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Oct 2017 · 458
Eve Oct 2017
i pray to god that the memories of me
stick in your mind like honey on a spoon
i hope my laughter haunts you
like the ghost in your apartment
i hope my name burns in the back of your throat
like all the liquor you'll drown yourself in
in memory of me

i know you feel so lost without me
but god, i've never felt so free
idk just tryna look at my recent break up on a more positive note
Nov 2016 · 680
Eve Nov 2016
trace the familiar contours of my body with your fingertips once more
place your hand on my thigh and tell me you miss me
rest your lips on mine and whisper "i love you" under your breath
because when i wake up,
you won't remember
but i will never forget
god ******* **** it
Nov 2016 · 554
Eve Nov 2016
another cup of coffee and a few more cigarettes
is all i need to replace the thought of you for a minute or two
**** why i am i always so sad. my poetry is at an all time low and i apologize for any other stupid poems i post
Nov 2016 · 347
Eve Nov 2016
i dont think its healthy
to be at constant worry if im gonna lose you
i dont think its healthy
to only listen to the music that you like
no, i dont think its ******* healthy
to be lying in my yard looking at the stars in complete awe
but wishing i could be staring at you instead
my life is spiraling out of control and poems keep getting worse

i wanna die
Sep 2016 · 497
Eve Sep 2016
a couple months ago, i was okay
a couple months ago, i was poking a skateboard into my thigh
a couple months ago, i found myself in your arms, hoping you'd never let go
a couple months ago, you'd lie to your dad so you could spend the night
a couple months ago, we were in love

but now, i'm not okay
now, i'm leaving art class to cry in the bathroom
now, i'm chainsmoking marlboros, even though i know you hated when i smoked
now, i'm wandering downtown wishing i'd bump into you
now, i don't know if i can handle myself without you
now, it's not okay
but now, i'm still in love
im so sad i want to slit my throat lol
Sep 2016 · 210
Eve Sep 2016
and in that moment, i thought i was over you. that moment when i was kissing another guy, you weren't on my mind. but now, you never ******* leave. my eyes strain from staring at my phone, reading our old messages. i'm already sick, but the endless tears and migraines are making me sicker. i thought i could work without you by my side, just like i did before but this time it was different. i depended on you for months but you slowly crept out of my life. there are points when i think i'm over you but i see something and all of a sudden, you're right back in my mind again. it's been about a month since you broke up with me, but every single nights since then i've been getting ****** up so i'm able to forget i miss you. sometimes i wish i could die so i'd never see your stupid ******* face again but i know if i go through with it, i'm stuck with you forever.

and recently, i haven't been eating, drinking, sleeping because i know if i do, it'll remind me of you.
i'm sorry this is just me rambling):
May 2016 · 814
Eve May 2016
i enjoy sunrises and sunsets but i'm yet to experience one as beautiful as you
Feb 2016 · 360
Eve Feb 2016
take advantage of me,
of my love
my body
just as you did her,
and her
and her

but i want you to treat me differently,
i want you to love me
I don't know, I wrote this at work this morning at like 2:30 am
Feb 2016 · 577
I am
Eve Feb 2016
I am
deceived and taken advantage of, by you, an every day viewer.
I am
thrown to you, at you, by you
Piercing into flesh, leaving a scar that not even tender kisses from mother can heal them
Scar after scar, life after life, taken away by me. By us.
I am
ripping you piece by piece
I am
devouring on your precious soul, until there is no more left.
I am them.
I am you.
I wrote this for a class, but it was kinda good so I'm posing it
Oct 2015 · 2.5k
the menthol cigarette
Eve Oct 2015
whenever i hear your voice
or that name of yours
my insides cramp,
and i find myself lighting another menthol cigarette,
once again realizing that it’s much sweeter than you ever were
I tried a little bit harder on this one
Oct 2015 · 356
Eve Oct 2015
It doesn’t make much sense to me
how those cigarettes make it easier for me to breathe
I wish I could see clearer
But I’m stuck in the cloud of my own smoke
Lmaooo i wish i knew how to do the things you guys do
Oct 2015 · 212
once again,
Eve Oct 2015
i'm reading through our messages from the past three days
i'm falling for you
and i know i'm going to regret it sooner or later
idk my poetry is pretty ****** but enjoy my sorrows
Oct 2015 · 587
Last night
Eve Oct 2015
My head aches from last night.
Another late night filled with highs;
pills, drinks and so much more.
Even the running seemed like a dream
idk my poetry is **** anyway
Sep 2015 · 222
Eve Sep 2015
I lit the incense cone and placed it on a cold cream cover.
Half burnt, realizing the cover was plastic
I didn't bother in taking it off.
When it had almost reached the bottom, I eagerly stared at the red-orange ashes.
The green covered at started melting
Then, the remainder of the cone dropped through the melt
And ashes and the smell of disappointment filled my room
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Bad Bitch
Eve Sep 2015
The one that egged houses with me, bad *****
The one that smoked with me, bad *****
The one that got into trouble with the cops with me, bad *****
The one that over dosed with me, bad *****
The one that was willing to accept my habits and try them, bad *****
The one that swore to be there in the end, bad *****
aye idk i pretty sure this is based on my best friend but i don't really wanna know
Sep 2015 · 437
Eve Sep 2015
jesus turned water into wine,
yet, I’m still drunk on you
Kinda just a thought, but I liked it so idk
Sep 2015 · 258
Eve Sep 2015
you may say,
but love is an all the time thing,
a whole life fling.
Not some one night stand
With an all right man,
But a thing to look forward too,
every breath you go through
Sep 2015 · 241
Like The Child
Eve Sep 2015
Like the child who blew dandelions
Into the wind,
Like the child who drew faces
Upon the car window
Jun 2015 · 298
Eve Jun 2015
And in that moment
As it hits my side,
I realize
It's always been there
May 2015 · 248
Again and again
Eve May 2015
Again* I met you,

Again I left dazed,

Again I loved you,

Again mesmerized.

Again the sun rose,

And again it died,

It was just like me,

The sun that is.

I ask myself again,

Why do I wake up?

Just like the sun,

Just to fall back sleep?

Again and again why?

Why can't we just stop?

Why does the world wake, 

Just to die at midnight? 

Why do we look at the dead,

As if they had died?

They only fell asleep

Only for a little longer.

But someday you might meet,

Just hold onto hope, again.

Take steps, one by one.

Don't grief over the gone

Because whatever lives dies.

So don't live in the lies.

I am not afraid

To fall asleep again

Though once I did ask myself

What if I never wake?

That thought had not

Scared me like it should

Because you die everyday 

And wake up* again.

But then I met you

And I suddenly wanted

To wake up every morning

Just to see your face.

But then I fell in love

Everyday a little more

Just like an alcoholic drinks,

I loved *again and again

But I only fell once

It felt like so many.

As I broke and shattered

Again and again.
May 2015 · 1.2k
L i a r
Eve May 2015
I never meant
To fall in love
I never meant
To fall in love
With you

But when you smiled
And called me beautiful
And told me
I was always on your mind
And that we would
Be forever until the end

How could I not?
Then I figured you
You are a liar
You broke
You broke the
Only me
I'd ever
May 2015 · 443
I still like youu
Eve May 2015
"I have to *** really bad."
Was the first text
I got from you
After 3 weeks
Of nothing

You were
Sitting across
From me
In the only class
We have

You smirked
When you saw
That I got the text

I didn't want to smile
Or show any emotion
I didn't want
To give you
The satisfaction
That you can still
Make me
Even if it's just for
A split second.

And yet,
I smiled
Wider than the
Sky, should ever be.
i still like you buuuuut
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
I must take note
Eve Apr 2015
I must take note,
of how the people lie,
their dastardly twists and turns,
their shifting and conflicting emotions,
spiraling out of C O N T R O L,
their faces grim, as the enigma is made,
they paradoxed their words and actions, and all I,
and all I am for, it a laughter under my mask.

I must take note,
for if I don't, I won't be able to detect a group's actions,
they could cause the destruction of my dynasty,
I had set up in my mind,
I deliberately made a world of hope for those who need it,
I who is king, I who is God,
I, who is the only citizen,
they must not find out, and corrupt it,
for I will go hysterical.

I must take note,
of the weather,
what makes the spherical mass in space,
and the biodiversity in it continue to go forward,
for the blades of grass that cut me like a knife,
or the indifference of the flowers lovers give to us,
or the emotions, the physical strain,
that is made within the weather,
how my bones ache in the sun,
and how my emotions contrast in the rain.

I must take note,
or I shall parish,
or I shall meet my demise,
whether it be at the hands of the blades of grass,
or the conspiracies made from the liars,
or the people,
for I will meet my expiry,
the storybooks have told me so.
Apr 2015 · 200
Eve Apr 2015
its been

about three months

since i cut my heart,
since i summoned my mind

since i kneeled before thee,
and bled my heart out for you
as if you were some sort of oppressive ******* god

in which i kept my thoughts so dear
as i was forced to read your virtues,
before i was playing your little games

its been so long, my love
since i held dear to your scriptures,
since i curled you up against me
as i whispered my sins to pass unto you

i have been subjected to secrets,
to new lies,
to the unfamiliar,
to those in which i hate

scumbags, all of them
sometimes im unsure whether or not i should reflect
and take down them
or myself

im a wretched being
and so are you, “tough” ****

not really,
i couldnt **** for my life
**i wouldnt **** for my life
Apr 2015 · 541
Eve Apr 2015
It holds me like a pen, forgiveness
I slaughtered all the hens, forgiveness
You can't do it again, forgiveness
I am not your friend, forgiveness
Not a free pass
Not off the hook
You're still kind of an ***
For the things that you took
I wouldn't do it again
I am not your friend
I wouldn't do it again
Forgiveness is the end
I slaughtered all of the hens
I am not your friend
Slaughtered all of the hens
Forgiveness is the end.
Eve Apr 2015
Hell isn't as bad as it seems

our only **E
scape is a dream
love was never A permanent solution
we thought it was Real
Time took away all our smiles
Breathing isn't an option
you were Ruthless for another word

but my days were slowly Ending

And you couldn't bear the pain
so you Killed my heart by not speaking
Eve Apr 2015
Its been eight months and three days since i last saw your face.

I've been dreaming about this day since then.

I felt something in the pit of my stomach, bubbling to the surface, similar to butterflies. Im not quite sure. It felt more like my organs decided to burst at that very moment. And my lungs caved in, as if somehow in that two seconds of blindly staring, I was brought out to sea.

And you walked right through the front door.

My expression was dull, and blank. But inside it was a hurricane, rain storming from my eyes, blood tsunamis flooding my insides, my thoughts twisted and turned until they formed tornados, my finger tips charged with electricity, my heart was thunder pounding harder with each beat until it was ready to explode.

But my face was slack, completely untouched.

You lifted your head, the way you sometimes do, as if to say hello.

I was completely numb.

Its been eight months and three days since i last saw your face.
Eve Apr 2015
Depression is knowing
that the sun rises every morning,
but only ever waking up
in time to see it set.
Apr 2015 · 963
Eve Apr 2015
boys with gangling limbs
and ****** up feelings

boys who whisper dandilion wishes
and then rip out your heart:
one after the another after another

boys who outline the roadmap
of your body with their fingertips
boys who demolish your soul
with their lips

boys who say i love you
and mean it
Apr 2015 · 291
Eve Apr 2015
Searching to and fro for love, flying gently as a dove, but in her heart she whispers true, oh my love where are you, part ye heavens and do adore the beauty that awaits so much more, many men admire her smile if not forever for awhile, yet true love cherishes a heart so dear, more precious then gold or silver to revere, look around at all the clowns that turn your smiles into frowns, and seek the one who will cherish your heart, mending together for brand new starts, oh yet true love shall never part, so tender and gentle don't fall apart, honored by the heavens and angels above send forth such beauty her true love.
and yet another
Apr 2015 · 256
song of endless love
Eve Apr 2015
Oh where are you,
love so true,
lending my heart unto you,
drawn together so close,
I feel your heart
Skipping beats
Sweeping you off of your feet

Oh love so true where are you
Can I find you
Oh love so true

When you are near
I have nothing to fear
Love so grand
It must be planned
From up above
A song of love
For you and I
Healing our hearts
Healing our minds

You are the one
I love so true
Whispering songs made just for you

Oh love sweet love
Love from above
Anointed in love
I take your hand

We go off together
Meeting destiny
Knowing your meant just for me

Oh love sweet love
I found you
Together as one
Our love like a sun

You are my love
Oh love sweet love
Bonded in love
For eternity
another one of my poems my teacher wants on the internet..
Apr 2015 · 305
Eve Apr 2015
As I lay there oh so tight,
Dreams and vision in the night,
Not of horror nor of freight,
But hope a glimmer of light,
Coming forth into the night this dream of mine is oh so right,
An illusive reality inside of me,
Hoping to simply be set free,
Tis the day that I pray for my dreams to come true,
Oh how I hope and wonder too, if I'll ever dream of you,
Answering prayers all the time,
Angels above oh so kind,
Let my illusion be made reality, that my dreams may come true.
I wrote this for a class and my teacher wanted me to put it on the internet

— The End —