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They say we are like flowers
Different colour
Filled with powers
And hidden dolour.

A human being
Can be weak
Not always Wellbeing.
And somtimes bleak.
Humans are like flowers and we Can grow stronger
Silent outside, storm inside
no one can see
this painful side
within me.

i keep moving
i am doing, what i am doing.
i can`t change everything now, I just need to move on.
I don’t want to imagine
A different way
Even if it could save me from this ravine.

A deep hole
Between reality
And my soul
Like a Path of infinity  

Somehow I became blind
By ignoring
And I forget what means “kind”
Such a selfish “thing”
Life can create traps and when it happens to you.....just remember that you can get out of there even if you have to choose the hardest way but you may reach your goal.
I feel it deep inside
growing into my mind.

This is the darkness inside of me,
without it,
i can't breathe.
There is no time....
To think,
It would be a crime...
To blink.

A choice....
Has a meaning,
Even a voice...
Can’t stop you from dreaming

Live your life...
As if there is no tomorrow,
As a sharp knife...
Protect yourself from sorrow.
You fear me
Because I am standing on my own.
You see
I am alone.

Without a “pack”
I have sharper teeth
And lack
Of empathy.

A path
Of a lone wolf
Along with wrath
tear enemies apart.
some of us are lone wolfs and we can walk alone.
My mind
feels like disease,
I am blind
and feel unease.

lost in my head
this is not reality,
As if i am dead
This planet has lost my vicinity.
I am Lost in my Thoughts as i don`t belong to this planet.
Want to make you real
by believing
that you may heal
this empty feeling.

Keeping the faith
within my heart
i will not become a wraith
this world will see my art.
never stop dreaming - fight for what you want!
Life is a deadly game,
You need to choose your way.
Once you choose, it will never be the same.
Your soul will be served on a tray

Darkness or light,
We need to survive
Our soul is always in fight
In order to stay alive

We are all in the same game,
Just different levels
We are all in the same hell,
Just different devils.
Life is a deadly game, so be Careful when you choose your way.
This world has already became blind
No one can see
It’s empty pride.

Is this world’s
Strong need.

It’s faceless
Is already graceless.
The lost world of humanity.
I don´t choose not to "care"
it feels empty,
it's just...not there.

Apathy you say... sympathy or empathy
...for infinity.

Guess that...everything moves around
but it stopped "inside"
not even a sound
...from the opposite side.
How do you see your Apathy?
I see everything
But I have nothing to say
It’s a stupid thing
Because I will be the one that has to pay.

we are going
in circles
always lying
so miraculous.

this will never
and forever
will we pretend.
Who doesn't lie?

— The End —