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Makenzie Scott Jun 2016
I judge best in front of a mirror
eyes wide open
the best light shining from within

I see everything
as long as I don't blink

There is but one perfect being
and it is not me - it will never be
Judge me brother with eyes of mercy, my rocks break the mirror before bouncing back in the color of atonement. Light shines in pieces of hope, in shades of bold while the knees scrape the concrete red. You are not my God.
Makenzie Scott May 2016
I will wait
until the last star
abandons the universe
(the one you named and pinned as sequins from Cassiopeia's ankle)

I will wait
until the sky
becomes one with our earth
and the seas, no longer moved by the moon's woo extinguish her glow

The sun
will shed in solar rage
and die next in the crushed heart
of his moon's last breath

Before then
I will not forget you
Makenzie Scott May 2016
If you are going to leave me
please don't tell me
Leave me on an early Thursday morning without sun

Draw the curtains shut
let me wake seeking your face
and think you've taken another of those strolls
you like to take alone
I will stay in bed grateful
that summer is months away

Perhaps when sunlight in July                   pierces my eyes, you would have found your way
and climb back into bed
where I drink life without sugar, black
one sip at a time
If I should wake and find that you are not there, I'll know that you have strayed - but only one of us is lost
Makenzie Scott May 2016
My frame fits your frame perfectly
you hold me into meekness
into mutual surrender
and whispers claim the soul whole
without hesitation

My body heeds to your wants
following you into unconditional yeses exchanged in a kiss,  as the night enfolds our unspoken ascent unbroken, exhausting each limb
releasing the weight of our soul in synchronized breaths

grant me the promise of my next breath as I take in the strength of your gaze and return ever so light to the grace of your arms' embrace
Makenzie Scott May 2016
I feel the end in your embrace
A never type of forever where we both become the water we drown in
Its not the kiss that leaves me reeling it's the taste

And the dust that becomes the stars that set
Is the dust that makes us as we rise
We are the morning, even in our twilight*

I fear no end in your embrace, the kiss of young stars on our lips will fall
and burn this love into our sky
the fading light will bind our souls when all the suns have set
A collaboration with Torin Galleshaw*

Thank you Torin for this gift which flowed so effortlessly from your poem "I want you to love me when I am old." It's a pleasure to be among so many wonderful writers - a ceaseless source of inspiration.
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