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Maddy 4d
Feelings fall freely from me
As if I never meant to keep them in

Sadness pours out of me
Like I wanted it to well up in the first place

Sorrow encompasses me
As if I so wanted to encase myself

For some reason I keep soaking my pillow
regardless of the love that surrounds me

My brain can’t keep its balance
So I find myself weeping over nothing

Somehow my life feels like its breaking
Even though I have no hammer to shatter it

I'm not asking for these feelings
So please leave me alone, won’t you?
Whenever I *** I get so sad:)
Maddy Mar 13
to you,

I love you.

Maddy Mar 13
loving your self is a journey

through the deepest swamps
over the steepest mountains
under the heaviest of rocks

you must unravel yourself
from a maze of trees
that may very well blind you
from continuing on your path

but through all of the nature
that may hold you back
you learn resilience
and strength
against all elements and forces

though blindness,
exhaustion, weakness
may seem like they're against you

they truly are on your side
to build your muscle and
give you sight,
expand your lungs

so you can breathe in

breathe a new fresh air of you
a breath filled with love
that seemingly took so long
to hunt for
but the hunt is over
and nature comes to you
and hugs you so tightly
and reminds you

it is not nature in your way
of loving yourself
it is you
I recognize this poem has no structure but that's exactly why I like it:)
Maddy Mar 11
I'm so I love with you
that every single
thing you do
makes me smile
like such a ******* fool
and I can't help
but feel the glimmer
of tear drops
over my eyes
as happy floods
every tear
forcing them to just
fall gracefully
down my cheeks and
onto my leg
as thoughts of you
circle and swim
in the tear drops
linger in my eyes
but Im always
loving you
and I'm always
smiling because of
Maddy Mar 11
one thing that makes me happy little smirk that appears on your face when I realize I've said something you like.
Maddy Mar 11
readjusting to things I know
coming to love things I don't

on a self love and self care high
don't need drugs when I've already reached the sky

finding I love the little weird flaws
only patting my back
not scratching with claws

and loving me so has helped me love you
for if I didn't love me
I wouldn't see the things you do

I can open my heart
and believe all you say
because look at me now, it's a new day

chris can you see
that I'm loving me?

cause I'm loving you too
and im always loving we
I have finally gotten to a new path:)
Maddy Mar 7
You're so silly
make me laugh
words fall out of me
laughter polluting the air

smiles for days
grinning oh so wide
happy smeared across my face
goodness melting into my lips

your humor brings me joy
a smile on my face
laughter in my mouth
thanks for being a silly bean:)
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