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Abhra Paul Apr 2018
I will learn to love the skies I’m under,
I will fall for the beauty of the rain past all the lightning and thunder,
Don’t turn your heart cold,
Buy back the soul you had sold.

Walk with me on the roads less travelled,
Sway and swoon
To some heavenly tune,
Dream dreams that are not our own,
Observe constellations that we had never known,
Freeze ourselves in pictures and in photographs,
Get lost in between lines and paragraphs.

And then when the lights grow dim,
The bottle is no longer filled upto it’s brim,
Lie with me in the darkness,
Close your eyes,
Feel every breath,
Listen to the faint traces of Lionel Richie still playing on,
Listen to the hollow beating of our hearts,
Listen to the clock moving on,
And most of all, listen to the fading noises as sleep takes you over,
Tomorrow when you wake up and the world is just the same
And you look across the bed just to struggle to remember my name,
Do walk away leaving me in the depths of despair
And my soul vulnerable and bare
But you should know that
I will learn to love the skies I’m under,
Because you? You were my most beautiful blunder.
Abhra Paul Feb 2018
I realise you were always enough,
But I walked away and tore us apart,
Because no one deserves a crumbling heart.
Abhra Paul Feb 2018
‘You’re only as strong as the walls you build’,
The same walls confide you in,
Closing in on you to prevent any break-in,
Mutilating your soul from within,
Not even allowing your story to begin.

In this world where there are no differences between dreams and reality to make,
The dream only seems unreal when we are awake,
It’s important to have walls which are difficult to break,
But it’s beautiful to be vulnerable and reach out when you ache.
Abhra Paul Feb 2018
The spine chilling cold of self deprecation flows from our mind straight through our heart,
The all consuming fire burning down the trees of credence and tearing down the buildings of conviction,
The cyclonic winds and the torrential rain destroying every ounce of courage in it’s wake,
The drought ******* into every drop of fortitude you ever built.

She was familiar with these adverse conditions,
Privy to every ritual and traditions. She tried to bring a smile to faces known or unknown,
Maybe she knew the pain of being alone.
She could somehow make your demons seem less frightening,
Maybe she knew what one feels with fears heightening.
She always picks one up when they’re down,
Maybe she knows what’s it like to drown.
Abhra Paul Jan 2018
Noises and Voices loud enough to turn ears deaf;
Screaming silences nibbling at the deepest, darkest corner of the mind;
The light bright enough to turn eyes blind;
The darkness engulfing the narrow streets, the crooked alleys, the magnificent valleys;
Falling into the same, endless, countless loop of waiting for dawn but always falling for dusk.
Our heart beats in sync with the clock;
Dreaming dreams that are not our own;
Living a life that is barely known.
As humans, we walk towards the uncertain,
Hide our true selves behind veils and curtains.
All it takes to disrupt the loop is a soul to latch,
You start living for chaos when the frequencies match.
Abhra Paul Jan 2018
Lay your soul bare,
Die burning in the fire of our demons each night,
Be born with me again each morning,
Let me walk your darkest path,
Dive deep into the ocean of uncertain and let your soul take a bath.

Talk to me in riddles and metaphors,
Talk to me about the universe and the stars,
Talk to me in the loudest of silences and the calmest of screams,
Talk to me like you do in all of my dreams.
Talk to me like I’m the only familiar face in a room full of strangers,
Talk to me like I’m the thin piece of rope pulling you away from all your dangers.

It’s true that it’s difficult for two souls to meet which were always apart,
But I promise you, talk to me and you will have my heart.
Abhra Paul Jan 2018
Stuck in just another graceless night,
The darkness has never been so bright,
Falling down from an immeasurable height,
Afraid of the fall or the flight?

There is but a dark road forward,
With not many bright souls to light the journey onward,
Standing there in silences awkward,
Cowering beneath the shadows like cowards,
Afraid of all the demons and the horrors.

Just another graceless night,
Desperate for some foresight,
Stuck in this all consuming fight,
Forgetting we are our own dark, we are own light.

— The End —