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mae Jan 27
some people are choosing to either become
a prisoner of the past
or a slave of the future
when they could have life freely
with the gift of the present
January 26, 2021  - 4:31PM
mae Jan 26
I’m bleeding inside
My heart’s tearing apart
Losing myself
Can’t find no help

Stereotypes, critics
Everybody’s got a say
Never good enough
They hurt me rough

Won’t go nowhere
I’m starting to believe
Stuck in my misery
**** coward me

Society dictates
What beauty should be
“You ain’t pretty enough”
So I hide and cover up

Unwanted, unattractive
Love’s defying me
Surely like hell it hurts
Men they never can see my worth

Self-worth’s declining
Self-love’s fading
******* away my life slowly
How hard it is to win against me.
May 15, 2012  - 1:20PM
mae Jan 26
I’ve got my bleeding heart
It’s all crushed and torn apart
Like one wrecked train
Stuck and soaked in the rain

What can I do to end this pain?
It’s making me crazy, it’s driving me insane
Can’t find no one to blame
On my own, oh what a shame

Yes I’ve seen this coming
I just didn’t heed the warning
Too blinded by my love
Got knocked down with passion’s glove

Will I ever get back on track?
When pain just gave me one strong whack
The battle is over, the fight has ended
I’m down on my knees… defeated!
June 11, 2012 - 9:40AM
mae Nov 2020
can't you see the irony?
you are breaking my heart
and you are wishing for me
to be happy?
May 29, 2020 - 9:48AM
mae Aug 2020
undress my mind
lay my thoughts
open and exposed
for you to
and make love with
February 16, 2016 – 6:41PM
mae Aug 2020
and the same
not a player
yet always
ends up in the game
quite simple
and complicated
if you wanna decipher
view it from both ends—

if you still don’t get it
oh well…
try harder.

or just don’t.
just leave.
like how everyone does it.
March 3, 2016 – 4:12PM
mae Aug 2020
because the world can be cruel
and people can be sometimes, vile
so just try to avoid being evil
instead be kind and share a smile
September 19, 2019 – 7:06AM
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