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5d · 840
Madison 5d
The best high I’ve ever felt
Is the one I feel when you tell me
You love me
I love you so much
Madison Aug 6
We are a ticking bomb waiting to explode
But I guess I like danger
Aug 4 · 138
Thanks a lot
Madison Aug 4
If my heart breaks one more time
I won’t have the strength to
Piece it back together

I am begging you

Stop breaking my heart
Aug 4 · 111
Madison Aug 4
I can’t help it but
The thought of you tends to
Build up in the corners of my eyes
And run down my cheeks
And once it starts
It doesn’t stop
Jul 30 · 50
my love poem to you
Madison Jul 30
let’s show the world
that true love still exists

let’s show them how beautiful
the 30% of successful marriages can be

let’s kiss in front of our grandchildren
and make them squirm

and when the time comes that
they have kids of their own
they realize how beautiful and strong
our love for each other was

let our love be an example

let’s just love.
I love you
Jul 28 · 1.8k
lust vs love
Madison Jul 28
fingers wrapped around my neck
gripping me so hard

wish you had the same kind of grip around my heart
love me for gods sake
Madison Jul 28
the most beautiful creatures of the wild
are poisonous

you are so ******* beautiful
all I wanna do is love you
Madison Jul 15
.1. You are the only man I want to love for the rest of my life

2. Your smile turns tsunamis in my stomach, I thank god that I don’t get seasick

3. Your lips are my favorite dessert, always melting on my tongue

4. I think the reason I become breathless when our eyes meet is because the world holds its own breath every time

5. I hope one day our kids are as youthful and reckless as the love we shared when we were 16
jeez I love you
Jul 15 · 142
It’s truly meant to be
Madison Jul 15
They say if you love something
You should let it go
And see if it comes back

I fall on my knees
And thank God every night
For bringing you back to me
Jul 15 · 62
Madison Jul 15
The way that my skin melts against your lips
How can I help but to daydream about it?
Jul 14 · 144
Madison Jul 14
Like the lotus flower
We grow best from
The **** that surrounds us
Madison Jul 12
I need to stop setting my heart on fire for you.
Jul 11 · 164
let me get lost
Madison Jul 11
your eyes are the only starry night
I could gaze into
all night long
Jul 11 · 245
wrong vs right
Madison Jul 11
would it be wrong if I said
everything feels so right
when I’m with you
would it be bad if I said you make me feel so **** good
Jul 8 · 106
Please don’t hurt me
Madison Jul 8
Allowing myself to love you is like allowing you to hold a knife to my throat

You could hurt me at any second
And that scares the **** out of me
Madison Jul 8
I’ve been taking my heart
Filling your cup
Until it overflows

You claim you are no longer
An alcoholic
Scared to get drunk off my love
You refuse to take one ******* sip and it’s killing me
Jul 7 · 1.6k
I love you
Madison Jul 7
every time we kiss,
I let poems spill from my lips
onto your tongue

I patiently wait for the day when
you can finally taste one
Madison Jul 5
Last night you held my hand so tight
As if you were afraid to let me go
And that filled my heart
More than you will ever know
Madison Jul 3
You ask for the best friend
And I keep giving you the lover
But it’s time that I take her back
For someone who actually wants her
Madison Jul 3
every night I lay awake
staring at my ceiling
trying to build a lasso
out of my words
hoping that they will somehow
bring you back to me.
Jul 3 · 109
you are rare
Madison Jul 3
when you stumble upon a diamond
amongst a sea of rubies
you can’t help but to
admire its utmost beauty
no one compares to you
Jul 2 · 174
Madison Jul 2
you're like that one song on the radio
that i catch myself involuntarily humming along to
tapping the soles of my feet to

your melody plays on a constant repeat
in my mind
and suddenly i'm smiling
what i am doing

i caught myself thinking of you
once again
Jul 2 · 110
i want your lips
Madison Jul 2
your lips are a drug
and i am an addict
just one, little taste
and i have to have it
Jul 2 · 90
the light in the dark
Madison Jul 2
i have been studying astronomy for years
waiting to see a constellation
as beautiful as your eyes
Jul 1 · 88
red river rapids
Madison Jul 1
any time we lay with each other
you always ask me why i am so warm

i used to joke and say it's because i am "full of love"
but honest to god it's true

i swear that every ounce of my blood
flows a hundred miles faster
when my skin touches yours
therefore giving off an intense amount of heat

my heart beats so fast
turning my blood into some kind of
red river rapids

i get so excited, so blissful
because at last
i am in your company
once again

and i am completely
in love with you
weird but it's true.
Jul 1 · 164
night time secrets
Madison Jul 1
every time we lay side by side
and you pull me into your embrace
and my skin is overwhelmed
by the warmth of yours

every time i lean back
out of your arms
and our eyes lock
my heart tries to rip its way
out of my chest
through my throat
between my lips

i have to bite the
tip of my tongue
because the songs that my heart sings
won't stop bleeding
all over my taste buds

i lick my lips because
there lies the three words
that i know i can't say to you,
yet you always tell me how
kissing me tastes like
a warm spoonful of honey

if only i could tell you
those words,
those three words
because tasting them isn't enough for me

i love you.
Madison Jul 1
We can't be just friends
When we speak like lovers
Jun 24 · 184
Man of my dreams
Madison Jun 24
You are the man of my dreams,
I don't ever want to wake up.
Jun 22 · 78
Sing me to sleep
Madison Jun 22
Your heartbeat is my favorite lullaby
I missed it so much. Last night was perfect.
Madison Jun 16
i want to get lost in your eyes
and never return.
Madison Jun 16
i would say that i know you like
the back of my hand
but who the hell actually knows
what the back of their hand looks like

i don't know you like something
ridiculous like that
but i know you by
the creases in your lips
and the way they melt perfectly
between mine
Jun 16 · 157
some things
Madison Jun 16
even though i want to scream your name
on the top of my lungs
to declare my love
how i can't get enough
of you

some things are better left unsaid.
can't get ahead of myself.
Madison Jun 16
when i fell for you,
i didn't just trip over my shoelace
and scrape my knee on the gravel

cupid picked me up
by the neck of my shirt
and hurled me in front of a train
with your name on it.

when i fell for you,
i fell so hard
and so fast,

it wasn't a
"pick yourself up
and dust yourself off"
kind of fall,
it was a violent
earth shattering
knock the wind right out of your lungs
kind of fall.

and when i lifted my head
after impact
i didn't see stars
spinning around my eyes,
i saw only one
and it was you.

so tell me,
what can you do
when you’ve fallen so hard
that your bones are unable to heal?
when the only opioid that can
ease my pain
are the moments when
your lips are pressed against mine?

they say you can only fall in love once
and I’ve tripped along the way,
but I’ve only ever
fallen for you.
Jun 16 · 252
get a grip
Madison Jun 16
you can make me melt
into the palms of your hands
and that scares me, for
i don't want to slip through your fingers again.
Jun 15 · 137
Wrecking ball
Madison Jun 15
I’ve spent a year
Building up these walls
And in just a single moment
You knocked them all down.
Jun 15 · 126
Hey, you
Madison Jun 15
If you decide to read this,
Know there’s nothing more
I’ve been longing for
Waiting for
Aching for
Than the feeling of your hand
Gripping my thigh
The rush I get when we are
Eye to eye
The goosebumps I get
From your breath across my neck
And I wish I could hide it
But I can’t deny it

****, I’ve missed you.
Jun 13 · 61
Just a thought.
Madison Jun 13
I can’t help but wonder if you’re thinking of me as much as I’m thinking about you.
May 30 · 992
Lies I tell myself.
Madison May 30
And by the end of it all,
I will be br ok en.
May 30 · 107
Madison May 30
lately i've been feeling like a
thirsty beggar
fighting with a broken faucet

stuck in this sick loop of
thrashing at pretty metal handles
desperately shaking the spout
screaming for something
to come out

i'm thirsty to write
but nothing
not even a drop
is pouring from my brain

my thoughts are all clogged up
no way to express myself

does anyone know a plumber?
trying to get back into writing. i've been stuck lately.
Madison May 27
when i am upset
when i have thoughts
when i am filled with anger
i like to drive.

when i am behind the wheel
i am in control -
i control the speed,
i control which way i want to turn,
i control my destination
i am in complete control.

in life
i am behind the wheel
metaphorically speaking
but it's like driving blindfolded
with a brick for a foot
and no arms.

i can't control where i go
i can't control my destination
i can't control my speed

i can't control my emotions
i can't control how fast they come on
i can't control who comes in and out of my life
and that scares the **** out of me.

at least when i am behind the wheel of a car,
i am in
Apr 3 · 200
Madison Apr 3
Out of all the names I know
Why is it still yours that keeps
Dancing around my mind?
Mar 20 · 826
Madison Mar 20
My name is Madison, and I am a Cancer.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means,
But so far, I have gathered this:

It means I hold on to memories
Like a frightened child
Gripping their mother's hand
Because I am afraid to let go
Of certain things
In my life.

It means when it comes to love
I fall hard
And I fall fast,
Tripping over my own legs
Landing face-first
Into the ground
Every single time;
I wish it was something I could help
But I guess God made me 5'9" for a reason.

It means that on a scale of one to ten
The intensity of my emotions
Are a solid 13;
It’s just plain unlucky
I wish there was a **** I could turn
To dial them down
Every once in a while.

It means that certain songs
Bring me to tears
Since they are double-knotted
With memories of past-lovers
And my nails aren't long enough
To undo those knots quite yet.

It means I am fragile
Like a delicate piece of china,
I need to be handled with great care
Lest you drop me and shatter me
Into a million pieces.

Please keep all of this in mind
While I open up to you
About the past 5 years of my life.

Thank you.
Mar 13 · 526
I love you, M.
Madison Mar 13
I would break my heart all over again just to be able to look into your eyes one last time.
Mar 12 · 95
Part 2
Madison Mar 12
I wanted the butterflies in my stomach
To regrow their wings
So I looked you in the eyes
And you smiled at me,

they took flight once again.
Feb 21 · 2.7k
breathe me.
Madison Feb 21
I want your lips to long for mine
the way your lungs ache for air
after holding your breath all day long

kiss me as though my lips are your oxygen
your source of life

gasp for me
like you could never fill your lungs completely

breathe me
Madison Feb 18
I want someone who will defy gravity
"Everything that falls must break at some point"
I want someone who will stick their hands out
And catch my fragile heart
Blood, guts, and all
Someone who will not allow me to break ever again.
Feb 18 · 241
Madison Feb 18
and she longs for the day that falling in love again doesn't seem so scary anymore.
Madison Feb 8
that girl you're seeing,
she will ask you to hang out
or if she can come over
maybe to help clean or tidy things up,
a girlfriend would make an entrance into your mind and soul and help clean up any brokenness or mess she sees there.

that girl you're seeing,
she will compliment you on your outfit
saying she likes the t-shirt you're wearing today,
a girlfriend would compliment you on your entire existence.

that girl you're seeing,
she will have frequently occurring casual *** with you
seeking only her pleasure,
a girlfriend would make love to you, opening herself up completely to your being, trusting that your fingers would not break her delicate heart.

that girl you're seeing,
she may make casual conversation with you about your day,
a girlfriend would talk about the universe and it's entirety with you. she would speak of energy, of love, of hate, and everything in-between, everything deeper than a surface conversation.

that girl you're seeing,
she will introduce you to her family as "that friend you've been spending time with here and there while probably ******* other people",
a girlfriend would introduce you to her family as the reason she wears a smile on her face so contagious, the reason behind the softness of her laugh, the reason she is now able to wear her heart on her sleeve.

that girl you're seeing,
she may give you small gifts like a cool bracelet or a pair of socks (whatever guys like nowadays),
a girlfriend would hand to you her whole heart wrapped in the prettiest little bow, she would fill your body with her soul, she would hand you every broken piece of her and trust that you would help her become whole once again.

so, tell me, why the **** do men prefer to "see" a bunch of girls, rather than have a girlfriend?
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