Madhumita Apr 30
Softly, the music makes me weep, and I
sink into the storm. You are breathtaking.
My life before you was a dream, a lie.
I am awake now, love, trembling, shaking.

You have ripped my feeble façade away
and doused me in ultraviolet bliss.
You, you are the sky. I am a blue jay
forever reaching, begging for a kiss.

I smolder under your luminous gaze;
I grow heavy, molten under your touch.
Slowly, I open, close, my blood ablaze,
Undulating in your leisurely clutch.

I rise, yield, my heart beating like a drum.
I float, complete, my breath a steady thrum.
NaPoWriMo Day 30
Poetry form: English Sonnet
Madhumita Apr 29
Your pain is not a gift.

Don’t be burdened
if they don’t rejoice to receive it.

let the lack of a correct response
ebb your purge.

They don’t understand.
Of course, they don’t.
They are not you;
They have not suffered
your black holes.
Do you wish them to?

brush away their sympathy.
It is the price you pay
to have someone
care enough to listen.
NaPoWriMo Day 29
Poetry form: Free verse
Madhumita Apr 28
Here I sit, collecting sunsets
while you are away from me.
I dissolve my silly regrets
in steaming mugs of tea.

I’d miss you more, I think
if it weren’t for the playful sea.
The waves tease me with a wink –
I’m easily distracted, you see.

The weather has been great,
these days I’m almost happy.
So I enjoy myself while I wait
for you to come back to me.
NaPoWriMo Day 28
Poetry form: Quatrain
Madhumita Apr 27
Does this ever happen to you?
You get into a messy, ugly fight,
but you lose steam about half way through
when you realize you’re the one who’s wrong.
Now, you want to stop arguing; you really do.
But for some idiotic ineffable reason
your mouth won’t do what your brain tells it to.
So you keep spouting nonsense with all your might
and continue to quarrel without a clue.
NaPoWriMo Day 27
Poetry form: Magic9
Madhumita Apr 26
The hazy world sharpened
when myopic Maddie
got a new pair of glasses
sitting pretty on her pert nose.

Now she could discern
each leaf in a foliage,
and tell people apart
from a  respectable distance.

She peered at every face,
thrilled that now she could
describe the smallest details
in case she were ever called in
to sit for a police sketch.

Smug glee turned to horror
when her wondering gaze
met quizzical stares
and she recalled
that her glasses
were transparent.
NaPoWriMo Day 26
Poetry form: Light verse
Madhumita Apr 25
Some girl I never knew
knew an art that wasn’t kung fu.
She did not whistle well
when her peaches didn’t sell.
And a boy I never liked
loved her not at first sight.
He kissed her on a day it didn’t rain
never to lay eyes on her again.
Nary a soul whispers her name,
nary a heart feels any shame.
She was pretty not so long ago,
this girl I will never know.
NaPoWriMo Day 25
Poetry form: Ambiguity
Madhumita Apr 24
Yes, hello, how are you? How have you been? I want to tell you about a lot of things. Like the pigeon I spoke to the other day. It listened. It stayed as if it understood how much I needed to vent.

There was also a story I read. I knew it how it was going to end. You often do with tragic endings. Nevertheless, I persisted. I read all the words and wept just like the writer wanted me to. It was an adequate excuse to mope for a bit.

I discovered I can no longer bend enough to touch my toes. I wonder when that happened. An afternoon spent reaching for my feet left me with a pulled hamstring, a sweaty nose, and a shallow sense of shame. But I am not too concerned.

What else? See, I keep forgetting the stories, the baubles, I saved for you.

Oh, yes! I found a secluded pathway when I got lost during an evening stroll. I was too keen to find my way bay back to heed the bluebells that beckoned me like will-o’-the-wisps. But I went back the next day and followed the narrow tracks till it emerged to a low ridge overlooking the city. There was a well-worn tree stump that made me think that maybe this was someone’s hideout.
NaPoWriMo Day 24
Poetry form: Prose
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