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She never noticed the love He offered
She never knew His Heart
He wanted more of Her
What She performed wasn’t enough
She just never spent time in His Presence
Doing all the right things
She had tried to please Him
but yet...
Saddest words ever
“I never knew You”
Now read the lines backwards... I saw someone else had shared a poem that could be read forward and backwards not too long ago.  So I decided to try it too.  Its harder than it sounds :)
I wish you knew
How bad it hurts
To watch him kiss you
To stand next to you
And act like we were never
Never together
Like I never said I love you
And neither did you, never
But we both know
We did love each other
And we let it show
We didnt care who saw
Your lovely kisses leaving me in awe
My hearts beats 100 miles an hour
Whenever your lips touch mine
Whenever your eyes meet mine
'Cause your hand fits mine
So perfectly
Like it was meant to be
And when you hug me
And squeeze me gently
Then touch me warmly
All I can do is smile
So you kiss me again
Oh so softly
I hold you closer
Hoping you will stay
But again you slip away
Again I live alone
Day by day
I wish you knew
That I can't live without you
And how I love you so
When you see me with her
Your emotions don't flow
But when I look into your eyes
I can't see that you know...
Anthony J. Alexander 2005
Fire & Rain**

Several mornings ago
I woke up to a rainy tomorrow,
today though was a raging fire.
It singed all my thoughts of you,
burnt the marrow you placed in my bones
leaving me painfully hollow.
Rain and fire,
rainy fire
and acidic spit;
how foolish to think
I would see you again...
Woke up tomorrow,
wrote down this poem
with the pieces of me lying around
cause I never could find a friend.
Sweet dreams have disappeared
in a long and lonely day
where the sun shines
on a Winter’s wind
and icicles form on my shriveled skin.

“Yet I always thought
I would see you again”
Fire, spit,
and lonely
rainy days,
though this is the end
of those foolish thoughts
of seeing you again.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 7.19.16
(Note: the quoted line is from James Taylor’s
song, “Fire & Rain”; as is the inspiration
for this poem)
thanks for reading... here is the link to the song,
"Fire & Rain" by James Taylor..
"but I always thought I would see you again"
The trees along this city street,
  Save for the traffic and the trains,
Would make a sound as thin and sweet
  As trees in country lanes.

And people standing in their shade
  Out of a shower, undoubtedly
Would hear such music as is made
  Upon a country tree.

Oh, little leaves that are so dumb
  Against the shrieking city air,
I watch you when the wind has come,—
  I know what sound is there.
I looked in my heart while the wild swans went over.
And what did I see I had not seen before?
Only a question less or a question more;
Nothing to match the flight of wild birds flying.
Tiresome heart, forever living and dying,
House without air, I leave you and lock your door.
Wild swans, come over the town, come over
The town again, trailing your legs and crying!
White with daisies and red with sorrel
  And empty, empty under the sky!—
Life is a quest and love a quarrel—
  Here is a place for me to lie.

Daisies spring from ****** seeds,
  And this red fire that here I see
Is a worthless crop of crimson weeds,
  Cursed by farmers thriftily.

But here, unhated for an hour,
  The sorrel runs in ragged flame,
The daisy stands, a ******* flower,
  Like flowers that bear an honest name.

And here a while, where no wind brings
  The baying of a pack athirst,
May sleep the sleep of blessed things,
  The blood too bright, the brow accurst.
I will be the gladdest thing
  Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
  And not pick one.

I will look at cliffs and clouds
  With quiet eyes,
Watch the wind bow down the grass,
  And the grass rise.

And when lights begin to show
  Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,
  And then start down!
The railroad track is miles away,
  And the day is loud with voices speaking,
Yet there isn’t a train goes by all day
  But I hear its whistle shrieking.

All night there isn’t a train goes by,
  Though the night is still for sleep and dreaming
But I see its cinders red on the sky,
  And hear its engine steaming.

My heart is warm with the friends I make,
  And better friends I’ll not be knowing,
Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take,
  No matter where it’s going.
Last night I prayed
Softly, peacefully, and still,
No strain, no grief, no disbelief,
No doubting of His will,

Last night I prayed
Softly for His strength,
Since I am weak.

Then with peace-of-mind
Worries and stress left behind
I quietly fell asleep.
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