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4.8k · Jan 2019
dandelion kiss
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
everyone has once loved a dandelion
unknowing that it’s a ****.
2.2k · Dec 2018
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
the woman
SOsO beautiful
so strong, she's made of titanium steel
unbreakable and unchangeable
the woman
skin so soft
like the touch of the rose petals she cultivates
intertwined in her hair
gosh, nothing can beat THE WOMAN.
1.9k · Aug 2020
timeline of my night
Makayla Jordan Aug 2020
10 pm
i saw this ******* tiktok she was so pretty
12:33 am
why does everyone my age look so much better than me
2:45 am
wow i look nothing like these girls
3 am
i'm going to starve myself and maybe i'll look right
4:56 am
positive affirmations. i am beaut-no. i can't compete
8 am
i can do better
10 pm
i saw this ******* tiktok she was so pretty
1.4k · Oct 2018
breathe, kill, cry
Makayla Jordan Oct 2018
honestly it feels like to me kids nowadays are being killed by words, perceptions, appearances, by a war being fought in the streets based on these things. we've pitted ourselves against each other because of these intangible yet malleable things and it's hard for me not to wonder when these feelings began. was it in our ancestors during the ice age, fighting for survival. survival. wow. survival
          - r.i.p to all the brothers who have lost their life because of modern day mankind's perception of- survival
1.4k · Oct 2018
evergreen flowers
Makayla Jordan Oct 2018
the looming mystery of evergreen flowers
continuously beautiful
almost as if they cease nothing less than
perfection, a word unknown to many
hated by most
all are jealous
of those evergreen flowers
why so happy
so normal
oh how i envy
those evergreen flowers
1.2k · Jan 2019
jingle bell rock
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
i cried today
then i told myself to **** it up
and sing jingle bell rock
its not even christmas
766 · May 2019
undress me
Makayla Jordan May 2019
you undress my mind with your eyes
see behind the walls surrounding my thoughts
and caress my worries and pain
677 · Jan 2019
i need help
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
nothing makes me happy any more
and i have seemed to lack the motivation to work towards that happiness.
509 · May 2019
Makayla Jordan May 2019
you beat me so bad
i forgot if it was okay or not
364 · Mar 2019
love ain’t real bby
Makayla Jordan Mar 2019
y’all over here talking ‘bout love and ****.
like it lasts forever or whatever
but forever has gotta end.
your kinda love ain’t real
not real like my love
that dreaming about you at night kinda love.
that thinking about how he smiled at you kinda love.
your kinda love ain’t real.
363 · Jan 2020
don’t laugh at me
Makayla Jordan Jan 2020
i remember when I showed you my poetry
and you laughed at me
362 · Nov 2018
Makayla Jordan Nov 2018
i walked away from you when you told me i would be nothing.
you know why?
because today i was something.
and there is no way posssible
that someday i will be nothing
when TODAY i was something
352 · Nov 2019
Makayla Jordan Nov 2019
i always knew i was alone
but never knew that i was abandoned in my own heart
342 · Dec 2018
my stomach hurts
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
my stomach kinda hurts
feels like a coffee can incapsulates it
i can shake it up, pour it out, drink it up
but then i crash and burn
this only really happens, when I think of your face.
listen to your voice
watch you smile.
stop making my stomach hurt.
332 · Dec 2018
southern talking trick
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
haaaay you???
you must got me some kind confused?
i mean
did you think i was ever gonna love you,
trust YOU.
better gon'on find another little TRICK
to play cause i ain't no trick.
by gollie you better find you 'nother one.
331 · Dec 2019
11:52 am (at night)
Makayla Jordan Dec 2019
after that night
after you left
at 11:52 am
i cried
for two hours
not because it was bad
but because
i was scared
so so so scared
cause you had hurted me
gutted my innocence even though
I’d let you.
i thought I was ready
(as baked spaghetti)
i wasn’t.
i guess it’s my fault though.
(idk how it’s just always my fault)
and when i had to let you go
cause you were heer her hurting me
i cried till 11:52 am.
im sorry
325 · Aug 2019
baby talk
Makayla Jordan Aug 2019
u hurted my heart
gave me little boo boos
in disguise for kisses
had me beggin for mama
u hurted my heart
and I pretended like it was fine
322 · Sep 2020
oh dear he has returned
Makayla Jordan Sep 2020
why do i love the suffering you put me through
313 · Nov 2018
Makayla Jordan Nov 2018
that-that pain
uhuh it's in my head i guess?
like my eyebrows are being pulled over my eyes
oh lord it HUrts
okay makayla breathe you will be fine.
no NO NO
i will not be fine when i have this
aching and paining
this headache
Makayla Jordan May 2019
i let him kiss my boo boos
i got this idea from another poem
310 · May 2020
sleepless nights
Makayla Jordan May 2020
they say you are a dream
but baby we have nightmares too
303 · Jan 2019
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
growing up taught me that to know what love is, I had to first love myself. i can never tell someone I love them if I didn’t know what love felt like.
Makayla Jordan Aug 2019
i can't **** myself yet
because I refuse to die a ******
a ****** it is
286 · Jul 2019
Makayla Jordan Jul 2019
ga ga gimme
that anastasia(?)
(oh!) anesthesia
maybe it would numb the
(numb what)
the pain
(what pain ur unscathed)
left on my mind by YOU
285 · Feb 2020
bedtime time wishes
Makayla Jordan Feb 2020
I want to wake up next to you
our calves on top of each other
hairs stand up each time your leg caresses mine
i want to smell your 3 and 1 shampoo
on top of my pillow cases
i want you and only you
I want for you to pull me
so my back touches your chest
and I can feel your heart beat
and i wonder why it’s so fast
I want to know if you’re thinking of me
dreaming of me
i want you.
272 · Nov 2018
tear, tear, tear
Makayla Jordan Nov 2018
I left when you stomped, sat, and spit on my heart.
But cried for you to come back because i had forgotten what you did.
269 · Jan 2019
love me harder
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
i find that the magical thing about humans is how strong willed we are.
if he wants you he will find you
if he needs you he already has you.
267 · Jan 2019
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
my feelings to you.
and you wiped them away with a bounty paper towel.
266 · Jul 2019
the bruise it left
Makayla Jordan Jul 2019
my heart hurt
and i pressed on it
and on it i pressed
to see if it would numb the pain
but instead it left a bruise
the bruise it left
265 · Apr 2019
Makayla Jordan Apr 2019
you brought me into the darkness and after you left i was too scared to leave.
262 · May 2020
join me in bed as i
Makayla Jordan May 2020
i just want you in my bed with me
nothing ****** but
lust itching in the bed sheets

i want to feel your rib cage
seemingly pause for a moment
while i worry where your breaths went

I want to feel relief when they return

to see the moon reflect against your purple skin
i want are arms to touch
to grasp you for warmth
i want to sleepily fight for my sheets

i want you again, here with
252 · Jan 2019
tooth ache
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
this tooth ache
maybe if I pain myself more then the
acHEE, will stopping aching
press on it makayla
NO STUPID. don’t press on it
hurt hurt hurt
tired of this pain like a tree being growing under my tooth
the roots spreading across my gum
giving me this ACHE.
242 · May 2020
hello poetry
Makayla Jordan May 2020
this site is a library
often I want to shhhhh some of
your comments
whisper yell in the replies

“poets are reading”
then writing
“ ˢʰʰʰʰʰ”
you must remain silent
242 · Feb 2019
smile and seasons
Makayla Jordan Feb 2019
today, i smiled in the first time since November.
my smile feel to the ground with the leaves.
froze to the ground with the snow
and rose again with the brighter sun.
238 · Dec 2018
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
your words hurt.
the way they CReep down my stomach
waltzzz in my intesTINES
swing across my kindeys.
turning it inside out.
makes me wanna crEEP up to you
wwwaltz around your body
and SWING at your face.
232 · Apr 2019
i'm so beautiful
Makayla Jordan Apr 2019
i figured out that no one else is going to tell me i'm beautiful so i had to learn how to tell myself
230 · Aug 2019
30 seconds
Makayla Jordan Aug 2019
been so conditioned to the
abuse that I set my mental timer to cry
b4 we must wipe away
my tears & fears
30 seconds
Makayla Jordan Dec 2020
all my joy has
been thieved from me
i have sat and compared and
looked up and down
examining beautiful girls
im supposed to look like them
but no
my joy has been thieved from me
226 · Jan 2019
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
oh man....
sometime i don't like him.
man, i mean
he's not too nice too me.
i like **** more
she gets my point across.
and she's  got no reason to hurt me.
224 · Nov 2018
my ankle
Makayla Jordan Nov 2018
my ankle doesn't seem to hurt anymore
i think it's because I stopped running after you
but i haven't tried it out yet
maybe I shouldn't? just in case it might still hurt.
i won't
223 · Jan 2020
Makayla Jordan Jan 2020
tired of having to learn lessons my daddy should’ve taught me.
215 · Nov 2019
broken hearted
Makayla Jordan Nov 2019
note to self
do not let him too deep in your heart
because he will steal your grandmas china
and runoff with the key.
213 · Dec 2018
slave to
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
haven't wrote a poem in a while.
it's because a few
night ago... I cried so
my throat sung those old
slave songs cause lately
I guess i've been a slave to perfection,
a slave to the image, unable
to smile if not requested, unable to escape.
tried to listen to those revolutionaries on twitter
like fredrick douglas and such.
only made me fear the freedom
that might not ever be.
i'm black so don't hope on me for talking about slavery. also prob one of my fave poems I've written.
213 · Mar 2019
drink some coffee
Makayla Jordan Mar 2019
i drink coffee
before bed
because i want to dream of running a marathon
far far far far away from you.
211 · May 2019
the God in me
Makayla Jordan May 2019
it was not until
i had that bottle in my hand
did i realize that i had subjected myself to a life without God
i did not realize the emptiness this life contained
or the pain left to fester
until i looked at my self in the mirror and nowhere could i see the Jesus in me.
i knew then that my choice to live with God
left open wounds and empty hearts in me
because i knew that His presence presents
in love and joy in me
and without Him i am nothing.
209 · Feb 2019
teenage boys
Makayla Jordan Feb 2019
these teenage boys, don’t got no love for me.
they know how to hit the right places, smile at the right faces,
and be at the right place in my heart.
these teenage boys aren’t there for me.
209 · Nov 2018
Makayla Jordan Nov 2018
i remember when you told me i was special
was it because of the way my cheeks rolled over my eyes when I smiled?
or was it because of how I fawned over the big white tigers we saw at the zoo?
because when I wonder why you told me this, it seems unclear
cause I guess you're special to me too
208 · Dec 2018
rose thorns
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
maybe I lost my touch
can no longer
i know that sounds
mighty cruel
but when given a rose
with those dark painful thorns
wouldn't you want to take them off to.
strip them with your words
and make them beautiful.
196 · Feb 2019
Makayla Jordan Feb 2019
it’s okay to cry.
but don’t let the tears stay so long they burn.
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