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467 · Apr 2018
Maira Apr 2018
Poor Annaliese, with no knowledge about life
You lived your life sheltered
Out of human strife
You bathe with diamonds and rose scents
With golden spoon on your tongue
And a lot of dishes to pick upon.

Lovely fabrics; red, yellow and blue
Glass slippers— Cinderelly you're true
Smile Annaliese, Show your warmth
Show ignorance, Let them know you're proud
Wave side to side, Gentle curtsy my dear
Show off your wealth, Know no fear
Silly Annaliese, When you laugh they shouldn't hear

You sheltered brat, arrogant and rude
You dance so well and fake good
Goodness gracious, what would happen if you stepped out of your castle
Will you be able to survive the riot? The rattle?
****, Annaliese, learn to live!
Stop being dependent on what your majesty gives
378 · Apr 2018
Maira Apr 2018
Dance to the cheering of men
Show yourself and dance, Dear Gwen.
They pry on you but that's alright,
You'll serve three for tonight
Take it light

One at a time, do not rush
With two hands and a mouth, pure cold cash
You get your pay, they get their pleasure
With a body as if porcelain like yours
Women have no pressure

Your price is high so let no customer down
Satisfy and obey, smile never frown
Dance gwen 'till the sun arises
Until then, you're trapped in your own darkness
Poor gwen, used to satisfy moree than less

Take a quick sip, this liqour has its magic
Makes you brave, night less tragic
It's the moon again, the spotlight is on
The room is dim but the eyes are dawned

Dance Gwen, dance 'till dawn
Dance to the cheering of men
The less you wear, the more you gain
Dance Gwen, Dance until you're worn
Worn out, keep your thorns.
311 · Apr 2018
Maira Apr 2018
She's a blooming flower
In night mime, she's wild
The sunshine as her sign,
Of day she's gone.

Her light is bleaming
Like a star she shines
In twilight she blinks
In moonlight she hides

When darkness became her;
She's the night, a cat without fur
She naked and free
Yet the others won't like her further

She's as fat as the wind
In summer she blows
Like dark mush on an arabian sunrise
She's warm and she glows

She's flawful and detached
Like a bird, chirping at day
It hurt your ears but satisfy your soul
She's the sun's night owl.
You are you. You are unique.

— The End —