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10.9k · Mar 2018
Sing me a song, pretty boy
Madison Mar 2018
I watch you from your corner of the party
Everything is moving around you
(Drinks are spilling, people are dancing, laughter is swirling)
Yet you sit perfectly still

You let your blue gaze fall to the ground
Where your feet are tapping so softly
Against the yellow-stained dorm room tile

There you are,
Whispering song lyrics under your breath
Rolling off your tongue
Dripping from your lips
I can't help but become hypnotized
You think no one is watching but
I could watch your lips move all night long
You look so concentrated
Driving me wild every time you bite down
Ever so gently
Every time the letter "v" arises

Sing me a song, pretty boy
I want to get lost in your words
Let me slip into a trance
I want to fall so hard it hurts
3.4k · Jul 2018
get out
Madison Jul 2018
i feel like a child
desperately trying to brush knots out of my hair
messily tangled with memories of you
wincing at each stroke
my eyes keep swelling with tears
i just want you gone.
2.9k · Jan 17
Madison Jan 17
He was an artist
I wanted so badly to be his canvas
For him to fill my mind
With vibrant yellow's, orange's, green's...

But he filled me with the blues instead.
Madison Jul 2018
Do you remember the time we danced
Late in night, hand in hand
Our feet cold against the wood
I would forget it all if I could

Do you remember all our rides
Driving with no point late in the night
Windows down, wind in hair
I still do, and baby it isn't fair

So I drown our memories
With a bottle of whiskey
But when I have one too many
They all come back at once to hit me
As long as I have just enough
I can forget about you for once
So bottoms up baby
Cuz you've already forgotten about me
So bottoms up, bottoms up baby

All the mornings I woke up next to you
Comfy in bed not wanting to move
All the nights under the stars
Staring at the ocean from afar

All the I love you's that left your lips
As you pulled me closer by the hips
I remember every little thing
And the tears, they always sting

So I drown our memories
With a bottle of whiskey
But when I have one too many
They all come back at once to hit me
As long as I have just enough
I can forget about you for once
So bottoms up baby
Cuz you've already forgotten about me
So bottoms up, bottoms up baby
2.7k · Feb 21
breathe me.
Madison Feb 21
I want your lips to long for mine
the way your lungs ache for air
after holding your breath all day long

kiss me as though my lips are your oxygen
your source of life

gasp for me
like you could never fill your lungs completely

breathe me
Madison Dec 2018
Just breathe.
Everything will be okay.
1.8k · Jul 28
lust vs love
Madison Jul 28
fingers wrapped around my neck
gripping me so hard

wish you had the same kind of grip around my heart
love me for gods sake
1.6k · Jul 7
I love you
Madison Jul 7
every time we kiss,
I let poems spill from my lips
onto your tongue

I patiently wait for the day when
you can finally taste one
Madison Nov 2018
I couldn’t sleep last night knowing I broke your heart
It was just too hard for me, being so far apart
I couldn’t be there for your good days or your bad
To cheer you up when you were feeling sad
It was so easy to ignore the other when a fight broke out
To just put your phone on silent, to shut each other out
And when we needed a hug, when we were craving a kiss
All we could do was promise each other this-
I will see you in time my love, I’ll be in your arms again soon
But waiting was so painful, when I wanted to be next to you
I swear I’ve never met a love like you before
You told me you loved me, but I know I loved you more
I wish “us” could have worked, but I had to let you go
But the next girl will be so **** lucky to have you... more than she will ever know.
It was so hard for me to write this
1.4k · Nov 2018
Yeah, I said it
Madison Nov 2018
I have a bad feeling
This bridge between us is about to burn down
But maybe the heat from the flames will be able to warm your heart
Since my love wasn’t able to.
1.3k · Dec 2018
Congrats, you broke me.
Madison Dec 2018
Alas, another failed love
As if God doesn’t think I’ve felt enough
Pain in my chest
Or lost enough rest
Over a broken heart
I just keep getting ripped apart
And it’s hard, I’m over it.

Why do I let people do this to me?
I’m delicate, can’t you see?
Let me be, for ***** sake
Don’t know how much more I can take
Before I break completely
Good luck piecing me
Back together
after I shatter.

I’m done letting people in
Because in the end, I never win.
Madison Jul 2018
trying to conquer you is like trying to climb this ridiculously tall mountain. i use all of my energy towards reaching the top, towards winning your heart again,

and every time the peak comes into my view,
every time i start to see you,
you take your hands
(god, i love your hands)
and you push me off the edge,
straight back to the bottom again.
i will never understand why you won't let me reach the top,
i keep on giving you everything i've got,
i wish you were able to see
that i truly believe you are the one for me.

and every morning i will rise again
to try and reach the top of this mountain.
last night I felt like i was so close to winning your heart again, and then the conversation crumbled at the palms of my hands.
Madison Jul 1
We can't be just friends
When we speak like lovers
1.1k · Sep 2018
Over you.
Madison Sep 2018
I may never see you again
And I am finally, perfectly okay with that.
Madison Jan 24
Welcome, my heart-broken peers
I see those eyes, filled with tears
Whether it was weeks, months, years
That you were in love
I understand, it feels like you can't cry enough
You gave your all, and all you got in return was a big *******
You never thought he'd be the one to
Come into your life and try to just pass on through
**** that person who hurt you
Because you don't deserve that, none of us do.

Anyways, I am going to help you through this break-up
To help you to stop ruining that make-up
That keeps running down your cheeks
When he crosses your mind
By the time
I'm done reading this poem
I promise you will no longer think of him.

How to succeed in heartbreak.
First, get comfy on your couch
Or whatever whereabouts
In your house
You like to relax.
Grab that bottle of wine
Pour it into one of those plastic cups
Gotta have some kind of class around here,
We aren't pirates after all
But don't feel guilty drinking the whole bottle
Or two if you need it,
Throw it all back
Now that's the spirit.

After all that wine
You might start to cry
But that's okay,
Let it all out
No matter what those tears are about
Curse that *******'s name
Until you feel yourself going insane
Open your window
Scream it into the shadows
Of the night
It's what he deserves
For having the nerve
To **** with your heart the way he did
Keep it going, it's good riddance
You'll feel better once you did it.

Maybe download tinder for a while,
Use a model's picture for your profile
Swiping at whoever you please
Get those matches high, till your fingers start to freeze up
But never actually starting a conversation
Don't feel bad, they don't deserve an explanation
They're just a picture on a screen
But it'll make you feel better, you'll see.

This is the worst part, where you begin
To feel the heartbreak settle in
You look down at your feet
And you swear you can see
That your heart has literally shattered into pieces
I want you to pick them up one by one
No matter how much blood
Starts to drip from your hands
Trust me, I understand
That it's painful
But life is full of that.
Together, we will build a castle
Out of every single piece
Of your once fragile heart
Because you are queen,
And you better ******* believe it
And only a castle is fit
For you
And nobody else but you.

You are allowed to loathe in sadness, drowning yourself in wine
And scream his name deep into the shadows of the night
As long as you remember to pick up your remains
And rid yourself completely of his god forsaken name
Because you are ******* queen, **** heart break
Love is not allowed to destroy you, love is not allowed to take
Any piece of you, ever again
And that, my friend,
Is how you succeed heartbreak.
sorry for the very long poems. working on my slam poetry!
Madison Apr 2018
Running back to you is like
Running straight into the flames
I get burned every time
But I think I like the pain.
Well... you get the point.
995 · May 30
Lies I tell myself.
Madison May 30
And by the end of it all,
I will be br ok en.
884 · 7d
Madison 7d
The best high I’ve ever felt
Is the one I feel when you tell me
You love me
I love you so much
834 · Mar 20
Madison Mar 20
My name is Madison, and I am a Cancer.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means,
But so far, I have gathered this:

It means I hold on to memories
Like a frightened child
Gripping their mother's hand
Because I am afraid to let go
Of certain things
In my life.

It means when it comes to love
I fall hard
And I fall fast,
Tripping over my own legs
Landing face-first
Into the ground
Every single time;
I wish it was something I could help
But I guess God made me 5'9" for a reason.

It means that on a scale of one to ten
The intensity of my emotions
Are a solid 13;
It’s just plain unlucky
I wish there was a **** I could turn
To dial them down
Every once in a while.

It means that certain songs
Bring me to tears
Since they are double-knotted
With memories of past-lovers
And my nails aren't long enough
To undo those knots quite yet.

It means I am fragile
Like a delicate piece of china,
I need to be handled with great care
Lest you drop me and shatter me
Into a million pieces.

Please keep all of this in mind
While I open up to you
About the past 5 years of my life.

Thank you.
Madison Sep 2018
for some people, love is still pure and good
something you'd never think could
do you harm
the comforting arm
around one's shoulder
growing special as one grows older
i envy those who still are in love
those who still get butterflies
the stars in their eyes
the ones who bubble over and blush
as their blood rushes through their veins
those who have yet to feel the pain of true love

they say you don't know what true love is
until that person rips your heart out
leaving you to bleed out
all over the floor
and nothing in the world
could ever be more true.

first you think you'll never find love again
after your true love comes to an end
you're a goner, your mind wanders and you ponder
the thought of dying alone when you're old
you're sold that that is your destiny
then the anger rushes through you

you hate the person who was your everything
who is now your nothing
you wish hell upon them
as your stomach turns
you want their body to burn
the way your heart burned for their touch
you could never get enough,
here you go again

you start to feel the sadness
feels like madness
wondering how long it will last, it
doesn't forever I promise
you just need to let the tears out
no matter what you're crying about
don't keep it inside
or after some time
you will feel like a bomb waiting to explode
even though
you don't want them to see
how bad you are suffering

for some people, love is still pure and good
but for me, it is ruined for good
easiest thing to write about. thank god I don't feel this way anymore, but I did for a long time.
770 · Jan 2018
Things a girl dreams of.
Madison Jan 2018
Take my hand into yours
When we're walking down the street
Show me off to the world
With a small kiss on the cheek

Send me an 'I love you' text
At the randomest of times
Tell me how lucky you feel
Simply because you are mine

Dance with me in the kitchen
I don't care if the food burns
Let's get lost in that moment
Dinner will become the least of our concerns

Surprise me with flowers
For absolutely no reason
Other than to show me you love me -
These are things a girl dreams of.
does anyone else dream like this? what does a man dream of?
Madison Feb 8
that girl you're seeing,
she will ask you to hang out
or if she can come over
maybe to help clean or tidy things up,
a girlfriend would make an entrance into your mind and soul and help clean up any brokenness or mess she sees there.

that girl you're seeing,
she will compliment you on your outfit
saying she likes the t-shirt you're wearing today,
a girlfriend would compliment you on your entire existence.

that girl you're seeing,
she will have frequently occurring casual *** with you
seeking only her pleasure,
a girlfriend would make love to you, opening herself up completely to your being, trusting that your fingers would not break her delicate heart.

that girl you're seeing,
she may make casual conversation with you about your day,
a girlfriend would talk about the universe and it's entirety with you. she would speak of energy, of love, of hate, and everything in-between, everything deeper than a surface conversation.

that girl you're seeing,
she will introduce you to her family as "that friend you've been spending time with here and there while probably ******* other people",
a girlfriend would introduce you to her family as the reason she wears a smile on her face so contagious, the reason behind the softness of her laugh, the reason she is now able to wear her heart on her sleeve.

that girl you're seeing,
she may give you small gifts like a cool bracelet or a pair of socks (whatever guys like nowadays),
a girlfriend would hand to you her whole heart wrapped in the prettiest little bow, she would fill your body with her soul, she would hand you every broken piece of her and trust that you would help her become whole once again.

so, tell me, why the **** do men prefer to "see" a bunch of girls, rather than have a girlfriend?
Madison Jul 2018
It's funny,
I get drunk in order to forget you
But I only end up remembering everything I loved about you.
all I do is think about you when I'm drunk,
683 · Sep 2018
Madison Sep 2018
His hands were poetry
As they touched my pages
And pages of skin last night
God, it was amazing
We made this beautiful book
Bound together
At least for a couple hours
I could live in that moment forever
All I can do for now is re read
Letting my fingers trace my favorite parts
My eyes slowly trailing behind
I wish we didn’t have to be so far apart
Your ink has stained my pages
Permanent across my skin
And I can’t wait for the sequel
Where we can do it all over again.
666 · Apr 2018
Habits of my Heart
Madison Apr 2018
I was so used to loving you
That it's difficult to stop
It's just the habits of my heart
And it's one I need to drop

You're like a cigarette,
You feel so good to twirl
Between my fingers
And once I place you
Between my lips
My addiction to you runs deeper

You give me a rush,
One that is constantly on my mind
Tugging at the sleeves of my shirt
A craving that begs to be satisfied

Despite all the warning signs
I continue to puff away
Because a life without you
Is more than I can take.
this piece is kind of all over the place.... I want to put you down but I can't.
Madison Jan 24
You wanna know how I got these scars?
See, I ripped every piece of my flesh out
That you ran your fingertips over
and over and over
From my knees to my shoulders
I should’ve told you to
Keep your hands to yourself
Because I've never felt
So much pain
Trying to erase a stain
From my skin
The sin
We committed
It just wasn't worth it.

You wanna know how I got these scars?
I became target practice for cupid
You can't imagine how stupid
I felt
When I kept falling for guys
And it was only a matter of time
Until they threw me to the side
After deciding
They were done with me,
They didn't want me anymore
But picking up my shattered heart
Was too much of a chore
For their sorry-*****.

You wanna know how I got these scars?
I took pieces of myself
And gave them to men who were so undeserving
But I was yearning for love
Burning for love
******* love
I hate you, love...
It was never returned
And trust me, I learned
My lesson
I will never invest
In a human being like him
Ever again.

So, you want to know how I got these scars?
You can blame love,
Something I am now numb to
Because of you.
Madison Jan 17
I let you too close to me,
close enough for you to reach your hands into my chest
between my ribs
below my quivering lips
I shook the fear away and let you in anyway

I let each of your ten fingers stretch around my heart,
I allowed you to feel the way my heart throbbed for you
the way it ached for you

I didn't think you would dig your nails straight in
and rip it out of my chest.
542 · Mar 2018
I smile too
Madison Mar 2018
He has the softest smile.
His cheeks round into perfect circles
When the corners of his honey lips curl
I want to kiss your sweetness
I want to taste your gold

He never smiles with his teeth
But that's okay,
His smile is still enough to make me melt
Into a colorful mess
A beautiful wreck

Because when he smiles,
I smile too.
I don't know how else to explain it. He just has the softest smile.
538 · Jul 2018
an overdue apology
Madison Jul 2018
i owe you a sincere apology, my dear heart,
for everything i've (repeatedly) put you through
for falling for the same boy over and over
even though his love to me was never true
i should have held on to you myself
i can't believe i trusted another's hands
it's all my fault you continue to break
i promise that was never my plan
my brain knows better, telling me
to drain his name from my blood
to completely rid of every trace of him
but i just can't seem to let go

i am so sorry i let him break you to pieces
and for continuing to love him through all of it.
526 · Mar 13
I love you, M.
Madison Mar 13
I would break my heart all over again just to be able to look into your eyes one last time.
468 · Oct 2018
OOps sorry
Madison Oct 2018
I want to taste your chocolatey skin
melt against my tongue
lick you from my lips
450 · Oct 2018
lets explore....
Madison Oct 2018
this fantasy
of you and me
between the sheets
feel the heat
nothing between
but burning lust
do what you want
you have my trust
can't get enough

take me to the place
where heaven doesn't feel so far away
take me to the place
and let me stay, let me stay
I love you
448 · Jan 31
I need some protection.
Madison Jan 31
Everywhere you go
You hear about safe ***
But no one ever talks about safe love

I wish they made condoms for hearts.
Madison Feb 7
I was on a date about two months ago,
It was a sunset picnic
I thought it was so romantic,
He seemed nervous to hold my hand
Talking about all the bands we liked
He was hoping I might come over
So I said sure,
I didn't get bad vibes from him.
I pull into his driveway
We go inside and
Next thing you know
He's trying to take my clothes off
What the **** happened to love?

I let someone tattoo me
A couple weeks ago
We hit it off instantly,
This immediate powerful energy
I asked if he would take things slow with me
Because I had been hurt recently
He did
(At first)
I fell hard and I fell fast,
I loved what we had,
It seemed like it was going to last
So I let him in, I opened up and alas
He said he "just wanted to be friends"
And just like that, it came to an end
What the **** happened to love?

I had a conversation with a classmate
A couple days ago
He could tell I was down
Asked me why I wore a frown,
He said I can tell you've been hurt
Please don't cry, they're not worth it
I told him how I am continuously being used
Whether it's for ***, support, and how I'm not amused
That no one cares about love anymore,
It's all about getting into someone else's drawers
He said I understand your frustration,
Welcome to our generation.
The conversation was nice,
But I had to think twice
Once he started complimenting me on my ***
I couldn't believe it took that turn so fast
Asking if I would give him a chance
But not with my heart, just to get inside my pants

I am so ******* over this *******.
414 · Dec 2018
I love you.
Madison Dec 2018
I’ll love you harder
On the days you can’t love yourself
Hold you tighter in my arms
Anything I could do to help
You see the amazing person you are
And everything you have to offer
To tell you how lucky I feel
That you chose me, and not her

This is my promise to you
For you deserve to see
The amazing person you are
Who you continue to be

And though we may no longer be together
You will have a piece of my heart forever.
I will help you fight this depression, even if we aren’t together anymore. This is my promise to you
390 · Apr 2018
I want love, or not at all.
Madison Apr 2018
I want love,
But I want it

Or not at all.
Don’t give me this half-*** ****. Give me your all.
388 · Jul 2018
he lives within her still.
Madison Jul 2018
to her, he is an endless poem
wrapped gently around her heart
forever in her veins
there is no way for her body to part
with his name on her tongue
or his touch on her skin
even though she knows
loving him is a sin
she would burn for eternity
if she could hold him once again
to hear the words “I love you”
for she will love him until the end
of her time on this beautiful earth
as long as they walk the same ground
he will always be a part of her
for true love she has found.
it’s a sin because you broke my heart.. but I would do anything to hold you again.  you were my true love.
382 · Jul 2018
Our bipolar love
Madison Jul 2018
Punching dashboards
Walking away
I run after you
Hoping you’ll stay

Flying screams
Throwing hands
Painful tears
Not what I had planned

Locking eyes
Unbreakable gaze
I want to kiss you
Your whole face

Hand on thigh
Fingers in hair
God, I still love you
This is more than I can bear

Sick, twisted love
How I hate you so
I want him, he’s the one
I know it, I just know.
Wrote this back in January after a roller coaster of a day. Talk about bipolar love.
Madison May 2018
Wrapping himself around my heart
Every time it has shattered,
There to hold my hand tightly
Every time I am feeling lonely
And longing your touch

He brings out the worst in me
Reminding me of all the reasons
Why life just *****

He doesn't allow me to forget about his presence,
Always letting himself consume my body
Rushing through my veins
And pouring out through my eyes

But pain will always be my friend
For as long as I don't have you.
Madison Jun 16
when i fell for you,
i didn't just trip over my shoelace
and scrape my knee on the gravel

cupid picked me up
by the neck of my shirt
and hurled me in front of a train
with your name on it.

when i fell for you,
i fell so hard
and so fast,

it wasn't a
"pick yourself up
and dust yourself off"
kind of fall,
it was a violent
earth shattering
knock the wind right out of your lungs
kind of fall.

and when i lifted my head
after impact
i didn't see stars
spinning around my eyes,
i saw only one
and it was you.

so tell me,
what can you do
when you’ve fallen so hard
that your bones are unable to heal?
when the only opioid that can
ease my pain
are the moments when
your lips are pressed against mine?

they say you can only fall in love once
and I’ve tripped along the way,
but I’ve only ever
fallen for you.
330 · Jan 2018
Take me back.
Madison Jan 2018
I look to my clock, it’s 2:30 in the morning
I’m reaching for my phone again
But the voice inside my head is screaming “don’t do it”

I start to dial that familiar number
Maybe you’ll answer, can’t help but wonder
“Leave your message at the tone” I knew it

I’m stuck listening to old voicemails from May
It’s the only way I can hear you say
“I love you”, even though I cry every time

Those three words sting me more than ever
When they used to make me feel so much better
Take me back to when you were mine.
Madison Jul 5
Last night you held my hand so tight
As if you were afraid to let me go
And that filled my heart
More than you will ever know
316 · Jan 2018
It was just one night.
Madison Jan 2018
One night where we found ourselves
Tangled in your dorm bed sheets
Listening to music that took us back
To the times that you loved me
(I still love you)

Our clothes were scattered across the floor
But I wore my heart on my sleeve
We became intertwined once more
I never wanted to leave

You left kisses on my skin
As you ran your fingers through my hair
Holding my body on top of yours
A one night love affair

But it was just one night
And now we don't talk anymore
Oh, how I long for the old days
When you loved me before.
I wish it wasn't just one night.
312 · May 2018
Madison May 2018
Tonight during my shower
I listened to Sia's song "Elastic Heart"
And I broke down crying
(But honestly, when am I not doing that)
I tilted my head back
And let the water wash away my tears

I sang along to her lyrics,
"You won't see me fall apart"
And it's true,
You won't see me fall apart
But you bet the walls of my shower will.
310 · Jan 18
Nostalgic dreams..
Madison Jan 18
You visited me in my dreams last night
When our glances met
Face-to-face with an ex
I told you I didn’t want to hurt you anymore
Even though I am sure
You are the one who caused me pain
You held me in your embrace
A place
I used to know so well
and I could tell
The passion between us was about to burst
But first
You cupped your hand to my face
So close to yours, I could taste
The sweetness on your tongue
I used to never be able to get enough
Our lips so close
Tugging on my clothes
And abruptly I awoke

Only to find I am still alone.
Madison Apr 2018
I remember glancing over in your direction as you were crouched beside me, and your face was glowing in the moonlight. It exposed every delicate curve in your cheeks, and your brown eyes shone brilliantly against your golden skin. The wood of the lifeguard pavilion was cold against our legs, but we felt warm inside from all the Bacardi we were drinking. The lyrics of the song playing traveled through the night, you're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey. I took your hands into mine and lifted you onto your sandy toes, and we slowly danced all of our worries away. I pressed my head into your shoulder listening to the roaring waves in the distance, and my mind was calm. Nothing else mattered to me other than the fact that we were touching. You're as sweet as strawberry wine, and I wanted to drink you all night long. We rocked back and forth into each other's arms, and I felt as warm as a glass of brandy.

How I long to dance the nights away with you once again.
Sorry, I know this isn't exactly poetry.
297 · Nov 2018
Madison Nov 2018
I wish I could delete the bad thoughts in my head the way you can go through your camera roll and delete the pictures you don’t like...
But alas,
Nothing is that easy.
289 · Apr 2018
Madison Apr 2018
I still picture our first born together
Remember when we used to talk names?
We said maybe we'd have a summer home down south
And a winter home up near Maine

We talked of growing old together
Remember what you used to tell me?
"When we're fifty-six it'll be the two of us"
It's forever burned in my memory

We fell, and we fell so fast
That we crashed and burned to the ground
And here we are, staring at our ashes
With no more love to be found

And I still don't know how
We went from picturing summer homes
And talk of baby names
To ending up alone.
I still don't understand.
284 · Mar 2018
I'll admit it.
Madison Mar 2018
I’m trying to accept a life without you in it
But it’s taken some getting used to, I'll admit it
I still have days where you cross my mind
But it hurts less and less every time
I'll hear a song that reminds me of you
And the tears still flow, but only a few

You were once my whole world, demoted to a memory
But in my heart you will forever be.
Madison Jan 17
Sometimes feeling physical pain
Helps release the pain you are feeling inside.
It's a weird concept, but it works for me. Of course I love every single one. But I usually don't get them until I am filled with pain and rage. They are therapeutic to me.
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