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gracie Jan 22
the tall, brown-eyed
scholar with tousled hair and 
endless supply of sarcastic comments; 
stolen sweaters and car rides and
cartoons. sipping hot cocoa
out of Star Wars mugs, study dates, 
playing hide and seek 
in Walmart, hugs that 
made me feel whole

first heartbreak
******* in his passenger seat because 
he "needed it”;
a lonely winter learning 
he did not love me and 
a season spent intertwined 
with a boy who could not 
fill the void in my chest.

golden hair, ocean eyes,
sunkissed skin and downtown flea markets.
threading my fingers between his
sharing our poems over skype
iced coffee and patched denim and 
fresh yellow flowers stashed in my locker.
hugging in the hallway,
silly love notes and soft smiles and 
laughing so hard my ribs hurt.
a sensation of warmth that could rival 
pure sunshine

unopened texts
a subtle disconnection
i held his heart in my palm and
let it slip
i still carry the guilt in my fingertips

overalls. shoulder-length hair, i 
fell in love with the way he said my name
strange, unrecognizable on his lips, ringing
each syllable like a pink-petal
a thrift store parking lot, draped 
across his lap, one hand in my hair, 
the other around my heart;
stolen kisses at stoplights. shivering and 
holding each other so closely
i thought 
we might never unravel

disintegrating. distance withering away 
my heartstrings; familiar pain and
longing to be held
bitter tears and night air
stroking my hair
in place of the way
his hands made me
an old poem. the loneliness comes and goes;
poem format inspired by haley
gracie Jan 21
this is a poem for
the little poetess
who sings through the day like
a yellow-feathered finch
and spills honeysuckles from her mouth
to those who do not deserve them,
the hopeless romantic
who wears her heart
on her overalls
and speaks her mind just in case
somebody hears her,
the silly girl
who welcomes winter
and radiates warmth
through her fingertips as if
her touch alone could thaw the world.
for hannah
gracie Jan 8
Take me back to the blue ridge mountains
where clouds kiss the mountaintops
and golden light trickles through
the pines like honey;
where birds sing of home
and white-speckled fawns play
together in bluebell meadows;
where we danced
barefoot in the brook
and buried the sins of our parents;
where we taught ourselves to stargaze
and fell back in love
with the heartbeats in our chests.
gracie Dec 2018
This morning I awoke to the soft patter
of rain against my bedroom window
and I realized

I’m going to be just fine.
not really poetry but who cares
gracie Dec 2018
The sign says
keep off the ice,
but all it takes is
one word from you
and I'm walking out
I'm walking all the way out.
I don’t turn back,
even when I hear crackling
beneath my feet.
I reach for your hand,
but I can’t find it
I can't find you.
Were you ever really mine?
Or am I the only one
out here on this ice
that has just
       to break.
not over it
gracie Dec 2018
Mom kept the cereal boxes on top of the fridge
out of reach from my thieving little hands
so I wouldn't spoil my appetite with
frosted flakes
But I'm taller now
5'5" to be exact
I don't even go on tippy toes
to grab my routine dinner of
cheerios and milk
to be eaten alone
in my room.
gracie Nov 2018
You fell in love with my hair
and I fell in love with how easily
I could cut it off.
to JW
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