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Madness Viarti Oct 2015
She stands the one that runs from reality,
From its open brutality,
She fell back to the delusions of legendary,
To the tales of gods, demons, and speaking weaponry.

To the others, this is all there is to find,
A mad woman, with half a mind.

To the man at her side, there was more to see,
Her eyes as clear as the raging sea.

You owe me the world, she would accuse,
Her words never once found a thoughtful muse,
Before they flew into the air,
Twisting and winding as a snare.
No one could recall, to this day,
What she had once forgotten to say.

You owe me the world, she would assure,
The question of her past, a tempting lure,
Never would it be told, she promised,
For it is beyond my fading knowledge.
No one could guess, to this day,
Her story untold, and she rather liked it this way.

You owe me the world, she would add,
Her hair oddly clad,
Twisted and wound with the braids of a child,
With every movement, the jewels woven within smiled.
No one imagined, to this day,
Why white decorated her young head, and this way, it would stay.

You owe me the world, she reminds,
Her thoughts the most figetting of minds,
Eyes ever watching,
Her guard ever plotting,
Hunting or fleeing, who was to know?
Even to him, such was never to be made a show.

The man, aware of his ignorance,
Stood his ground, and demanded the many answer’s appearance,
For I, he had claimed,
Have stood by you always, asked no questions, he proclaimed.
Answer me now, everything that you have hid,
Without pause or lid.

I am owed such things, he continued direly,
For I have loved you always and entirely.

If you have ever felt this love’s return,
Answer me now, or to you, my back will forever turn.

Turn from me, then, she had thrown,
I have never known you to wail and moan!
If by my side you have stood,
For answers, no one else could,
Then return to me never again,
You traitorous, wretched man!

After the man was good and gone,
The woman numbly whispered some old song,
Its lyrics worn and old,
Quiet upon a voice once so bold.

You owe me the world, she sang with a voice of fine,
Because, you stole mine.
  Aug 2015 Madness Viarti
“Everything is going to be okay,”*
she told herself, as she simply stared
at the trail of shimmering lights beneath her.
Madness Viarti Aug 2015
Opinions are like directions;
Sometimes, you don't have to be right.
Madness Viarti Jul 2015
The woman of power, of the final hour,
Stood upon the gaping edge of death,
Savoring her final due breath,
Recollecting her spent time, as the demons beneath, did climb.

The woman, once unknown, many must atone,
With a simple display, she tore the lights that held the night at bay,
For nothing as powerful as she, should anyone but agree,
Resting upon her belt, the stars forever dwelt.

The woman, demur of the end, a challenge to death, she had penned,
A game, we shall partake, with eternal lives at stake,
For if I do not wish to die, your purpose, you must defy,
With a stolen piece, her years did increase.

The woman of blackened markings, her mind of ever-workings,
Stood tall upon her mare, chased with twisting white hair,
Upon her belt, rested pouched treasures, glittering fondly with pleasure,
For her company never to shake, as her pale eyes did forever take.

She was the woman of Cree, far beyond The Black Ink Sea,
The taker of stars, leaving naught but empty scars,
She was the winning player of Death's Game, her rewards, to gain,
With the twisting marks of power, deep to the pit, she did glower.

For nothing of its sort,
Shall ever hold her short,
From any a task within her aim,
A woman such as I, victory shall I claim.

And with that thought dancing across her mind,
She leapt, and left the mortal world behind.
This is a legend I created for my story, Same Story Different Fools (
Madness Viarti Jul 2015
Poetry is the desire,
To stop the world from turning
Ten words, I've never done one, and I just had to try.
  Jul 2015 Madness Viarti
Storm Raven
I am saying goodbye.
Asking myself would you care if I died?
Would you even notice?
I guess you won't.
I don't care.
I am not going to die.
I am just going to look for someone who will care when I do.
Someone who will notice, unlike you.
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