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My name is Geoff May 2017
The countryside spring murmurs no sin
The mountain hounds howl no judgment
If not cradled in a palace, death dies for the last time
If not imposed by a preacher, anguish becomes bygones
Wolves cry at night for a reason
Lose the guns, see them dance
A liberty made simple—a real spectacle
My name is Geoff May 2017
Gazing at you I trip.

The harder I gaze,
        the more I dream about the cosmos
        lying beneath the theatrics of your face;

The harder I trip,
        the more I weaken my knees to witness
        those zodiac signs reversing in pace.
My name is Geoff May 2017
After one solitary foxtrot
of the world around the sun,
I was taken by a gentle storm
to a secret bonfire
between a forest and an ocean

wherein nobody knew me
but the briny taste of the breeze,
the tight embrace of the nightfall,
and the familiar depth of your dimples.

Neither of the broken constellations
nor the remorseless rocks along the shore
were a picture perfect. None of the
language of apologies concurred.

But the sand was alluring us to stay
with the gestures of our lips gambling
an invitation to be sewn together;
a sin so unforgivable yet so prudent.
  May 2017 My name is Geoff

    oOOo           oOO      OOo     oOo                         
oOOOOo      OOo     Ooo      OO       oOo         
OoOoO                                               Oo          
ooO            •naked feet tread                
  with nonchalance•unafraid
    of what receding tides might
       bring•hardened heels soften
         to sunlit reverence•children
                   frolick accompanied by
                              unguarded peals
                                 that ring•towa-
                                     rd the ocean
                                      vast we halt
                                     to face•we
                                  look to the
                             horizon and
                         dream of un-
                   seen lands•we
          lift one foot with
   the other in place•
is this all we are...  
just impressions    
in the sand?•      

My name is Geoff May 2017
tilt one line
just a bit
a parallel will soon intersect
like how two
rivers meet
in a same basin on a same seabed
and how lies
are said
long enough to become correct
My name is Geoff May 2017
I once made love with you in my dream
A dream conjured by my sorrow
My sorrow expelled from yesterday
Yesterday—a mirage of tomorrow
Tomorrow that I don’t want to come
But come what may for I’m already tired
Tired from all the ******* I’ve never done to you
When will you know how much my hopes have undressed you?
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