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Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Our  own meeting has no end , no outer shell, it does not float.
It only searches within its depths to find a bottom to pitch its anchor
and looses itself within the  colours of an ever changing earth.
Without air it gets carried away and shines like a fire,
unquenched and remote from evil tongues and envious eyes.
Ostracizing dark thoughts and delighting within its womb.
It remembers from always and lives on  forever
and within the moonlit dust it travels upon wings.
An aura which is immaterial and wonders intoxicated
it sings you an icy lullaby..
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Emptiness and immensity
The sketch of a figure
A luminous circle in the dark
Which sinks and becomes smaller in its core
And the inside becomes one with the outside.
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
There was once a golden dream that shone with love
and was fashioned like an evening water lily.
In a silent lake with swans made of suns  and  tears
with swans made of snow and ashes.
And without form they drifted in the waters of the lake
which they filled with tears
made of sorrow and happiness.
The lake which I dreamt of with passion
yet lived only once..
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Storms ripple the waters of the sea and change her  colours  they lash upon her like whips and change her .
If only she could for once give us her joy of her exquisite changes ,  alone without the high winds clouds or storms creating this
And if only I could forsake you for the eyes of the world.. !!
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Νorthern lights
of icicles explode
into eternity
Haiku Lights
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Baby ladybug
the princess of the caress
landed on my hand
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Walk into nowhere
Aurora Borealis
straight to the heart

— The End —