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“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” - Eduardo Galeano
----    "It takes courage to grow up and be who you are." - e.e. cummings That's all i'm trying to do. *all of the works on ...
Maeve Melia
United Arab Emirates    I have an enormous appetite for philosophy, aestheticism, contemporary persian poetry and francophilia. my pen name is maeve melia.
Cadence Musick
Young girl, old heart. A melancholy mix in a world such as this.
scientists shocked!!black hole achieves sentience; writes shitty poems
monica shomali
Leelan Farhan
Toronto    I usually go by Leelo, I'm in my fourth year at the University of Toronto, studying psychology and English. I’m 21. The only way I ...
david badgerow
29/M/Florida    yes, i have tricks in my pocket, i have things up my sleeve. but i am the opposite of a stage magician. he gives you ...
There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire; the other is to gain it. -George Bernard Shaw
Gloria Ikeji
Gloria. 17. Florida. (All poems copyrighted by Gloria Ikeji. All right reserved. Except as permitted under the publisher, no part of this publication may ...
"I'm Not saying and artist is more open minded, but a troubled soul is more likely to confide in." im Nashley Ive been writing petty ...
Tom Orr
UK    Intellect can attract one to even the most twisted of villains. ©
Katie Lorenzo
Chicago    She held herself very straight, like Audrey Hepburn, whom all women idolize and men never think about. -Jeffrey Eugenides; The Virgin Suicides 18 years old
Kyrz Beerz
Esmé van Aerden
Seattle    oh well
Raymond Johnson
casper elliott owens
Meka Boyle "If you can't understand it without an explanation, you can't understand it with an explanation." Haruki Murakami "All religion, my friend, is simply evolved ...
paige elliott
Taylor Smith
I'm Taylor, and I'm 19
Katie Hope
I'm around.    these are my ramblings. bound to be frequently / infrequently updated.
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