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Jan 10 · 15
Mind and Heart
Marcella Faye Jan 10
Following your heart
And without using
Your mind is like
Running around
But with your eyes
Shutting closed,
And sometimes,
Following your heart
In foolishness
Amongst the emotions
That leads to tragedy
Of hurt,
But leading your mind
Without the heart
Will be fruitless
Of sentiments,
And there should be
A balance between
The realms.
Dec 2019 · 180
New Generation
Marcella Faye Dec 2019
We lived in a world and generation
That is broken amongst
Our own society.
Smoking on things,
Drinking the sorrows away
Into oblivion,
And taking with given drugs
Just to maintain the highs
To numb the pain,
And forget our ways.
While to stay on our toes,
Being happy
When our eyes are sad.
Dec 2019 · 85
Marcella Faye Dec 2019
I am a woman
That had risen from the ashes
Of pain and suffering.
You can't break the warrior
Inside of me,
Who has become the fire.
Dec 2019 · 163
Marcella Faye Dec 2019
I can feel a sinking sensation
Within my stomach
That you wish you have
Never played me.
Nov 2019 · 492
Marcella Faye Nov 2019
Your teeth rot
From the sweetness
That coated your tongue
In lies,
While I craved
For more flavor
And your twisted mind.
Not a healthy combination,
If you ask me.
Nov 2019 · 168
Marcella Faye Nov 2019
I couldn't replicate to some people
Like how they did to me
For my heart is not like theirs.

My loyalty sits differently
And lets them rage in the fire
With their jealousy.
It's not in my nature to take vengeance for pleasure,
While others desires it.
Nov 2019 · 312
Marcella Faye Nov 2019
Words are like poison,
But it streams down your mouth.
And foams at the corner,
But you're not aware
With eyes that are watching you
As you speak.
Nov 2019 · 53
Marcella Faye Nov 2019
Even when the truth
Has already spoken
When reality no longer
Disguised itself
Any farther.

Within my honesty,
You were the cause of
The troubles, but I can't
Hold the poison for
Too long.

So far with what
I knew wasn't simple
As it ripped my whole
Well-being apart
Into shreds.

While the heaviness
Amongst my chest
Was so much to carry,
I shed the darkness
Towards the light.
Nov 2019 · 83
Marcella Faye Nov 2019
If love was quite simple,
Then I wouldn't have
Learned about heartbreaks
And pain.
But that's okay,
Life is not that simple either.
Oct 2019 · 285
Marcella Faye Oct 2019
Reality never failed
To disguise amongst itself,
And you're only
Just the identity
Amongst the words
Of my poems.
...For you are the one
That wounded my ****** soul
With your fire.
Oct 2019 · 406
Marcella Faye Oct 2019
I numb the pain
Just to feel normal
All over again.
Oct 2019 · 174
Some Days
Marcella Faye Oct 2019
There are days where I couldn't
Mask my emotions any longer,
And I let it all fall.
I let my wounds bleed
With no sorry within my eyes,
While the demons fall heavy
From my mind,
Laying down into the pillow
When sleep does not come,
But I'm not asking to feel sorry
For me as it does no good
For anyone,
Yet, all I'm asking within
This vulnerable state is for someone
To hear me out,
And understand me. this deadly hour.
Oct 2019 · 625
Another Story
Marcella Faye Oct 2019
I felt so unsure
While I was blinded
To see the truth.
Only to feel haunted
By the memories
That I once called "us."
As it was temporary
And an experience
To behold in reality.
You and I are
Just another story
To be told.
Sep 2019 · 654
Marcella Faye Sep 2019
I feel so foolish
When my eyes see
The truth,
But still, love hearing
The lies that you speak
Like it's comforting words
To listen to
As I sleep, 
Almost feels like
A lullaby with
A wolf bearing out
Its teeth.
Sep 2019 · 176
Marcella Faye Sep 2019
Have you ever
Felt like
The words had
Burden within
You so much
That you couldn't
Even write anymore?

By losing all hope
Of the world
Within disparity
Of dried ink
That leaves you
Numb from the inside?
Aug 2019 · 106
Marcella Faye Aug 2019
I didn't fall
Into the steps
To cover the truth
In sugar,
And for what the bitterness
It holds
And wicked intentions
That folds, because of
The linger taste
Will not flush,
But holds,
Until time will find
It ways to unleash
The bitterness of salt.
Why sugarcoating the truth in lies,
When it reveals itself in time?
Aug 2019 · 501
Marcella Faye Aug 2019
Feeling the linger
Of the band-aid
That I ripped off,
As it's been a while
Since the day I left him.
And all I want
Is to have rain
Or snow to cover up
These ugly scars
That he left for me
In turn.
And painful memories
That I wished
To shut off.

Note: Influenced from "Snow" by Amanda Diane.
Aug 2019 · 236
Marcella Faye Aug 2019
I bleed every inch
Of the words
From my wounds.
Aug 2019 · 191
Marcella Faye Aug 2019
It was a distressing time
When the heartless wind
Kept on blowing,
And the white clouds
Shifted into endless grey,
Bringing thunder and lightning.

A storm arises
And osculates
In the midst of the dark sky,
Droplets of water
Came thudding
Into the ground.

The wind
Steadily emits
And whispers
Their unfeigned apologies
Into the mist
Of the tempest.

The sky
And the clouds mourned,
While solemnly,
It ruefully smiled
And took you away,
Only leaving ashes behind.
Another old work that I wrote in 2018.
Jul 2019 · 306
Marcella Faye Jul 2019
Your name,
Whenever it's mentioned,
Or even at the sight of you,
I tremble,
Because you are toxin
To my veins and my skin.

You're a charm just like a rose
By the blood of their petals
That stained red,
But the thorns that I stumbled,
Cutting deeper into my flesh
With blood dripping and staining my hand.

A mask
That sweeps the nectar
Of charms and consent,
But only lays beneath
The manipulations
And diabolical deeds.

Accusations are thrown
Back and forth,
Poison was trickling down your mouth
With every word you spoke,
You pollute everything around you
By the deals of your actions.

Drama after drama,
It gets exhausting,
But over time,
I grow weaker and weaker,
The toxicity that drains me whole,
Because I'm just a prisoner
Of your consent.
I wrote this piece in 2018 while it was up on Hello Poetry from my old account that's deactivated.
Jul 2019 · 2.0k
Don't Test
Marcella Faye Jul 2019
Don't try to test my patience
And my trust,
Because it's like you're
Testing the water,
By cutting it with a knife,
And I can assure you,
It won't work.
Don't test my limits.
Jul 2019 · 228
Marcella Faye Jul 2019
You already done the damage
Than I really wanted to be.
Jul 2019 · 317
Marcella Faye Jul 2019
I've learned to swallow
The pain like it is poison.
Jun 2019 · 175
The Unknown
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
I used to
Be afraid
To lose
Some parts
Of me.

While letting
You go,
Because it's
Quite hard
To know.

Or there
Is no telling
How deep
That I will

Falling into
The unknown
That I might
Find myself
Or crumble.
Jun 2019 · 262
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
My nature
Is gold like
My heart,
And soft as
My flesh.

While my
Beauty is
An aura that's
From within.

But this
World has
Sharpened me
Hard as
A diamond.

And I wasn't
Born to walk
Through the
Fire to give
In silence.
Jun 2019 · 375
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
I can still
Smell the smoke
That blew
Out of your

And haunting,
While I breathe
In the scent,
It lingers.

It is a
Constant burning
That only leaves
Ashes behind.

Of my lungs,
But all
I could taste
Are lies.
Jun 2019 · 263
It Kills You
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
I bet
My life
That it

And it's really
Killing you deep
Inside to know
That you could
Not fool me.

Even at
My weakest,
I stood
My ground
In blood.

And you didn't
Expect me
To be
Than you.
You surely underestimated my strength.
Jun 2019 · 333
No Longer
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
I have once
Looked back,
And the pain
Used to
Consume me.

Digging deeper
Into my soul
And clawing
My emotions

It took the
Strength for
Me to breathe
And move
On forward.

But now, whenever
I glimpse back,
It no longer
Eats me up
Jun 2019 · 4.7k
Tongue and Blood
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
My tongue
Does not
Spit out
Nor sugar.

To give you
Justice when
There is no
Loyalty to
Be earned.

While my blood
Drips down
And doesn't
Spills out

It only tells
Painful truths
To the ones
That cast their
Own deceit.
Why would I help you
If only you just
Want me to become
Your puppet?
Jun 2019 · 276
Marcella Faye Jun 2019
Your name
To my ears
And mind.

It sends
Chills down
And through
My spine.

It makes
My stomach
Wondering if
It was wrong.

To make
My mistake for
Taking you back
When you have
Proven me wrong.
May 2019 · 715
She's Me
Marcella Faye May 2019
If I told
You about
A young woman,
Her blood runs
Through her veins.

She bloomed
From a dark
Place to fight
Through battles
And wars.

And the mark
Of a warrior
With wounds
And scars,
She rises.

If you can
Look into
Her eyes,
And that
She's me.
May 2019 · 191
Marcella Faye May 2019
Blood is
What we are
Made of,
But drowning
In its fear.

That so much,
We are mound
Like a wound
On the canvas
Of a flesh.

Losing ourselves
To comprehend,
And making a slave
To our emotions
And feelings.

Making us
But it truly
Makes us
Quite aware.
May 2019 · 134
Fire From Within
Marcella Faye May 2019
I was fighting
These pieces
That broken

It's the space
Between these
Cracks, keeping
The fire burning
From within.

But no
Amount of
Water could
Put out
The fire.

While it still
Ignites the flames
So deep,
Bringing out
A fiery aura.
May 2019 · 558
Glass Stain Eyes
Marcella Faye May 2019
I finally
Asked myself
If it was
The pain?

Just to sit
Next to you,
And gazing
Into your

When all
I could see
Is nothing
But glass
Stain eyes.

As my own
Are staring
Right back
At me.
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
Seems to be
Burning down
And swallowed
By the night.

Within your head
And spins
With inceptions
Of grey.

Webbing them
Together in
Such grace,
But in a mass
Of lies.

It digs you up
From the inside
And exploding
Into the surface
That's left behind.
Apr 2019 · 411
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
You twist
Every word
From the truth
Into something

Then telling
Part of
The truth
Only to
Deceive me.

But what's
Even worse
When you tell lies
And make others
Believe you.
Apr 2019 · 674
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
Let me
Be your addiction
As you
Inhale me
To your lungs.

Bringing me
Up to
Your lips
And let it

Let the scent
Draws you in
With every puff
That you
Apr 2019 · 325
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
Don't strip
Every piece
Of me
That's left
Of my dignity.

I might bend
And twist,
But breaking me
Would make me
Even stronger.

But I won't
Deny the fact
When you lay
Your hands
On me.

I'll make sure
That you
Won't keep
Running back
For more.
Apr 2019 · 335
Light Up
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
Nothing can light up
The room
As your heart does.
Mar 2019 · 294
The Mask
Marcella Faye Mar 2019
The mask
That hides
The truth
Of a human
From beneath.

Lays beneath
Is a monster
That dwells
From your
Rotten heart.

A demon
That hides
Its disguise
By deceiving
In white.

From within
And through
Your soul
Is twisted
Mar 2019 · 373
Marcella Faye Mar 2019
Crimson blood
Oozed out
From its wound,
Spilling cries
For help.

Angels weep,
While white clouds
Turns into grey,
Water spilling out
From the clouds.

Flowers bloom,
A song
That plays
So solemnly,
And sweet.

Clothes of black
And white
With eyes that weep,
A soul
Is gone.
Inspired by Marsha. Her Instagram: thispandawrites
Mar 2019 · 622
Black Clouds
Marcella Faye Mar 2019
Waking up
In the morning
With the clouds
That hangs over
The sky.

With the touch
Of gray
Then the sudden cue
That colored them
In black.

I'm waiting
For the days
When I can
See the sun
Once again.

Making me realize
That my heart
Is still pounding
That I'm still alive,
Bringing happiness.
Mar 2019 · 374
Marcella Faye Mar 2019
I got lost
In your eyes
With billion
Of stars
That shines
So bright.
Mar 2019 · 315
Playing Fools
Marcella Faye Mar 2019
Playing a game
Like it's a war,
Only to thrive down
To the ones
That got it all.

Spitting out fire
From beautiful lips
Of fools,
Deceiving with malicious
Deeds like blades.

Only to gloat
From the thorns
Within their eyes,
And once the clock
Will it strike.

The time would
Be right, and let it all
Play by itself
When the culprits
Are playing fools.
Yet, it's sad to see people playing malicious games towards someone else to destroy someone else's happiness, worth, and life.
Feb 2019 · 245
No Light
Marcella Faye Feb 2019
I keep running
In circles
When my head
Is down,
Feeling lost.

My pride
Is on the ground,
Feeling dusted
In ways
I can't explain.

The weight
Of the world
Is upon my soul,
Plunging deep
Into the shallow sea.

I've been looking
For a way out
By the light,
Or even by a sign
That tells me, I'm free.
Feb 2019 · 4.6k
Open Wounds
Marcella Faye Feb 2019
When the pen
Hits the paper,
Black ink traces
Around the words
That is crying out.

But the ink
Doesn't want
To stay, and every word
Turns into a pool
Of red.

As it drips down
To the edge
Of the paper,
Like open wounds
Bleeding out the truth.
Instead of words,
Only drips and strains
Of liquid red that coursed
Through its way, like a war
Erupting into chaos.
Feb 2019 · 290
Bruises and a Blade
Marcella Faye Feb 2019
He left colors
That blemished my face
In purple,
Blue, yellow,
And red.

Then having a blade
Through my heart,
But only hearing
A voidless
Of "I love you."
Feb 2019 · 245
Marcella Faye Feb 2019
Pierce the blade
Against my skin,
Make it burn
While the ice courses
Through my veins.

A disease
That's so strong,
Twisted, and destructive
Into millions of pieces
Of myself.

Nearly destroyed
And broken,
Spitting poison
From your lips
Makes me sick.

But fear is withered
From my mind
While you haunt me
In the shadows
Within the dark.
Feb 2019 · 2.0k
Marcella Faye Feb 2019
By the scars
That leave
The marks
On my fingertips

But it marks
An ongoing fight
With the struggles
That only can I

And once death
Stands in the darkness
By the bed, and I came
To realize that my death
Is something I live with.
Jan 2019 · 1.4k
Marcella Faye Jan 2019
With what you
Have put me through,
I'm still standing right
Beside you,
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