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7.9k · Oct 2012
Hawaii Inspired
Manda Oct 2012
It's nice to feel the warmth
The weather's never bad
Living surrounded by the wai
And by the sweet sounds
Of the ukulele.

Many people live aloha
Living proud of their culture
And friendly to another.
Ohana is important
And friends are part of it too.

A beautiful tradition
Giving of leis
To someone special
On a special occasion
Or just any given day.

It will be sad to leave one day
There's so much sunshine.
The mainland's all the same.
Here there's so much diversity.
I think I'll miss the food the most...
Here are the meanings to the Hawaiian words: "wai" means water, "aloha" means hello, goodbye, love; there's many ways to use aloha, "ohana" means family, and "leis" are traditional necklaces given for anything that comes up; birthdays, graduations, parties, even if you just haven't seen someone for a while.
1.0k · Oct 2012
Perception Deception
Manda Oct 2012
I've lost perception.
The vision of reality;
The sight that should come naturally
To me.

Were you even real?
Indeed you were a dream
Only real to me
Just me.

I know that's a lie.
I have pictures stored away
Of a distant day
Long ago.

Or maybe it was yesterday
Time's been hard to tell.
Sometimes I just wanna yell
So loudly.

In the recess of my mind
I'm working on repression
Fighting this depression
I'm alone.
.. And if you ever think of me again, I'll all ready be gone.
951 · Aug 2012
What Else to Do.
Manda Aug 2012
I have nothing more to do
Than sit around and talk with you.
I could be doing other things
And you could be the one who sings.
I would get to listen
To know what I've been missin';
To hear your voice so sweet
It makes me clench my teeth.
You could tell me stories
All mine would be boring.
Yet I know that you would hear them
Or at least pretend to listen;
All because I have nothing more to do
Than sit around and talk with you.

A few months later and everything's changed
I'm surprised you still even know my name.
Days to weeks without talking, maybe a couple texts.
Now I have nothing more to do than let go, but 'm always vexed.
You told me so many lies
Even as you kissed me and touched my thighs.
I always used to look forward to another day
I couldn't wait to get out of bed for you to say:
"Goodmorning, love" or something cute
That would eventually tear me from my roots.
You looked at me so purposely
I couldn't believe it was reality.
Now I've waken up, and I see the truth
So I'm ready to let you go, and forget your subterfuge.
Obviously, I'm not a writer. But It would make me feel good that I'm letting my feelings out, even if no one sees them.
422 · Oct 2012
Last Night
Manda Oct 2012
Last night I talked to both of you
No, this's not just a poem too.
I told you guys about my dreams
How I'm falling apart at the seams.

I told you how life used to be
How quickly things changed for me.
When things were good and then bad
When I was happy and then sad.

I told you both about my life
And how I, myself, am my greatest strife.
I talked you both all night
Because my anger wasn't right.

I wish you two were really there
But instead, my bed was bare.
I poured my heart out to you two
But you will never know what's true.
Too many miles separate
And now, my heart's a closed gate.
Wide awake when I should have been getting rest for a test. Important nights are the worst.
Manda Jul 2016
I didn't know it was a promise
But you, I know you did.
Did you know it'd change my life?
Was I, until then, just a kid?

You told me that you loved me
For me it was a feeling that was new.
Maybe then I didn't know what to say
So I said "I love you, too."

— The End —