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mal frost Apr 12
11 pm
weary after a day of work
i sip some chamomile
and lie in bed
tonight will be different

4:40 am
the summer's impending blessing of light
terrifies me
as I watch the moonlight drown
in a brightening sky

5:30 am
any second now,
I still have time
but the chirps and tweets of the early bird
put out the last light of hope.

tonight will be different.
the morning songs of bird carry with them a finality to those who cannot sleep- better luck next time
mal frost Apr 5
tangled in your sheets, late at night,
you sweat - and scratch - and sit upright!

but as time ticks on, you slip back in
a dream as real as your life of sin

on cobbled paths your journey goes through
long-lost memories you thought you outgrew

you loved her so much, and you thought she knew
yet she vanished like a ghost without a clue

the fairy that left you now haunts your slumber
so awaken! for sweet dreams will only make you number.
the nice dreams always hurt more
mal frost Mar 31
a fuchsia blossom sways in the wind
vivid blue feathers float down
from the old oak
as it sheds its leaves

winter winds blow
upon the trees
coaxing creaks and cracks
from the poplar grove

the hummingbird's heartbeat
flutters with its wings

so cold.
mal frost Mar 26
i try my best
(to try my best)

crumpled papers litter
my trash can

long lost post-it's
with forgotten goals

distant dreams
left in the dust

i'll do it!
mal frost Mar 22
cooking me up

hal­ogen light pours out and fills the room
drowning me in incandescent heat
turn it off!
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mal frost Mar 21
the soft white sheen of
night lights, bouncing off your skin
mingling with the warm scent of lilies
and vanilla
just want someone to hold
mal frost Mar 13
coastal waters clear as
clouds, drifting above
radiant sun drowned
desolate ship on the horizon
bobbing, floating,
with the tide
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