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Madison Jul 14
Like the lotus flower
We grow best from
The **** that surrounds us
Madison Jul 12
I need to stop setting my heart on fire for you.
  Jul 12 Madison
to be in love
and have no one to say it to
  Jul 12 Madison
zack sylvan
i talked with my heart
and it still speaks of you
fluently and now i
wonder if hearts
keep in touch
after they break
Madison Jul 11
your eyes are the only starry night
I could gaze into
all night long
Madison Jul 11
would it be wrong if I said
everything feels so right
when I’m with you
would it be bad if I said you make me feel so **** good
Madison Jul 8
Allowing myself to love you is like allowing you to hold a knife to my throat

You could hurt me at any second
And that scares the **** out of me
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