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Fhrea Zenntine Mar 2018
i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my conscience;
how many rights have i wronged?
it echoed through my skull.
tonight i am restless.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my insecurities;
again, i am rattled by a question,
will i ever be enough?
tonight i lie awake.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my anxiety;
it grabbed my heart in its hands,
and told me:
so many things are wrong.
tonight i could not breathe.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with my guilt;
it had no query, but it kept me up:
i have wronged many people.
tonight no sleep came.

i don't like sleeping alone,
so i slept with loneliness;
hearing the pitter-patter of footsteps,
sonder seeping in my bones,
tonight i rest in echoing silence.
"Your arms feel like home." I said.
"Yours are heaven." He replied.
Me and my boyfriend will say things to eachother that are so beautiful i turn it into poetry sometines. This is one such example. He takes my breath away.
Fhrea Zenntine Jan 2018
sometimes i wonder,
do you find solace in the
arms of another?
Fhrea Zenntine Jan 2018
how can i tell you that
as much as i love
the glow;
the heat;
the light
you give me, tell me:
am i the only one
who receives this
from you?
a.k.a. how do you trust a person who broke you before to not break you again?
I still love you dear
But I have another girl's moan
Ringing through my ears.
Fhrea Zenntine Dec 2017
i. blue entwines with red
the solar spectrum stuns me;
gently, the sun sets.

ii. darkness seeps the world;
the star speckled sky above
shines like diamonds.

iii. crashing on the rocks,
tranquil blue meets jagged grey;
recede and repeat.

iv. the world is blinded;
rays of the sun hit just right,
peeking at the leaves.

v. you are every song,
every word and melody;
it flows in my veins.
Fhrea Zenntine Dec 2017
i listen to songs that were once ours;
maybe they'll lose their meanings
if i play them for hours.
shuffle, pause, play, repeat,
save me from this misery by memory;
yet i show signs of masochism,
opening wounds then rubbing salt,
unknowingly singing these songs
     in thought of you.
ps. The song is I Miss You by Blink-182
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