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Maggie Aug 2015
He says to me, "I will never let anyone hurt you."

This is when I made my first mistake... I believed him.

He said, "We are more than best friends... We are greatest friends. We are here to protect each other. We are like big brother and little sister."

He gains my trust and makes me believe that I am safe in his presence.
Constantly reminding me of sibling love.

Then, one day... It happened.
The thing I knew was going to happen all along.

He takes me boating, knowing my fear of water and my history of almost drowning.
He does that thing that makes me trust him.

He takes us out to the middle of the river. He calls me, "Little sis."

Next thing I know, he is threatening to drown me, if I don't do what he wants.

I am scared. What do I do? Thoughts are speeding through my head.
I played along and after he says,

"Little sis. You know how much I love you."
  Sep 2014 Maggie
Nick Moore
Making up
you'r own story

A lonely path
to chose

But the best
one to take,
the homesick blues.
  Sep 2014 Maggie
Scottie Green
One little window
my tiny dorm
To watch the sun rise
and then

Makes me miss my tree house windows
untoasted bagels
for breakfast
And a textbook
for a friend--
Thomas's 12th edition

One little
That keeps me sleeping

One little window.
That keeps me
so concealed.

One little window
That makes me miss home.
  Sep 2014 Maggie
Alysia Michelle
They say home is where the heart is
I think they're right
But they don't tell you
that you don't just feel the hole it leaves
When you're alone at night
Home is not a hole that can be filled easily
And the constant little reminders really get to me
Like looking at the hills
Where mountains ought to be
I left my heart in Colorado
With my friends and family
There I had my first kiss
And I learned how to read
Learned to ride a bike
And how to climb a tree
A lifetime of memories
Eight hundred miles away
I guess you can say
I'm feeling  a bit homesick today.

— The End —