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Maggie Elwell Mar 2014
I see you before me
and you remind me of the Sea.
Your sweet ocean smell surrounds me.
And I feel there's something between us.
Are you the one?
There was many before you.
But they never lasted to long.
I am curious,
what do you hold?
do you hold the key ...the key to my heart?
Or a spot on the list of exes ?
I am worried
If I stand to close, will you love me..
or another girl.
Will be still be friends
if we broke up.
Or never talk again.
Are you the one?
Are you The one I am looking for?
So i kinda like this guy but, im am not sure about him.
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
All the cold
no sun,only brrr
layer over layers
clothes is not the only thing the piles on.
No more tans
No more beach
its cold enough
for no ice cream :(
I hate winter i only like the snow ...if it was warm.
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
We'll wish upon a wishing star,
Hope all of our dreams come true,
Remember all the memories
we spent wasting out time.
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
<3 The window beyond my window sill <3
i see you,
when the sky is clear,
when my mind is free.

The moon beyond my window sill
I talk to you,
about my hopes,
about my dreams.

The moon beyond my window sill
I adore you,
that your so pure,
that your so amazing.

The moon beyond my window sill,
you give me hope,
*<3 when there is no light. <3
I love the moon ans the stars like if you do too!!
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
You look at me
with those big brown eyes
and i wonder how we got this far
I can see the pain in those big brown eyes.
All the hurtful words they said.
All the fights you have been in,
and the scar that were left be hide those big brown eyes.
How do you suffer this much?

There is a lot of guys out there
but none have those big brown eyes.
that have a big huge heart.

You look at me
with those big brown eyes
and I wonder how we got this far.
All those girls who broke your heart,
even though you stood up for most of them.
You respect women,but most don't respect you.
I see all this is pain in your eyes.
**In those Big Brown Eyes.
This is for a guy that has big brown eyes...oh how do i adore him he goes through a lot because of his weight but you really get to know him he is actually the kindest and nicest person you will meet. (or one of the nicest).
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
Flower petals
dropping by
the time is ...
slipping by
love me
love me not
time is running out
the flower petals are being plucked.
Sometimes people just need to make up there mind. We do not have all the time in the world.
Maggie Elwell Feb 2014
Love* for a person
is like an award
,so grand so special
money shall not
replace it.
Love is
,when a person is cared to
understands ,and respects ones choices
and desires.
Love is shown in different ways all over the world
,be open have an open mind
more may love one then.
What do you think? I have other poems I need to post like 5 more an little time.
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