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You twist
Every word
From the truth
Into something

Then telling
Part of
The truth
Only to
Deceive me.

But what's
Even worse
When you tell lies
And make others
Believe you.
Let me
Be your addiction
As you
Inhale me
To your lungs.

Bringing me
Up to
Your lips
And let it

Let the scent
Draws you in
With every puff
That you
Don't *****
Every piece
Of me
That's left
Of my dignity.

I might bend
And twist,
But breaking me
Would make me
Even stronger.

But I won't
Deny the fact
When you lay
Your hands
On me.

I'll make sure
That you
Won't keep
Running back
For more.
Nothing can light up
The room
As your heart does.
Marcella Faye Mar 27
The mask
That hides
The truth
Of a human
From beneath.

Lays beneath
Is a monster
That dwells
From your
Rotten heart.

A demon
That hides
Its disguise
By deceiving
In white.

From within
And through
Your soul
Is twisted
Marcella Faye Mar 26
Crimson blood
Oozed out
From its wound,
Spilling cries
For help.

Angels weep,
While white clouds
Turns into grey,
Water spilling out
From the clouds.

Flowers bloom,
A song
That plays
So solemnly,
And sweet.

Clothes of black
And white
With eyes that weep,
A soul
Is gone.
Inspired by Marsha. Her Instagram: thispandawrites
Marcella Faye Mar 22
Waking up
In the morning
With the clouds
That hangs over
The sky.

With the touch
Of gray
Then the sudden cue
That colored them
In black.

I'm waiting
For the days
When I can
See the sun
Once again.

Making me realize
That my heart
Is still pounding
That I'm still alive,
Bringing happiness.
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