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Hello everyone! I'm a young-adult artist living in Boston. Besides writing poetry, I am very involved in fiber-arts, theatre, ceramics, photography, and sculpture.
Lexiconical Quinn
Fort Collins    I don't sleep, so I write.
where dreams go to die    i emma writer and i enjoy puns.
Emily Helen Culver
I Love To Write. Remember my Name I will be famous one day
Michigan    when people are free to do as they please; they usually imitate each other. "art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."
Rebecca Gaylor
Georgia    -A Haiku- I am in college. I like blankets and chai tea. I like to write words.
BMS Poetry Club
Lee Land    Basically we are a group of middle schoolers that will use this account to share our poetry directly with each other. Each week will be ...
Tom Orr
UK    Intellect can attract one to even the most twisted of villains. ©
Pandora dO
Netherlands    I found my love for writing when I was twelve, while writing a story for language class. Short stories and poems are my favorites and ...

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