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 Dec 2014 Margrethe H K
Joe Cole
Yeah sure I was a fool
Yeah sure I failed in school
But what the ****
The state owes me
So why should I fight to find a job
When the state pays me to be a slob
Suckers like you can pay the bill
While I smoke crack and sell some ****
I live in a welfare state
Coin the money and don't give a ****
Oh, Oh at education I wasn't good
But don't ******* me about what I need
A pump of ****** is proper food
You failed me in my time of need
Now the needles bite gives me the feed
Of slow death flowing through my veins
And at thirty I said my last goodbyes
am envious
of everything that
felt your touch today.
True story                                       <3
 Nov 2014 Margrethe H K
Even if I fall short of words, I will not fall short of music.
Today, I will dance.  
I will let my soul stumble in the dark.
And the beautiful piece that plays will be from my broken heart.
If it starts to rain tonight,
I will let my body drench in the music that follows.
Today, i will dance.

I will let my eyes give away what my heart has been hiding.
The sorrows, the pains and the madness.
Today, I will open doors
And while my feet barely touch the ground beneath,
I will let my soul find peace.  
Today, I silence the chaos within.

And if the angels may forget me today,
I will let the demons play the songs to my soul.
I will dance to the sounds of the silence in the night that will not perish with the morning sun.
Today, I will trick nature.  

And if the music should consume me today, I will want to be the nothingness forever.
Today, I will fill the void that wrecks my poor heart.
*Today, I will dance.
 Nov 2014 Margrethe H K
I wanted to laugh.
You took away the giggles.

I wanted to fly.
You held me by my wings.

I wanted to read.
You took away my coffee.

I wanted to sing.
You took away the notes.

I wanted to write.
You burned my paper.

I wanted to leave.
*The diamond shone on my dead finger.
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