and shove here                Until we get what we "need"??
Open your mind                                   You might find it that's it too distracted to see whats right in front of your blind eyes                                                 socially programmed too disbelieve, too live in an illusion of pleasures and "success"                                           Because that's the key to happiness??                                              Open your eyes, which are too deceived, to disbelieve, the truth                           which resides in God's word, and his covenant that his son had to bleed

open your heart and
Just begin to start
You might just find that you could lead your world
Back to the way it was meant to be

But oh don't you see ?                          you, as well as me

We are Cursed by the serpent
Until we learn of our life's purpose

Its a poetic blend
A beginning to the end
*To be revised&continued
Mariah Cormier Jan 2013
She's gotta mouth full of words.
and a head full of poetry.

She believes she is like the birds
restless, and free.

Living in a world, only she can see.

her night is pacing
back to the days
she doesn't quite feel
like facing.

She whispers to the moon
all the crazy stories that the sun never cared for.

The day was a bore, so she escapes into the night's innermost core.
and she believes she's free to be anything but me.
Mariah Cormier Nov 2012
You are the sun setting
I am the sun rising

You are the rivers flowing
as I am the wind blowing

You are the bath water
I am the ocean

You are the fireflies
as I am the stars

You are the thunder
I am the lighting

You are the calm before the storm
and I am the storm

— The End —