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 Aug 5 Madison
because of you
when feel defeat  
i now bleed black ink
to hello poetry:
thank you for giving me an outlet. a place where I can speak freely when i am at my lowest, in the darkest place i can reach. thank you for giving me a place to i can put the thoughts that i cant comprehend in my head, and making me realize I'm not alone. i cannot thank you enough!
 Jul 15 Madison
melissa rose
She invites me in with a therapist smile
as I step through her door
observes me with that deep blue gaze
leaving me longing for more
begs me to follow
as she moves across the floor
she lingers slightly with her touch
as she gently squeezes my hand
but it’s the warmth of her hug
that I wonder where does she begin and I end?

Truth is bitter with her scent so sweet
she doesn’t love me out loud
in this lifetime it’s just not meant to be
her love isn’t real
all images in my mind
of what I long to feel
we’re not lovers
and we’ll never be friends
but I’ll love her in breathless whispers
as the depth of my love for her has no end
 Jul 15 Madison
 Jul 15 Madison
You praise me like you’re preaching gospel and I’m terrified that someday you’ll convert to another religion.
Marriage is wonderful, but being second-best all your life has a tendency to make insecurity a bad habit.
 Jul 12 Madison
to be in love
and have no one to say it to
 Jul 12 Madison
zack sylvan
i talked with my heart
and it still speaks of you
fluently and now i
wonder if hearts
keep in touch
after they break
 Jul 7 Madison
Missing you
It's like trying
to breathe under water
and tonight I'm sleeping
at the bottom of the ocean
 Jul 7 Madison
Cannot catch my breath
Trying to come up for air
I drowned in your eyes
 Jul 3 Madison
Haikus are like Blue
Berries bursting in my mouth
Always gone too soon
If you liked, please add it to a collection and say "Hi! Blueberry Pancakes Please!!!" (;
All the stars that glisten in the night
are suns in someone else's sky
Which are you?
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