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Ceryn Mar 2017
I met you when I was in the worst chapters of my days
When my arms hang loose towards the ground
While a wave of sketchy, grand mem'ries take its chance
To escape from the past, a replay that won't subside.

I met you when my heart started to crash and wear out
When my eyes began to water, tears streamed down
And my mind wandered back the many days and nights
When happiness meant pain and tears and lies.

I met you when the sun began to fade away
And the blue skies turned to a gloomy grey
I saw no light, no sunshine struck my skin
And with the darkness still, I tried to hold it in.

It was the worst of the worst and the days keep rolling
My heart's still broken, empty pieces keep falling
Eyes are still swollen from the tears that never stopped
Wounds are still open but no blood would come out.

I met you when I was a pure image of destruction
I met you when my life knew no life, nor direction
I met you when I was a mess and my life such a waste
I met you when I shut myself close, having no regrets.

Where do I go when the world seems a stranger?
Who do I call when my voice shakes like thunder?
What do I do with the remaining pieces of my heart?
How do I hold on when giving up is easier on my part?

But I met you and you tried to cure my broken heart
I met you and covered up my wounds without a doubt
You met me helpless and you showed me just how
Meeting someone can heal you, and still break you anyhow.

Don't just leave like all the rest, give me something to believe
Don't just walk away and go, don't leave me hanging still
Don't just turn your back, please, face me with the truth
If you have to, don't leave yet, until I've learned to unlove you.
Ceryn Dec 2016
Should I regret?

That I’m still in love with his verses
And all his invisible curses
Weaved into his words that burn
Full of life, made out of love
To find souls wide awake
In the deepest of the night.

I am in love with impossibilities.

I am in love with a soul long gone.

I tried to find [and fake] love

within this boundless earth we are all in,

but I am, no doubt, still in love with him.
Ceryn Dec 2016
We could all be caught up in our own insanity
And betray our hearts with our pasts
Even when the body does what it is expected to do
The mind tries to find a way to bypass.

He was once the person I almost badly wanted
He was once the person who made me spend my nights in tears,
He was once the person I’d love to walk the earth with
He was once the flower that bloomed in the middle of desert feels.

But who are we to foolishly demand from the vast Great Skies?
Who am I to heartlessly betray the present love that serves me right?
Who is he to ruin the trust of the man who would hold me tight?
Who are we to judge how things end up like funny tales we just write?

I am writing this poem not to defend my infidelity to make things seem right.

I am writing this poem, so I know when to say goodbye and just give in to what I can’t fight.

I am writing this poem not to express my [still] burning desire to be with my old flame.

I am writing this poem for the love that took care of me when I know I don’t really care.
Ceryn Jun 2016
There's a certain rush in my veins
When I see your face as it lights up
With bliss and content
While we come together
Face to face
Against a world real pressed
With tears and lies and torment.

The idea of you, just you
Is enough to becalm
The raging ocean of emotions
That has long run wild
In the sketchy corners of my mind
Our destiny, such uncertainty
But amidst it all, you're my sanity.

You showed me truth, my fears subside
You painted my blues with a shade of life
My loneliness, I can perfectly fight
With you right here, nothing's mystified
This is the reality we are facing now
Branded feelings, shall we allow?

We kept each other standing tall
We were there together in every fall
Yes, we could be the perfect match
That the whole world shall have to adore
Afraid, we may seem, but we both know
Keep hiding the truth, but our eyes plainly show.
When someone gives a brand new gleam to our days but we are afraid to burn freely, we may hide. But the sparks in our eyes would simply tell the truth.

That love's light radiates even in the darkest facades of our souls.
Ceryn Jun 2016
It is not your fault to long for his arms
When the night is young but the wind gets rough
To ask for a piece of his time and his touch
It is never wrong to love a woman so much.

It is not foolishness to give your all
When you know that love is your reason
But when love begets nothing but storm
It is never wrong to finally leave him alone.

It is not caprice to long for a love
That takes care of you and your heart
But you don't beg, don't ask for luck
You are a woman; you deserve so much.

If he doesn't realize what you're worth
There's no reason for you to remain
Find a man who is man enough
To love you even when you're stained.

You are a woman; that's not a sin
You are God's gift to the world
You may be an imperfect one
But you deserve to be understood.

If there's only one hope left
Hope for a fearless heart
One that never gets daunted
One that beats and never stops.
Ceryn Jun 2016
I don't want to dance into the music before he grooves in harmony
I'm trying to keep my notes low before he realizes the perfect melody,
I try my hardest not to speak of rhymes before he makes up his poetry
I don't want to be the first to fall before he gives in to gravity.

I'm hiding the smiles he gave me, the sparks that fill my eyes
I'm keeping away the tingles, from your stares that totally entice,
I would not want to be the first to have my poor heart racing
I don't want to be the first to realize and slowly get the feeling.

I may have had a bad day, but you just turn it upside down
I may have frowned all day long, but you happen to be my clown
I may have hurt myself in the past, but you simply showed me how
To leave the painful mem'ries behind and finally cherish the 'now'.

For many times, I've been in scenes where the characters hurt me so
I have felt an endless rolling of tears from my eyes so long ago
And taking a chance and risking it again might sound a scary show
But though I don't want to be the first to fall, please don't let me go.

You helped me up, you brought life back, you kept me standing tall
Yes, I don't want to be the first to fall, but I'm not scared at all.
Ceryn May 2016
I didn't expect that
You didn't care
I was a fool
You left me bare
My love was strong
I've been holding on
Now I realized
It was so wrong.

Days came quick
Nights too long
We were holding back
Now your feeling's gone
As I remembered
Moments that passed
All that I can see
Love's fading fast.

As I waste my time
On this lonely space
My heart's breaking so
I can't make you stay
All I realized
As my tears roll down
Hearts that beat as one
Now a memory gone.

How do I do this now?
How do we stop the rain?
I am blurring my eyes
For still feeling such pain
I don't want to recall
But all those memories replay
But we both know it now
Love's not meant to stay.
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