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I numb the pain
Just to feel normal
All over again.
There are days where I couldn't
Mask my emotions any longer,
And I let it all fall.
I let my wounds bleed
With no sorry within my eyes,
While the demons fall heavy
From my mind,
Laying down into the pillow
When sleep does not come,
But I'm not asking to feel sorry
For me as it does no good
For anyone,
Yet, all I'm asking within
This vulnerable state is for someone
To hear me out,
And understand me. this deadly hour.
I felt so unsure
While I was blinded
To see the truth.
Only to feel haunted
By the memories
That I once called "us."
As it was temporary
And an experience
To behold in reality.
You and I are
Just another story
To be told.
Marcella Faye Sep 21
I feel so foolish
When my eyes see
The truth,
But still, love hearing
The lies that you speak
Like it's comforting words
To listen to
As I sleep, 
Almost feels like
A lullaby with
A wolf bearing out
Its teeth.
Have you ever
Felt like
The words had
Burden within
You so much
That you couldn't
Even write anymore?

By losing all hope
Of the world
Within disparity
Of dried ink
That leaves you
Numb from the inside?
Marcella Faye Aug 11
I didn't fall
Into the steps
To cover the truth
In sugar,
And for what the bitterness
It holds
And wicked intentions
That folds, because of
The linger taste
Will not flush,
But holds,
Until time will find
It ways to unleash
The bitterness of salt.
Why sugarcoating the truth in lies,
When it reveals itself in time?
Feeling the linger
Of the band-aid
That I ripped off,
As it's been a while
Since the day I left him.
And all I want
Is to have rain
Or snow to cover up
These **** scars
That he left for me
In turn.
And painful memories
That I wished
To shut off.

Note: Influenced from "Snow" by Amanda Diane.
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