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malluraeh Nov 5
id rather .... myself
than pass on
some of these thoughts
lingering in my head
but... never mind the killing part
ill just say whats ripping apart
my brain
all my friends may be fake
no similar interests
no same views and perspectives
no inspirations collected
but thats to be expected
nowadays, where man views itself
as an ant
every single bit of hope rejected and neglected by the world
until the bitter end
no confidence, so nothing to
boost there
all the dreams and hopes
planted inside the ***
overshadowed by doubts and insecurities
no sunlight
be aware of life, don’t follow the snake
and it‘ll eat you too
on its way back
the circle of life
malluraeh Oct 8
dont follow the green
dont follow the snake
it'll eat you too
on its way back
malluraeh Oct 7
a dead-end job or as a boss
doesn't matter
better than to
sit at home
thinking about
what to work on
malluraeh Oct 7
the wolf shouldn't be alone,
it's weak alone
but even weaker
within a pack full of sheep
malluraeh Oct 7
the serpent eats its tail
in my backyard
it waits patiently to
scar my back
remove the snakes,
they'll come again
the circle of life
fight back in vain
don't mind them
malluraeh Oct 7
remove circles in your life
where you cannot be yourself,
if you can't be you
in them,
then you are not apart of them.
not you
but someone else
malluraeh Oct 7
do what you want
opinions, won't be there after
you are dead
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