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Aug 2019 · 504
mae Aug 2019
I'm your paradise surrounded by a drought.
Only you are mesmerized in the sunlight,
Unfortunately for you, you are about to die.
I can't save you,
Because I am a figment of your imagination.
I am the desert in disguise.
Dehydrating you with my lies.
The expression of my love, I am disguise as a savior, to distract you from living
Apr 2019 · 212
mae Apr 2019
How can you judge me?
when clearly, you are the one with the insecurity.
How can someone I don't speak to,
have such a heavy input in my life.
Do I look like a fool to you?
My mood shouts belligerence,
and my action screams ******.
I know you heard from her,
I am the only person in your world,
who can ruin it everything that you ever loved,
I am an angel from up above turned,
into a devil below.
I can't describe my anger,
but I know I am confused.
I cant describe this....
Mar 2019 · 318
mae Mar 2019
Deep under the ocean,
there is a magical potion,
that I must retrieve.

Clueless, not knowing where it is or maybe,
I know that I must be,
the one to proudly receive,
The Treasure.

Whether it lies in the pleasure  of,
the beautiful terrain and,
Blue with hues of aquamarine.
Whether it is covered in colorful fish,
Or dolphins that I might want to kiss.

This wonderful gift,
Hidden under the sea,
For only me, I will receive,
Spur of the moment poem
Feb 2019 · 592
Valentine's Day
mae Feb 2019
the blood drips thick red,
from my freshly done finger nails.
red like the lives wasted,
hearts broken days after this horrid holiday.

we celebrate the imprisonment of hearts,
and praise the ******.
shooting arrows into those unwilling,
killing the innocent,
by causing invigorating pain
disguised by hallucinogens.
making us believe that this was meant to be
dosage so high, the butterflies in our stomach making it seem as if we can fly,
is our organs crying for help.

we are dying and don't even know it.
for a holiday that will fade.
bright red for our favorite Valentine's Day.
Dec 2018 · 456
mae Dec 2018
He stared into my eyes,
a deep dark abyss.
His reflection disappeared beneath the darkness.
He was scared.
I swallowed him,
as if he was my prey.
Like his image, his presence began to fade
Devoured by my energy,
he shivered and shuttered in the cold.
and I removed him from my soul.

What a sweet reflection?
In my eyes of correction.
his reflection was devoured
Dec 2018 · 961
6 ft under
mae Dec 2018
Far away from today,
There is something vital I must say
Your life meant frigging dirt to me
6ft under was your destiny.
Nov 2018 · 527
Tool Box
mae Nov 2018
He used me like a tool.
A hammer to slam,
And when his nail was in,
I was once again another tool in his toolbox.
Until he had a second nail to put in
and took me out to begin.
Nov 2018 · 433
mae Nov 2018
He rejected me like
As if I were the vegetables
Mushed together and scattered
Across the play board
At a toddler’s dinner table.
Nov 2018 · 278
mae Nov 2018
A womb that wished
I was never conceived
Was no home,
For a baby that couldn’t
Breathe on her own.
Nov 2018 · 405
mae Nov 2018
He warned me,
As my two feet had already sunken in with gravity
And my eyes watched the cliff get further
As I fall to my death.
Oct 2018 · 333
mae Oct 2018
I was the sun,
And like your eyes,
You couldn't take the heat
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
mae Oct 2018
I don’t know if being pregnant
Was on my mind
Or the fear of being left behind
Unable to rewind,
Back to the time
In which I was able to make good decisions
To think with great precision
To look beyond  a short sighted vision.

Taking a risk,
Over someone who doesn’t care for you
Lack of resolve to take care of you
A person who doesn’t care for Love
And I simply paying the price
For disobeying the king above
Because I did wrong instead of doing right

His final straw has been cut,
And unfortunately I am out of luck
Yes I am what you call, f**ed

— The End —