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Mallory Kolb Dec 2013
I want to lift the bruised circles worry has left under your tired eyes
I want to hug you close until our body warmth chases away the cold edge of pain
I want to quiet your sorrows as you have silenced mine countless times
But it's no longer as easy as when we were young and distracted  
I still have nightmares about the last time I thought I lost you
Mallory Kolb Dec 2013
I'm sorry
That I threw away the lunches you made me everyday at school
I could have fed a continent with all of my waste
I'm sorry
You had to watch me burst into tears trying on prom dresses
The glitter and ribbons didn't cover up my bones very well
I'm sorry
That I spent more time adding up numbers in my head than remembering to say
I love you
I'm sorry
You had to watch me decay before your very eyes
A skin and bones remnant of your precious child
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Mallory Kolb Nov 2013
can never be unspoken the
that flew from your ashen
were out of anger but they still
Mallory Kolb Sep 2013
I see roses wilting in their vase
forgotten and discarded where their lovers left them
slowly blackening at the edges
thirsting for their roots that have been cut off
their flowers settle on the carpet
settling in the dust of whispered I love you's
and torn up photographs
Mallory Kolb Sep 2013
as the air grows crisp
a coldness creeps into my ligaments
pulling apart the bonds others have woven to my bones
my friends fall away like changing leaves
off of my branches
into the snow covered ground
I will miss you in the winter
Mallory Kolb Aug 2013
I flush my insecurities
The drain with my last meal and
My crooked smile in the mirror
And pretend that the mascara
Under my tired eyes accentuate the jewelry
Off of my shrinking wrists
The flickering lights laugh at my disintegrating
And smirk at that girl in the mirror because
She will never be perfect never be
Mallory Kolb Aug 2013
your lips
fluttering moth wings on my neck
can't stop my fading light
the words that tumble from your parted mouth
are fuzzy like a room full of speakers
I am comfortable in my cocoon
but there's no more space
you slip between my thighs
but I feel
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