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Facebook thank you for connecting me with the people from my past
For unleasing the jelouse side of me being stuck and others passing through
Thank you for making me see that dreams are slow but safe careers are for every one. I mean I don't wanna work at the mines but all my past is over there taking salfies expressing joys and progress
Facebook I check you everyday yet I gain none from you
In a world I live in all is difficult to achieve
So I'm putting a smile on my face showing teeth that have been brushed
Taking a selfie of myself looking beautiful, instead of worried and scared ill post it and get liked for a while
Facebook you beat all buying you roll out the desires and never spead next to ideas
So ill post my self and pretend
I'm doing that for my selfie
Music playing at its loudest through broken speakers, my heart ponds to messy mess messing up my room, spinning words in my back continue to press in deep deeper denying peace from entering myself my body hurts its an unfamiliar routine, tired tear tearing cells that require re wireing of feeling blue,red hot results of the pain I know
My speakers ain't loud enough
Maybe if you were different

Maybe if you woreshiped me at a time

Maybe if you made me belive you loved me at a point

Maybe if you actually asked
I might forgive you
Or maybe you just never cared
Maybe just maybe you never sat down to think about me and you and what was suppose to be
My love for you is dark
Dark meaning it happened no matter how hard I tried to stop it, its darkness
My love for you has no reason
Reason meaning I saw no flaws flowing on you nor perfection predicting me having a list elaborating the  reasons of you belonging to me
Its undefined
Undefinable with no condition
Unconditional is the love I bear for you
And when I'm with you silly I become
Losing all senses assumed to be common
In you I find myself lost
Control is what I have when you streach hands squeez me with your arms , tapping my backside with your fingers I swear I'm an instrument a piano being played
You try to kiss me and I look away and smile you kiss my neck
Strangely I shut my eyes imagining wings growing on my back flying you away to some dimention unheard of nor discovered by our kindexposing a naked me to a fully undressed you dancing to a lustful tone satisfying each creature drawing air that hits a lung and right before I know it your tongues are playing I recall what is about to happen and look away I open my eyes only to be glued to yours
Feeling a feeling that turns me a fool
Therefore sweetypie
My love for you has no reason nor conditions
I assume it reaL
It contains rest, trust and fear
Insecurities and arrogance
My love for you rests whithin me
For how long is the true question to be asked not why do I have love for you
#i feel in love
Apologies are all mine for misreading this situation
Its all my fault that you realised that the only way to get me was to tapp into emotions or were they just words you revised but hey I'm sorry its my fault
I am so sorry for not dating 5 guys at a time maybe then all my attention would spread and I wouldn't have to call you all the time
I'd be never be available for you I guess that's what you wanted
I'm sorry I didn't give you that
Its hard to make sense of how your brain works, of everything really
I suggest you give me a list of your expectations maybe ill turn smart and go all the way
But hey I'm sorry
I fell inlove with you that I enjoyed inside me
But ill change get rid of this demon turn my feelings off and open my leggs just to keep you
Yeah *******, you stupid ****
I'm not compromising my *** for you
If you want love
I'm here if you want toys stick your hand in your pants you'll find something amusing
Oh SORRY you'll have to grow a pair first....
******* very much.
Dear love why is it so hard for me to find you
Why does it hurt when you move away from me
I've been searching for you for years but you never come my way
Dear love why don't you ever make me happy
If you really love me why do you keep hurting me
Do you think I don't deserve you
I consider myself good and loving
Why don't I get that in return
I've waisted years of my life because of you
And it hurts
All I ever wanted was someone to love is that really too much to ask for...
The curse that once consumed me
As the mordern tech allowed him to find me at first I ignored his attempts with an lol but he continued I gave in little I didn't think I entered with my whole gave him my soul my body I felt alive and dead at the same time his eyes big brown mesmorised my intelligence his light skin beautiful long hair with my fingers inside it was not magic but mistycal he became my world I flaunted him I was happy little did I expect the eminent pleasure I gave him he was to be my forever it was written in my smile
But he killed it tore me had me questioning my beauty my love it wasn't enough he was a curse I couldn't forget depression deep in to presures of stress I fell into a slum a loss of happiness anger consumed me and he didn't care all he wanted was forgiveness without a valid reason I hope it was worth it now he's beauty hides and I don't see it he's presents repulse me and leaves him ugly in my eyes he's smile is like that cheap chineas heel that broke in the street while I was walking attention is what I gave him my hope and all he offered was depression without a valid answer a curse for me to forget.
#lost an idiot I loved
What is it that you do to me that makes me gone for three
Could it be your touch the smoothes my pain or could it be your smile that steals my heart
What beauty is before my eyes that is unlimited by pains or cries with a little that benefits a queen
Sweet baby your so fine
So sweet than sweet wine
Can I touch you and make you mine
For I want to love you till the end of time
But if the love I feel is a sin may I be commited to eternity of pain for I cannot live if thy doesn't bring the love I nedd to breath again abd again
What is it that I feel so strong. That feels to good to be wrong that makes me certain that you and I were meant to be to together for all eternity
#love happened
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