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Mara Kennet Jun 2018
You're still disturbing
You're still bothering me
Skin on skin
Lie on lie
Light on light
Flight or fight
I have chosen the flight
I can't fight so I write
I cannot write to you
So I write to nowhere
I cannot be with you
So I've been everywhere
I tried this I tried that
I fall down and regret
Then I raise and proceed
I've been hurt so I bleed
I cannot talk to you
So I talk to the tombs
Angels listen and smile
I give pennies to boms
I am beggar myself
But I won't beg for love
You're disturbing to me
But I am good enough
By myself
It's my wealth
On skin
Page on
There is nothing to loose
I put feeling on snooze
You're still bothering me
Deep inside in my throat
To tongue
Tooth for tooth
Eye for eye
Laugh for love
You're still bothering me
Love's like permanent dye
I can grow some new roots
But old colors wont die.
Mara Kennet Jun 2017
Rainy Сounty
Smashing against the asphalt
drops of something grey
I have been lately tired
I have been everywhere
It is raining in Rainy County
erasing child's drawing on mud
smoldering tears and blood
smoldered with indignation
life is a litigation
that has been settled to thud
life is an abandoned garden
where no one waters the flowers
they water anything ardent
letting the dull things to bloom
letting the bright things to die
It's raining in Rainy county
that means there is always a room.
For us to be wall for a fly.
Mara Kennet May 2017
If my heart was an Art house
If my heart was an art house,
It would be a Pedro Almodovar
David Lynch
Jim Jarmusch, Kubrick, Antonioni
I see black and white scenes
I analize sequence and angles
Our planet is doomed
And Solaris is lined up
Is the director of my
If my mind was a genre
It would be a mixed technique for sure
Impressionist sees
Abstractionist dreams
Embodies and shapes
Mara Kennet Aug 2016
Everything that worries you
Does not worry me anymore
Anything that wears you out
Doesn't have effect on me
Our pathways won't cross
I see no one on cross,
You are someone abroad
Anything related to you
Everything concerning you
Washed away by someone's
Spit on a brick yellow road
Everything about you was so flaky
You were shaky too
After nights Spent in bars
After nights behind bars
Anyone related to you
Anyone betrayed by you
Got lost in the worlds
Got trapped between words
At Everything about you
I am looking in lieu
In light of circumstances
Through the heartbeat of stances
Everything about you
Anything  about you is in ashes
My writing's in dashes
When I write about you
Anything concerning you
There's something about you...
Mara Kennet Jul 2016
Let me teach you how to kiss
Give me your lips
The instincts will do everything for you
Let me show you how to love
And how to betray and leave
I am a good teacher
Let me break into your dreams
Let me break your dreams
I am a thief
I have stolen your life
Let me
But your tongue stuck in my throat
It twists and it doubles
I cannot be indifferent anymore
My poison goes back into my blood
And poisons me
There are two conspirators
In the Love matter
Nothing else matters
Nothing else better
We are turning into one two selves
I am stealing your identity
You are snatching mine
Our DNAs have entangled
I have tried to be indifferent
But I have failed
teachers get bad grades too
The students get privileges
I have tried to enter your life
quietly not taking off shoes
You renamed my life into yours
It is pretty ***** right now
There are spits and mud everywhere
Where is the cleaning lady?
Yes, that kiss was awfully good
But who is going to clean all that mess?
Mara Kennet Jul 2015
I am drawing my dreams,
I am painting my pain,
I am sketching my sentimentality
I am doodling my dignity
I am portraying my poverty
I am illustrating my illness
Mara Kennet Jul 2015
Clothes, paintings, people
Its only words that matter
A word was in the beginning
A word will be in the end
I am waiting a word from you
Or three
Or two
I, you, they
And only
One word in between
This word is longer than eternity
This word is yes
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