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marcherin Jul 4
I plant kisses over paper airplanes
Crinkled between perishable loop
Soaring high to the another side
marcherin Jul 3
When I'm gone will they remember me?
Will flower weep upon my grave,
As candle lit beside my name?

When I'm gone will they cry for me?
Will leaves drop by to kiss goodbye,
While rain wash away my sin?

When I'm gone will they look for me?
Will wind gently sing me a lullaby,
Begging farewell, before I sleep?

I chase myself along endless path
Racing to eternity, behind countless soul
Hearing nothing but my own, restless voice

I hide myself in forsaken hall
Memories fading away within each departure
Picking my immortal body for another, endless journey

When I'm gone,
Will they remember? Will they forget?
I wonder....

— The End —