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3.8k · Jan 2014
Hang On
Ceryn Jan 2014
Hang on, young lady, and keep your head up high
Times do get rough, but someday you'll know why,
When your dreams seem impossible, trust your own fate
It always takes time if you aim to end up great.

Hang on, young lady, and keep that pretty smile
Forget your troubles and your cares even just for a while,
They may not know how hard you try to keep yourself alive
But don't forget that you're still worth it, for as long as you strive.

Hang on, young lady, and don't you ever quit on life
Love for happiness, speak the truth and stay away from strife,
Learn to dance under the rain when no one keeps you warm
Feel the chill, forget the gripe; to enjoy the harm does no harm.

Hang on, young lady, 'cause your poem doesn't just end here
Endings are sad, but know that it's time to finally end your fear,
When one thing ends, another then begins, that's what we all know
But endings are good, just be brave enough to start another awesome show.
3.8k · Jun 2016
Skinny Love
Ceryn Jun 2016
There's a certain rush in my veins
When I see your face as it lights up
With bliss and content
While we come together
Face to face
Against a world real pressed
With tears and lies and torment.

The idea of you, just you
Is enough to becalm
The raging ocean of emotions
That has long run wild
In the sketchy corners of my mind
Our destiny, such uncertainty
But amidst it all, you're my sanity.

You showed me truth, my fears subside
You painted my blues with a shade of life
My loneliness, I can perfectly fight
With you right here, nothing's mystified
This is the reality we are facing now
Branded feelings, shall we allow?

We kept each other standing tall
We were there together in every fall
Yes, we could be the perfect match
That the whole world shall have to adore
Afraid, we may seem, but we both know
Keep hiding the truth, but our eyes plainly show.
When someone gives a brand new gleam to our days but we are afraid to burn freely, we may hide. But the sparks in our eyes would simply tell the truth.

That love's light radiates even in the darkest facades of our souls.
2.3k · May 2013
Good Things
Ceryn May 2013
Every good thing shall happen...

like Friday nights and party rush
surprise calls from a long-time crush
auburn leaves and a cup of tea
cozy couch and a good movie
a sweet embrace, granted wishes
locked up hands, friendly kisses
perfect music, fireworks galore
passionate poetry, books in store
skinny-dipping, pineapple juice
mountaineering, romantic cruise
stick-it notes and scented letters
white rose petals and silver glitters
dusty slip-on and faded pantaloons
sweetened berries and tasty prunes
smooth raps and slow rock hits
magnetic charm and awesome wits
11:11 verses and chicken bones
starry night skies, pebbles and stones
a perfect score, crispy pizza crust
locks and highlights, passionate lust
skirts and pumps, pictures of us
Halloween treats and wedding fuss
hot cappuccino, jam and jelly
first paycheck, winning the lottery
chocolate mousse, ice cold drinks
ocean waves, seductive winks
silk and laces, laughs after cries
cool car drifting and belly butterflies
left hand scribbles, messy hair buns
Oakley goggles and water guns
funny jokes, late night talks
rainy days, twilight walks
flickering lights, vintage cars
logs in swamps and monkey bars
a hopeful daybreak, latte aroma
fogged up glasses, squeaky veranda
carnation in bloom, warm summer breeze
slow love-making, trimmed cypress trees
naughty kiddie play, blindfolds and tricks
mistletoe and acorns, fresh and fancy kicks
baked salmons and grilled corn
ending fights and a newborn
free-verse poetry, an orchestral song
a stranger's smile, a dancing throng
finishing a novel, Luna's glow
binding friendships, December snow

but the best thing for me, I'd like you to know
is to tell you finally that I Love You So.
2.3k · Sep 2019
Ceryn Sep 2019
Pag-ibig ang naging sanhi
Ng mga luhang dala ng sakit
At pagkawasak ng pusong
Matagal na iningatan,
Sa isang iglap ay muling nasaktan.

Pag-ibig ang naging dahilan
Ng labis na pangamba ng pusong luhaan
Kung kaya't inakalang 'di na magmamahal
Ngunit muli ay aking napatunayan
Pag-ibig muli ang nagbigay-daan.

Pag-ibig, hinanap ko kahit saan
Tiwala, ibinigay ngunit hindi man lang nasuklian
Hindi mawari kung bakit lagi na lang
Ang sabi nila'y pag-ibig ang sagot sa pusong nalulumbay
Pero bakit di masumpungan, ano ba ang aking taglay?

Pag-ibig na hindi ko naisip na darating pa
Isang araw ng ika'y aking makilala
Pinilit kong ipinid ang pusong takot na
Nagmatigas man ang puso, pero sa hindi inaakala
Isip na ang nagpasya na pagbigyan pa
Pag-ibig, hindi ko alam na nariyan ka na pala.

Alam kong mahirap hulihin ang puso
Lalo pa't ito'y nababalot na ng galit at takot
Ngunit hindi mo pinansin ang lahat ng ito
Ipinagpatuloy pa rin dahil mukhang alam na alam mo
Na ikaw ay para sa'kin, at ako'y para sa'yo.

Natakot akong mahalin ka dahil ilang beses nang lumuha
At nangako sa sarili na hindi na ito mauulit pa
Ang muli pang masaktan ay 'di na makakaya
Ngunit ang sabi mo nga ay ibang iba ka
Kung kaya't pinagbigyan ang iyong pusong umaasa.

Tinanggap ko ang pag-ibig na iyong inialay
Hinayaan kong ang ating mga damdami'y magkapalagay
Binuksang muli ang puso kahit alam kong may takot pa
Pinili kong papasukin ka dahil aking nakita
Sa iyong mga mata ay may pagtingin na kakaiba.

Pag-ibig, hindi ko alam kung kailan ako naging handa
Pero para sa iyo, nagpasya akong muling maging malaya
Mula sa mapait na nakaraan na siyang bumalakid
Ngayo'y natagpuan ka, at muli kong nabatid
Kung paanong maging masaya sa piling ng isang tunay na umiibig.

Salamat, dahil nariyan ka na.
Salamat, dahil sinagip mo ang pusong wasak na wasak na.
Salamat, dahil muli kong nadama ang tunay na pagmamahal.
Salamat, dahil naramdaman kong ako'y mahalaga pa.
Salamat, dahil natuklasan kong maaari pa akong lumigaya.

Pag-ibig, kaya na kitang ibigay muli
Sa isang espesyal na tao na sa aki'y muling nagpangiti
Pag-ibig na buo, tapat, wagas at dalisay
Isusukli sa pusong nagmamahal sa akin ng tunay
Hindi magdadalawang-isip na ibigay ang buong puso
Sa taong minahal at tinanggap kung sino ako.

Pag-ibig, kaysarap **** madama
Lalo pa't ramdam kong ayaw ko nang umibig pa sa iba
Natagpuan na ang taong nais kong makasama
Hanggang sa pinakahuli kong hininga
Na hiram sa Diyos na sa atin ay  lumikha.

Tayo ang laman ng kwento ng Maykapal
Pinagtagpo upang maging patunay na may totoong pagmamahal
Pinaranas man sa atin noon ang sakit na dulot ng pag-ibig
Ang nakaraan ay hindi na muling manunumbalik
Dahil sa isa't isa, pag-ibig lang ang mamumutawi.

Pag-ibig, ikaw, ako at ang Diyos
Sa atin iikot ang kwento hanggang matapos
Sa piling ng Maykapal, kamay ko'y hawakan lang
Hindi ako bibitaw hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan
Sa'yo lang ang pag-ibig ko, sa'yo lang, aking mahal.
2.3k · Feb 2013
Your Smile
Ceryn Feb 2013
When I see you smile
It makes everything worthwhile
Just as the stars all shine aglow
And cast a light as the rivers flow.

You looked at me, a joy was felt
In your stare, I would like to melt
Your fair countenance gave me hope
That life still has an upward *****.

The bells ring, the flowers bloom
Your presence swept away my gloom
Those butterflies, they’re supposed to fly
But here in me is where they lie.

I need to know if I should still
Give importance to what I feel
If this is more than what I think it is
Then let it give me an infinite bliss.

When the days grow old
And the nights grow cold
I’d be just fine in a while
If only I’d see your beautiful smile.
2.0k · May 2013
Ceryn May 2013
I'm loving you again.
2.0k · Jul 2015
Not Anymore
Ceryn Jul 2015
I wanted to write this poem for you
To tell you how much you hurt me
When you left me alone with my fears.
It was when I needed you most
It was when I needed your words
It was when I needed your love
'Cause in my other world
I was about to give it all up
My life was such great mess
I've even got a sin to confess
For days, I was so depressed
And I needed you.
Your warmth,
Your care,
Your presence,
Your love.
But at a single mistake
You turned your back
Without a warn.
So I had to face my struggles alone,
I had to wipe my tears alone,
I had to scream and cry alone,
'Cause you were no longer there.
You were never there.
All I needed was you,
but I no longer felt your care.
Guess I should now be aware
You're not my hero anymore.
Sad to admit, but I should know
You're not my hero anymore . . .
At a random moment, when there's nothing left but your immense urge to let your darkest emotions out of your weary soul, you don't really write a poem. You write a curse that kills you even more, when there's no one around to take your hand when things begin to shatter before your eyes, and you're about to take that desperate fall.

And for that one person . . .

Nevertheless, I thank the heavens that you still came my way.
1.8k · Mar 2014
Ceryn Mar 2014
Can we putter away
a hundred and more days
when all we ever wanted
is to be found at last
in this totally murky space?

Do we regret the hours
we spent together
savoring the words
that don't even matter
to anyone, anyhow
locked up hands
among the naughty crowd?

Shall we toss these letters
out our blood-stained windows
and wished for something
that hadn't caused us jitters
like a genuine touch
from a mother that really cares
but 'twas all lust
we just gave in to our fears?

How do I hate what I didn't mean to love?

Must have been wise enough to know
I could've written a better show
Just that mad to have been carried away
by your love that only crossed my way
half a day.
1.7k · Mar 2014
Ceryn Mar 2014
I was inspired by the many cynical minds
from yesterday and behind,
by countless events of outrage
that poisoned and amazed
the universe that once censured my kind.
But I am not backing down
for in the years to come, you'll see me rise
not away from everyone's judgmental eyes
but with fiery flash, I'll have to burn your pride
and jest the world with my old despicable style.
Pardon my style, but my words and emotions won't cease to rhyme.
1.6k · Jul 2013
Ceryn Jul 2013
You said you were in love
I know just what that meant
Behind this awful mask I wear
A story then begins
I know it's nothing personal
But could you be the one
Who saves me from my bleeding heart
And keeps me from falling down?

You said she is the one
I know she really is
I think I saw her on that day
When I almost cut my wrist
I know you're beaming bright
As I'm turning my back now
'Cause all that I had thought 'bout you
All turned to dust and clouds.

You said that I am strong enough
Does that give me a choice?
When all that I have hoped for
Withered like an ugly rose
If we get to see each other again
And ask me how it's been
I'll flash a smile, "It was all worthwhile,
You see, I'm evergreen."
In this poem, EVERGREEN was used metaphorically to refer to someone who remains perennially fresh, interesting, enduring or self-renewed.
1.5k · Mar 2014
Ceryn Mar 2014
A sign of desperation
Of envy, of misery, of dejection
Of hopeless yearning for nothing lifelong,
As almost everyone can barely notice.

Worldly desires, oh futility!
Images of true vainglory
Captives of fake reality
Stuck in their reverie
Of exaltation and flattery
Fishing for praises so badly
Insensitively, so unrelentingly
Without a thought or two.

What do you hear? What do you see?

These people sound so thirsty
Of approval and regard and dignity
Capricious predisposition, tomfoolery!

Looking for love and delight
For honor and respect and might
For grandeur and luxury
For anything but worthless beauty,
For a way not to be left behind or aside.
What a surrealistic find!

Amuse me; let the world drool for thee,
But like a century-long malady,
Such an absolutely incurable affliction
It is nothing but merely, purely,
Just as trivial as this poetic entry,
1.4k · Mar 2014
Just The Way I Hate You
Ceryn Mar 2014
Tonight, you should know that I hate you.

I hate your handsome face.
I hate your passionate eyes.
I hate your flawless skin.
I hate your **** style.
I hate your messy hair.
I hate the way you smile.
I hate the way you sweep me off my feet.
I hate the way you bring me to life.
I hate the way you make me smile when you know we're both that lonely.
I hate the way you keep me craving for your words that seem to me a remedy.
I hate the way you pull me in and love the way you love me.
I hate the way you love to see me fall into you so helplessly.
I hate the way you take advantage of my short-term honor and fame.
I hate the way you think I don't notice that you never really feel the same.
I hate the way you only want to get what you think you need now in your life.
I hate the way you leave me hanging while I hope for another chance.
I hate the way you just don't care if I'm still feeling good or otherwise.
I hate the way you say you miss me when I know you're downright fine.
I hate the way you say you love me when your heart doesn't really need mine.

*I just hate the way I hate you now when I know I didn't really have to lie.
1.4k · Feb 2013
Sly Deception
Ceryn Feb 2013
I am a dreamer, a silent dreamer
Wishing that might be mine,
Exaltation, my ultimate passion
A sweet revenge in style.

Joshed, provoked, condemned, riled
A series of mad disaster,
Incited anger had driven me wild
An atrocious quill's my defender.

Keep the wicked flame enkindled for me
Never let it suddenly die,
'Cause by the time you eye on it directly
You'll be the one to poorly say bye!

I'm born to delude through my own hostile ways
But not to my own defeat,
Here's comes the night to stealthily replace
Would you like to let go and retreat?

I know you can't bear my insolence
'Cause you don't understand my fears,
And if for you it makes no sense
Well, sorry but you bring me no tears.

I've learned all these from my miserable past
But these ain't worth my commemoration,
For all those things will not ever last
So just look out for my sly deception.
1.3k · Feb 2013
The Rhum
Ceryn Feb 2013
I took the goblet
I shut the door
Towards reality
Innocence adjourned
Poured the spirit
Of shame and wonder
Beneath the silk
Of black and gold
Sparks then glimmer
Secrets unfold
Witty chatter
Stupid folks
Left the kingdom
Of fake kings
Of fake queens
And true foes
Here’s the lioness
Tamed by such oil
Growls in roses
Screams in thorns
But joy awakened
The lioness’ soul
When all of a sudden
She does herself along
In playful rhythm
She dances the song
Of tedious melody
Of a’s and o’s
Who’d love to see
A crown of gold
When heaven’s a place
Nowhere near
The cape or shawl
Plunge into
Feel the highness
True royalty
Peak of happiness.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Ceryn Mar 2014
Pungent heartbreak dews
Pouring, dropping, sinking down
Deep under my crust.
1.2k · Jul 2015
Ceryn Jul 2015
Our hearts, they're magnets,
we're both stuck at each other's warmth.
Our eyes speak louder,
as we see each other through and through.
Our lips, half-open,
expressing love in no disguise.
Our hands feel warmer,
when you grab mine, just squeeze it tighter.

Your smile, a remedy,
They make things right, so fine and tender.
Your words, comforting,
I know you're not gon' make me feel lonely.
Your voice, my weakness,
It sounds so deep, but still so ****.
Your laugh, my happiness,
I got the right one by my side.

You're being the man I want the most,
Your touch, your glances, the lust in your words,
My weakest point, your strength and passion,
Letting you in was my own decision.

I lay you my trust, make me feel no doubt,
I'd be giving out a love that'd tell you what it's all about,
Stuck in love at each other's stare,
There's no other feeling that I can compare,

Give me a love that's true and purest
I'll give you a kind like it's my very first time,
Show me your soul, your mind, your deepest
And let me tell you that you're mine.

You know my secrets, my shivers, my wishes
But you don't know you're one of them,
You are my all, my sparks, my sunshine,
You are a treasure, my dearest valentine.
Bits of corn all around, all around.
1.1k · Feb 2013
A Cup Of Mocha
Ceryn Feb 2013
I tried so hard to wipe away
Those tears falling from my eyes,
I felt your hand hold mine
Then I finally saw paradise.

‘Twas the loveliest day of my life
When auburn leaves tend to fall,
And we were each other’s remedy
From the heartbreaks we had before.

Along the drive we used to tread
Despite our busy days ahead,
We’ve had enough of a sweet talk
A cup of mocha to keep us from cold.

I felt the warmth of your embrace
Beautiful times I’d forever treasure,
Those tender words your lips can’t miss
Not even the genius can measure.

It was not a piece from so-called forever
We never vowed of anything fake,
We’re just off to cherish moments together
Never thinking of such a blue fate.

We gathered each chronicle we get
From the perfect portrait we made,
As it showered upon us with gentle haste
We never thought it would fade.

The clock continued to take control
Of the love we both loved to have,
But the world seems to have taken its toll
We weren’t meant to last, no, I guess not.

Slowly, smiles were all for pretense
Distance were made between two hearts,
Conflicting thoughts then grew immense
Seems like it's all going to fall fast.

Million miles away from each other
Cried in vain, we’re drifted apart,
Just cannot think of any better
Watch the raindrops fail to stop.

Soon it was winter in the city I’m in
A snowflake formed a cut on my cheek,
But it was nothing compared to this pain
A delightful stuff that proved me I’m weak.

I tried to run away from the lame scene
Millions of footprints behind me were seen,
I don’t know where to go or where to hide
I just have to cry but no one’s by my side.

Tears rolled over my forever bleeding scar
I wiped it away and it hurt so much more,
I knew I will never find comfort again
Staying miserable for life, sure as said.

And then again, I felt that same old warmth
Only to realize that in your arms, I was wrapped,
You said you just can’t make another start
Without me, our days only seem lonely apart.

That was the day I realized once more
Just like the old memories of us before,
A sip of love will surely take it all
And in love, I know, we will forever fall.
1.1k · Mar 2014
Ceryn Mar 2014
I've cut our connections
and burnt my poor illusions
and tempting provocations
like eternal frustrations
for such hopeless situations
gave me a lot of delusions
and lessened reservations
to hide my expectations
and lamest inhibition
like a huge botheration
to one whose intentions
has faded into oblivion
and nasty desolation.
Ceryn Mar 2014
Can you not cry out?
You weren't hurt.
I wasn't either.
None of us seemed to care.
No one around us would even bother.

But I know what not to spare,
not your love that's colder than winter.
And do you know what makes me sadder?
It's when I never saw you there
standing still, shedding tears
asking me to live for years
'cause what you only wanted me to say
is that love has never come our way.
Glad you turned my lips to grey.

You pulled the trigger
and took my breath away,
in another way.

Do not weep on my rock,
or tell lies about man's luck.
'Cause I won't ever leave you alone
Look inside my crevices,
it's where you will be thrown.

Young man, keep calm
Keep your faith real tighter
Wipe my blood and don't seem sober
I won't leave til the very last thunder.
1.1k · Jul 2014
Old Flame
Ceryn Jul 2014
I still do.

What could be the question? 'Cause all I have here is the answer.

The answer to all that's been lurking around the corners of my mind.

They have been here, all from the day when I thought that there would be nothing else to spare. I was crushed. I was empty. I felt how your words just faded away from my memory and the memory of those who knew what was there. But still, they are here. Still lurking in the corners of what I'd rather call nowhere.

Guess it would be foolish to hear that

I still do.

How I wish I know what to ask myself when I say the words "I still do."

It's not that I would rather deny. It's just that I don't want to seem so wrong when I know what is going on, when I know what is right and wrong. It could have lived on. It could have made us strong. It could have saved us from feeling completely alone when we knew we were both there. Yes, I know, that was wrong. And so we moved on.

But did we bother ask ourselves what was really going on?

We never did, but

I still do.

No matter how much I say that somebody else has taken my heart away, you still take a part of me, in every luscious word, in every passionate stare, in every gentle touch, in every meaningful day, in my every breath that you would always take away.

You still do.

But I lost you.

And for every unknown question I wish I never have to create, know that there is no other answer to take but

**I still do.
It's always you,
it will always be you,
my old flame.
1.1k · Feb 2013
Calm and Confused
Ceryn Feb 2013
I am calm in my ways
I never react to any disgrace,
I rarely give my point of view
And still I never find a clue.

I am calm to life's surprises
I never reckon presented chances,
I just see everything lightly
To preserve my deep serenity.

I've always been calm and collected
I never mind if I've been rejected,
Neither do failures nor flaws can break
A heart that's always been at stake.

I see to it that I stay calm
I never put my life to any palm,
Mine has always been so precious
Even when the world can get so tedious.

But now I don't understand everything
All that has lately been happening,
Clueless faces and secretive smiles
Speaking eyes, a look that guiles.

Responses can shiver you straight to the bone
Bizarre lines he can never hone,
Sly endeavors of reaching a star
Minding not how hard and far.

My inner conscience's set to commotion
Not even ready for a straight revelation,
When the time comes an iceberg breaks
A smile could be shown by a girl who fakes.

How about the first one to make me know
That life is just a playful show,
Everything could be played with roses and gun
When a problem arises you can always run.

Comparisons are made of which is which
Torns that have been made, how can I stitch?
When all the pieces seem to be badly fragile
Is there a chance to put them still?

Well I don't really mind if confusions linger
All the shocks in the world, I'll never be a receiver,
'Cause they might all get knotted in my complicated mind
These impossible problems and trials of any kind.

Still I hope everything going to be fine
Whoever is that deserving star to shine,
But take note that I never give it all
Always cautious of a painful downfall.
993 · Mar 2014
Let (Me) Love, Let (You) Go
Ceryn Mar 2014
I got to let go now
but not sure which way to go
or which road to tread on
when I know I still need you
by my side to carry on.

I've been pushing them away
regret is all that's left to stay
perhaps, I need some time to grow
to bring back my lively glow
'cause I have thrown my days away.

Somehow, I want to tell you much
or make you feel my scorching touch
my heart races as I see your face
or even just upon hearing your name
it doesn't really go away that fast.

You left me waiting, wanting to be free
but all you ever made me see
I got no chance to feel true love
all I deserve is some game of luck
in your love, I'd be forever stuck.

*I didn't mean to be so foolish
I didn't dream to be enslaved
In love, I've always been so stupid
But my heart will always feel the same
Yet time will come that we'll both come to know
You'll have to regret your make-believe show
Take your own pains away and let go
Because I am not going to be there anymore.
978 · Apr 2014
Ceryn Apr 2014
Every time I look at your face, or just read your name
there's a sudden feeling that things will no longer be the same
there's a painful rush on my cheeks
anticipating for yet another river of tears
and a bitter wrecking sensation deep inside
my head, my mind, my heart, my soul.

Can you feel how badly I miss you?
Just wanting to be touched by you,
aching to hear you say those words again,
longing for that one thing I've always dreamed of
and that's to be forever with you,
even when reality tells us now
that we can no longer be, anyhow
for we both have big lives to live
and pretty soon enough
you're finally bound to leave.

But no matter what happens to us, though apart,
know that you'll always have a special place in my heart,
that if ever you fail to look for what you need
there's always someone waiting for you here.

I may not be the one that you die for
but unless you say goodbye forevermore
in my heart is where our memories will be stored
like the best gem among some other brilliant stones.

I'd like to end my bittersweet poem,
with a message quoted from a song,

The rainbow will end in the palm of your hand;
don't ever let it go.
When the stars won't shine anymore,
I'll be there...

always remember those lines,
and you'll feel me by your side.

Well, so long...

You may have never known
but it was really you who fought my raging storms
and brought my sun back again
and cast a ray of sunshine
despite yesterday's rain.

But now that you're going away
and here is where I have to stay
let me tell you everything
through a simple poem.

I will never forget you,
nor the memories we had before.
Not even the words you would always say,
never the feelings that made my days.

I will never forget the guy
who made me feel I'm a different kind
Thank you so much for everything.
If even possible, I'll still be here...


968 · Feb 2013
Taking Chances
Ceryn Feb 2013
With the way you smile when you see me near,
the way you stare when I am here,
the way you feel my greatest fears,
the way you see my invisible tears.

The way you make me feel I'm wanted,
the way you understand my deep hatred,
the way you carry that smile of content,
the way you plan out your very intent.

The way you accept me at my own flaws,
the way you notice me on a sudden pause,
the way you laugh out when I go crazy,
the way you don't care if I am lazy.

The way you keep your silence at times,
the way you hide and present your lies,
the way you accept all hurt from me,
the way you let me just be me.

The way you comfort me in distress,
the way you care when I'm drowned in loneliness,
the way you caution me when I'm not alright,
the way you support me in my every fight.

The way you just know what I am feeling,
the way you speak for me when I'm not speaking,
the way you show that someone's behind me,
the way you come just when I needed somebody.

The way you light your own hopes up,
the way you continue and never stop,
the way you feel the pain alone,
the way you've waited, now it has grown.

Every moment has never been this significant
I never expected a feeling so instant,
You started it all, now I'm feeling alright
A dull, empty world, now a paradise so bright.

But love won't allow an overload in my heart
I'm clearing it up to make another start,
And I can't be so swift in diverting my emotions
I've known all these before, I know the cautions.

Time, that's all I have to be enough with
To offer a better and more enlightened lead,
If I am to push through or just be fair
Preserve the friendship or make a new affair?

I can't stand to witness myself wither
Frustrations caused by hearts so bitter,
Trust breaks so easily when badly stained
Hearts wound so deeply when unexpectedly pained.

In this new course, I see no certainty
I may be happy, or be hurt so unluckily,
But one thing I know, we cannot both feel
What our eyes speak if it's never real.

Chances are presented, though not that right
Waiting for the moment when I already need to fight,
For now, I can't give it a straighter view
But all I know now is it's just about me and you.
950 · Jul 2013
Ebb And Flow
Ceryn Jul 2013
I do poetry
not for the sake of creating confusions,
or miserable interjections, or an uphill struggle
to unravel such an ignominious mystery,
bound to recollect the scattered pieces of my soul
as it ends a series of endless wailing,
of countless days of badly breaking,
of numerous attempts to keep me from falling,
at the deepest fissures I am left with.
But, man,
Thank you.
I thank you all for that,
for as long as I have an ocean of emotions to feel,
for as long as this life gives me false guarantees,
as long as my heart continues to blindly receive,
as long as the universe gives us a reason to still dream,
as long as you have your eyes to read what I really feel,
I will not mark an end to my desire to fill
an empty surface, so as to truly reveal
that I may refuse to let the world in
but I know I can give it another try
in another time, when I get my old self back
and find her ready to feel again,
fresh and free from fancy frustrations.
Loud and sound, I will someday astound
the souls that tried to bring the worst out of me
and will divulge the best of me.
I'll say, at last, I am finally free,
and thanks for making me see
that even without you, I can always be.
Thanks for the memories.
Thanks for the tears.
Thanks for all.
It was truly a bliss
to let go of what it's not worth it.
Let's think it was worth it.
My crazy, little, once-upon-a-time-dream,
you saw how I ebbed out of my soul.
Now, you will be seeing
how I will flow back to the shore,
with a stronger heart and a bolder soul,
through this bland and lonely poem.
938 · Sep 2013
Love's Prey's Plea
Ceryn Sep 2013
Let me not decay too soon
like a cadaver in the mouth of a cave
for a one-sided love affair
is enough to bring me to my grave.
915 · Jul 2013
Ceryn Jul 2013
She can't even notice those eyes,
those eyes that seem to take her threads off, her skin off.
But they don't even know that by the time she reaches home,
she cuts her skin so the blood would flow
out of her sluggish veins.

She can't even look at the sky,
the sky that seemed to fall ******* her open wounds and scars.
But the birds don't even know that as they chirped their way up and soar,
she wishes for the moment when she could finally fly
away from her lonely home.

She can't even turn a deaf ear to a lie,
a lie she wished she never had to hear, as if something so real.
But his lips don't even know that as he tried to show it all,
his lies made up a castle of thorns, of broken hopes,
amused a girl not so strong.

She can't even take a glance at everything around,
everything around her that seems to crush her to the dustiest ground.
But the world doesn't even know how she carries that smile,
all to outbrave a surging vehemence,
an anonymity behind.

She can't spell her words but she sure has the guts,
the guts to keep herself from treading off the expected path.
But there's this one thing that she doesn't even really know,
she may be made up of scars and lies and thorns,
but the beauty in her has not really gone.
Inspired by thy suicidal thoughts.
903 · Feb 2013
The Love I Can't Deny
Ceryn Feb 2013
Nights had grown so lonely and dark
The days gone by with not a little spark,
From the day you were gone for another start
I knew that I’d be having a forever broken heart.

I cried like somebody so dear to me has died
But it was really the love that you set aside,
You were happy and I just had to fake a smile
At times I can’t help but weep for a while.

I then grew strong and tried to accept it all
I learned to stand again from a miserable fall,
You never knew how hard I try to be happy once more
From that awful moment I had to savor before.

But now that fate is trying to lead you back to me
I don’t know if I still have to believe what I see,
It hurt like hell; haven’t you realized such things?
Indeed, it’s easy for you to make new beginnings.

How insensitive of you to take things for granted
Refused to see the wounds you caused me when we parted,
I’m just so stupid that I can’t feel a bit of angst anymore
I can’t bring another fight just like what happened before.

I can’t deny, I still have the love I kept inside
I just can’t let it go no matter how I tried,
But I’m afraid I can’t bear to shed another tear
But please, if it’s real, help me with this fear.

I have loved you, and I still do; that’s the stupid reality
But I don’t know if your words are true or just a lie to me,
Nevertheless, whatever it may take, I can’t still say “No.”
To a love that I never intended, I never expected to grow.
875 · Feb 2013
Ceryn Feb 2013
I always want to find that someone
Who would care enough
To help me find
The long-lost

I never expected that as I was searching
I found you looking through my
Messy eyes with so much
Interest to know
How much
I’ve been

Things have changed since you came
And from then on, I’d love to
Be with you again despite
The loneliness I have
To feel every day
I look forward
To meet you
If there’d
Be any

But as I realized that fate won’t allow
Me to feel this happy feeling with
You for I still have something
To fix—that one thing I’ve
Left behind and so I felt
So bad as I told you
I’d no longer be
With you for
Very, very

Though it was my decision to leave the
Group I was once in, I never really
Liked the way it all happened,
When I needed to tell you
About it and you’re just
Like, yeah, and I’d be
Left thinking that
I chose to be
far from

And now I miss you more than anyone else
Around me cause these people I am with
Makes me sick with their nonsense but
With you, it seems like every second
Will always make sense because
It’s you who still makes me
Feel this way despite the
Pain this feeling had
Given me by a
Person who
Did not

How I wish I had the chance to tell you
How much you meant to me while
We’re having our time together
But because we are worlds
Apart, I know I will no
Longer be able to
Tell you about
My feelings
So here,

Since the first day I met you
I never realized how it is
like to befriend a guy
but you’re different
cause you made
my each day
very, very

In my gloominess, I met
You and now it’s you
That only matters.
How I wish you
Also Feel the
Same way
For me

Thanks for taking that
Special part in my
Life and I swear
I’ll never, ever
Forget you,
- - - -
867 · Jul 2013
Emotional Paradox
Ceryn Jul 2013
Hopeful daylight, dark as ebony
Contrite, I was, after all the tragedy,
Benign, scars are, when they forever bleed
Oh no, please don't, just let me believe.

Crushed, I've been, on that mirthful day
Scorched, frozen are my corrupted veins,
Cold, pained, and yet you seemed to care
Truth, ***** me with your exciting stare.

I lost my day, had found you there
You took me in, and played **** well,
Blind me, Death; let light prevail
Your truth, locked spell, uttered anyway.

Remove them pictures in your hand
Burn them mem'ries in your head,
Lit up the pile of hearts you've broken
Feed my delight, our awful cravin'.

Reminiscing, quietly, standing there
Against the wind, looking just fair,
Behold your nasty nonexistent affair
Catastrophic scene of a peaceful blare.

Think not, not ever, of her, forget
Instead, let dream, inhibit regret,
Back down, leave, regain no disgrace
Love her not, and suddenly, replace.
I am trying to understand my words and how they should mean to me and to all those who feel me.
864 · Sep 2013
Ceryn Sep 2013
She knew so well, she was broken
Grazed by the dark episodes of her life
But for a reason not well spoken
She bottles up her pretty lies.

Too soon, oh Heaven. How do I despair?
Should You becalm the sea, why not seemingly fair?

Questions and tempest, in just a minute stare
All, in a trice, turned out as an awful nightmare
Hovering over the memories, hearts are still in pain
Tears are carefully hidden, sore wounds she'd rather feign.

I knew I wasn't dreaming, but for once I'd like to know.
Can we still dream much further despite a losing show?

Such a lax image, she tends to portray
Religiously, so patiently, she never goes astray
At the darkest edges of her discernible universe
Beyond our keenest senses, she buries a pitch black curse.

Shame on me, my steadfast wishes, I can hardly collect.
Another revolution yet; oh, how do I deflect?

Like a western avalanche, her days came rolling by
As if they're going out of hand, over her head, we can testify
She can just give up, or give another shot, no one seems to know
But in her mind, she knows just why she was there all from the word go.

I know to whom I shall only concede, never to a ruthless battle.
Disjoint, unarmed, I could always be; but my faith, no one can throttle.

And so the tale of this one staunch damsel never ended wrong
She might have had some tough good byes, but that made her strong
Cropping out the tragedy from the frame, she tries to recover from drama
Star-crossed, perhaps, but not til she stops becoming the one tough Andrea.
For my friend, Andrea, who carries on til forever. Carry on til forever.
825 · Dec 2014
Dark Room Ruminations
Ceryn Dec 2014
I feel so controlled.
I feel so controlled and manipulated.
Restricted and barred,
Cuffs and braces,
Cells and cages.
Voices . . .

Hush . . .


Let's end this now.
Let's break this doubt.
Stop controlling me.
Stop, control me.
Odd write.
I decided to enter their world.
I didn't know it was that pitch dark.
765 · Mar 2014
Damocles' Sword
Ceryn Mar 2014
I don't want to go out and face the sunshine
when all that's reflected on my face and whole life
are the jagged wounds caused by last night's vicious rains,
the asperities of the storm that attacked my sunny days.

I just want to stay here forever (I dare ya'll)
amid great poets' lengthy chronicles and tell-all
inspired by life and love and hope and rebirth
the perpetuation of their luscious grudges beneath the earth.

As I crave for more chancy ideas to come out through words
I desire to ****** my people with a nasty yet vague curse
That whoever imperils me with anything but one shrewd call
In my deathly poetic verses, expect your worst and loudest brawl.
743 · Oct 2015
Ceryn Oct 2015
But if in separation,
you find yourself much stronger
than you've been with him,

It may not be a wise decision
to ruin your make up
for someone who
ruined your heart

But it would be so much wiser
to still go on with your life
so flawlessly

For he may not be the one,
but know that
he is surely not a loss
when you finally come to realize
that he's gone.
I am thankful for the memories.
But I am even more thankful for the 'goodbye'.
It was a happy one.
But not the one that I've been dreaming of.
Good bye, my friend.
And be happy with your new one...
743 · Mar 2015
Ceryn Mar 2015
There's so much a heart can hold,
but there's only so much it can take.
735 · Feb 2013
An Adventuress In Distress
Ceryn Feb 2013
Beneath the nimbus, a rainy day
I've gathered all my sunny days,
For pleasure's a thousand miles away
And the troubles ahead, now I must face.

The lilacs, the lilies, the jack-in-the-pulpits
The green fields, so calm, so serene, so placid,
I'm leaving everything, oh I must've lost my wits
'Cause my fortune's to take my miserable lead.

As I journeyed along the roads and thorns
There on my sides are foxes that scorn,
Leaping across and behind my soul
But I hold on tight to my dreams and goal.

Now I have travelled long enough to die
But until where would this misery of mine lie?
If I'll take the apple from the mad serpent by his lies
Will I ever come to my Father's paradise?

It's easy to think of what and where you want to be
But the hardest part's when you still never see,
The reason, and where would all of these lead you
And in your struggle, still you never find a clue.

Oh I don't know if in this voyage I could still stand
For now, all I want to do is rest on the bottomland,
And see the azure sky fall upon my face
And dream way long of a fairytale-like place.
721 · Sep 2014
Ceryn Sep 2014
Some things never matter
Some people never care
Some souls never wander
Some heroes never dare.

Some lips never smile
Some eyes never stare
Some love lasts for a while
Some hearts break and wear.

Some books stay with dust
Some flowers die under the rain
Some friends we can't trust
Some stories end up in vain.

Some tongues speak lies
Some smiles take away pain
Some kisses end loud cries
Some promises never remain.

Some glitters never shimmer
Some fame doesn't last a lifetime
Some sad songs forget about summer
Some writers forget about dime.

Some poems are just written
Some poems are out in the sun
Some poems are carefully hidden
Some come out when the poet's gone.
When we realize something valuable about life, it is often when it's way too over and done.
Ceryn Jun 2013
Darling, you will be alright.
When you think the clouds won't ever go away,
alone on the sand looking at the outer space,
watching the birds hum through the rainy day,
sleeping on a cold, lonely couch while you're far away,
listening to old songs you know you can never sing again,
still valuing mem'ries you know you'll never regain
trying to pick the cluttered pieces on the floor,
wishing as though you've never wished before,
not to hear the ravaging music in your head
and thinking you could just be plain dead,
expecting to see things so nice in your head,
but you're only seeing stained windows instead,
yet know that this life won't let you lose in the end
and there's still a better way for wounds to mend
for there's no other way to make you feel better
than to think that no one's broken forever.
Darling, you will be alright,

- M. C.
This is just a simple poem I dedicate to myself and to everyone else who's hurting.
697 · Dec 2018
You Were Once That Someone
Ceryn Dec 2018
You were once that someone
Who always puts a different color to my days,
Who paints a smile on my weary face,
Who revives my soul with your warm touch,
And untangles me from my own knots.

You were once that someone
Who always pulls me for a dance when I just wanted to stare,
Who blossoms in winter when no one would even dare,
Who hums to a sad melody and makes it just right,
And fights my monsters when I would just resort to a flight.

You were once that someone.
Yes, you were once that only one.
But where in the world are you now?
Are you still in my world somehow?
When the only one that saves you
Leaves you battling alone and unarmed,
Will you still try to fight with just a cold bare hand,
Or just let go of it all, up to the very last strand?

You were once that someone.
How I wish you're still that only one.
But what a healing heart could only do now
Is to finally let go of what has come and gone.
The very thought of finally letting go and moving on always pains me a whole lot inside. A part of me tells me to still hang on to that tiny thread that spells hope, but a voice in my head tells me to love myself a little bit more. I have to choose.
694 · Jul 2013
Dream Catcher
Ceryn Jul 2013
it is our own emotions
that drag us down
keep us from flying
tearin' us apart
leaving us
with a broken heart.

But sometimes
it is just our own minds
that release too much hate
love, trust and faith
tend to dissipate
all at once
without a single sign.

And sometimes,
it is our soul
that gives us the reasons
to rejoice much more
live a joyous life
like we're in His paradise
as one day, we'll all be.

But this time,
know that it's just you
who can only decide
make your dreams come true
never end the show
never let it go
it's when your 'bout to grow.

Man, you'll never get wrong
Though everything seems wrong
Just put on a content face
Be proud of your current phase
But dare to search afield
Despite the worsening feel
*Go catch your dream, bold soul!
Here's to all those who think they're sinking and whose dreams are fading.. Do not ever let go. :)
Ceryn Dec 2016
Should I regret?

That I’m still in love with his verses
And all his invisible curses
Weaved into his words that burn
Full of life, made out of love
To find souls wide awake
In the deepest of the night.

I am in love with impossibilities.

I am in love with a soul long gone.

I tried to find [and fake] love

within this boundless earth we are all in,

but I am, no doubt, still in love with him.
671 · Mar 2017
A Tale of Constant Pain
Ceryn Mar 2017
I met you when I was in the worst chapters of my days
When my arms hang loose towards the ground
While a wave of sketchy, grand mem'ries take its chance
To escape from the past, a replay that won't subside.

I met you when my heart started to crash and wear out
When my eyes began to water, tears streamed down
And my mind wandered back the many days and nights
When happiness meant pain and tears and lies.

I met you when the sun began to fade away
And the blue skies turned to a gloomy grey
I saw no light, no sunshine struck my skin
And with the darkness still, I tried to hold it in.

It was the worst of the worst and the days keep rolling
My heart's still broken, empty pieces keep falling
Eyes are still swollen from the tears that never stopped
Wounds are still open but no blood would come out.

I met you when I was a pure image of destruction
I met you when my life knew no life, nor direction
I met you when I was a mess and my life such a waste
I met you when I shut myself close, having no regrets.

Where do I go when the world seems a stranger?
Who do I call when my voice shakes like thunder?
What do I do with the remaining pieces of my heart?
How do I hold on when giving up is easier on my part?

But I met you and you tried to cure my broken heart
I met you and covered up my wounds without a doubt
You met me helpless and you showed me just how
Meeting someone can heal you, and still break you anyhow.

Don't just leave like all the rest, give me something to believe
Don't just walk away and go, don't leave me hanging still
Don't just turn your back, please, face me with the truth
If you have to, don't leave yet, until I've learned to unlove you.
666 · May 2013
Ceryn May 2013
What could've been there, we don't seem to know.
Deep inside, I wanted to be all that your soul ever wanted.
But I know,
I knew even before,
that when the time comes that I need to know the truth,
it would be the most painful one.
That day came like a bitter storm on a sunny summer day.
it has torn
the thinnest
of faith
I had
for myself.
It was nothing for a goner like me to taste such bittersweet kiss of reality.
It was all natural, so typical,
very fantastical, extremely tragical.
Surely, it wasn't me all along.
It wasn't me alone.
It was never me.
I know, there are things I thought I knew and understood well:
things I thought were real,
things I knew were just so fine.
I gave up on the idea of nothingness despite the vague feel.
I set it aside, knowing that there might have been, just hidden.
But, of course, everything was plain wrong;
it wasn't surprising, though!
Guess I just got the price for having hoped too much on things that seemed real.
Well, they seemed to be the greatest stuff I'd ever felt,
after a long while.
At least, it was.
It really was until I had to realize it wasn't.
Accept. Regret. Forget.
I tried to release the tension in my head.
I tried [so hard] to cover those tears up, until I'm all alone.
I tried to shake it off,
stroll around the city,
see some happy faces,
read a boring notebook,
or just hang in there and look for some pain again.
I tried, I swear, I tried until I finally grew tired.
Because in everything I had to do, I just have to think there was you,
who had been there all along to make me realize such dismal truth,
that once in my life, I met someone, thought he was the one,
but broke it all in just a while with his cold song.
And once again, I knew, I felt
I was falling in love
With someone,
664 · Sep 2013
01:11 Wishes
Ceryn Sep 2013
The room is getting darker, with a dim light just by my side
The wind is getting colder, but I just can't sleep on tight
I know we're becoming older, but my faith's still a grain wide
Tonight, I had a cold shoulder from a friend, now out of sight.

The night is growing deeper as I'm feeling the coldest spot
In my frost-bound corner, I knew I've missed a lot
The sun rays just can't hit me despite a weather so hot
I just can't see myself in a world where we're all just a dot.

I know there's no quick remedy to my own aversion
Or a cheerful countenance when I face a few reflections
It's just that I find it hard to wish upon a shooting star
To make a brighter morning for one who sees afar.

Tonight I'm trying to wake all my inner hopes up
At least to find a way for the chaos in my mind to stop
Tick-tock-tick-tock, my heart seemed to drop
I guess I've lost the fat chance I had to be back on top.

The gardens had run out of dandelions to blow
My lifeless eyes had lost its once beautiful glow
11:11 has passed, a couple of hours has gone
Tell me, still a wish is granted though it's past one.

I wish for the world to see the holes within its thickest surface
I wish for men to look for the hidden side of these gorgeous faces
I wish for us to get back on track as we've lost our inmost graces
I wish for myself to keep wishing more, to solve more of my mazes.
660 · Jul 2013
Genius, Poetry!
Ceryn Jul 2013
The genius of a thousand words all combined
through a fateful unity, no true clarity
to touch a stoical soul.
I love it.

The genius of her truly timeless thoughts
like that of a willful dreamer
lived, lasted, now braver.
I found it.

The genius of a playful imagery
bound to reconsider
glee or tragedy.
It is it.

The genius of a hopeful recovery
from the grimmest sorcery
with pure beauty, oddity
For anyone's anatomy
finds a way to thee
Oh, powerful,
Real genius,
Ceryn Feb 2013
Three hundred and sixty-six days had gone
I still remember why and how it was done
But things will never be the same again
For two souls apart from each other’s strain.

Three hundred and sixty-six days too soon
That once good melody, now out of tune
But not the best time for foolish regrets
Not even the best guise for one undressed.

Three hundred and sixty-six days gone better
With stray memories in my messy specter
Aloof, still find it hard to be on the usual
Still not too evident to paint superficial.

Three hundred and sixty-six days thought wise
Enough to **** shattered realities that arise
Blinded me to fully cover sham infallibility
Figured out the worst way to shun misery.

Three hundred and sixty-six days I miss him
No, not him who put my life in such awful grim
But him who had seen the obscurity of my tears
And knew all my fancy flaws and terrible kind of fears.

Three hundred and sixty-six days ain’t about you at all
He is all about my summer and winter and spring and fall
Guess I noted that in my wrecked up mind before
That I forgot to tell him that he’s all I truly adore.

Three hundred and sixty-six days now slowly fading
Can’t help myself to indulge into silly daydreaming
But this thing I feel is true enough, I won’t now be scared
For him holding a mighty pen, the one who truly cared.
657 · Feb 2013
Clandestine Love
Ceryn Feb 2013
All those times I was at my best
To make you feel my sweet caress,
But I was not that filthy blessed
'Twas all a vague and cold **** mess.

My eyes were filled with spark of glee
A gleam that struck my very emotion,
An obscure and hopeless phantasm of thee
How it hurt me with that realization.

The cold and starry night stood still
As I gazed upon the dark, lonely sky,
A goner wishing that lovve's of no peril
Such a foolish heart's pathetic try.

The night went long, the rain won't stop
My gloomy days oozed with real mad wonder,
Enough of this misery, should I just drop?
'Cause this odd feeling just makes me somber.

I only want to taste the gaiety
That this bizarre thing often carry,
But I know that life's of no guarantee
I guess it's just my another frailty.

I think you're not for me to cherish
There's someone out there intended for you,
But take my word, my love won't perish
'Cause you're the only one in my life that's true.
656 · Feb 2013
Ceryn Feb 2013
I’ve seen her cry herself to sleep
A thousand times
‘Twas way too deep
Her swollen eyes revealed the pain
I guess she’ll never know
How long it will remain.

She never imagined a life like this
Nothing can ever make her feel fine
She knew it cannot just cease
Love was undefined
Time had done nothing
But play a painful rewind.

Pillows were wet, nothing to lie about
Her hair’s a big mess
She was really hurt, no doubt
Often than not, corners were warm
And there she sulks herself
With broken wings and faded charm.

She was crazy, but he was a fool!
Knowing that love ain’t a joke
Feelings are fragile; a girl’s not a tool
She missed him so bad
He was flirting around
Now she just has to be glad.

She can’t keep those gems from falling
It can’t help but touch the silk
Losing her mind, it’s all or nothing
But she knows things will get right
And the sun will shine again
Keeping things light; making days bright.

Far, indeed, far from reality
Realizations don’t seem to be true
It’s hard to accept all life’s virility
She just can’t believe now
She cannot fully trust
Though it comforts her somehow.

And yes, her weary eyes
Just tell it so
Never been dwelt in by any lies
It can’t bring the sunshine
The soonest time
And centuries before she’ll feel fine.
656 · Sep 2013
Blot It Out
Ceryn Sep 2013
Have you been to my mind? Have you heard the sounds in my head?
I guess, not yet. Not ever. Who would dare? It's not even safer than hell.

Have you seen my scars? Have you felt that agonizing state my years have brought me into?
I guess, you won't. Not ever. Who'd want to see the gruesome nature of my weary soul?

Have you seen my tears? Have you tried to let a river flow down your frozen cheeks?
I guess, you haven't. Still, not ever. Who'd do a stuff that doesn't feel right for a usual individual?

Have you touched my hand? Have you searched for my pulse and found it dysfunctional?
I guess, you won't bother. Why ever? Who'd care touch a thing that wouldn't last forever?

Have you read my words? Have you read anything but my simple, pointless words?
I guess so, this time. But you won't give a dime. Mere words show nothing but something to base your prejudice on. Am I right?

You're reading my mind. You're seeing my scars. You're watching me cry. You're feeling me die. And I,
I am having my own time to let you know of my words. My words that may not matter to you or to me or to anyone right before this piece. But let me tell you of one thing: These words may cut our strings, but these are less than what I truly want to reveal about what I truly feel.
I do not consider anger or defense in my expressions. It's a thing I can't explain.
655 · Jun 2016
To Every Woman
Ceryn Jun 2016
It is not your fault to long for his arms
When the night is young but the wind gets rough
To ask for a piece of his time and his touch
It is never wrong to love a woman so much.

It is not foolishness to give your all
When you know that love is your reason
But when love begets nothing but storm
It is never wrong to finally leave him alone.

It is not caprice to long for a love
That takes care of you and your heart
But you don't beg, don't ask for luck
You are a woman; you deserve so much.

If he doesn't realize what you're worth
There's no reason for you to remain
Find a man who is man enough
To love you even when you're stained.

You are a woman; that's not a sin
You are God's gift to the world
You may be an imperfect one
But you deserve to be understood.

If there's only one hope left
Hope for a fearless heart
One that never gets daunted
One that beats and never stops.
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