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Mar 2015 · 674
Madds Mar 2015
Maybe I'm ready for the end of the world
Or maybe I'm just impatient.
Today was supposed to signify a magnitude of things;
Mostly our love.
But the suns dancing overshadows what should've been.
I'm waiting for it to be cold again
To once more reflect unshattering icicles
Replacing my heart.
I'm too tired and you're too far away.
This is a waiting game
And I am losing.
I waited 850 something days for this.
Madds Feb 2015
I'd describe it as turbulent beyond silence, an unedited, untouched sequence that spills like blood from the pen.
Unintentional wounds to minds as feelings are played with like Barbie dolls in a 5 year olds prime.
Unrelenting and unpredictive thoughts lash out viciously in sweet melodic pulses.
Da DUM   .   .   .   DA BURST
Who is really the first to drown?
The living or the sea?
Deeper down and disturbingly fluent; the wash of words become clearer, stuttering.
You forget what really needs to be learnt once you start learning.
So much becomes lost the moment you are influenced.
But who writes the rule books on which rhythms take control?
Easily said but not easily discussed.
Choked by a thousand thoughts a minute, we lose track.
Healthy are those un brainwashed and remaining at 68% anarchist, still refusing pollutants fed straight into our veins.
4 jabs a day is the recommended dosage.
Desensitisers, artificial frontal lobotomy replacements, constant comatose states; you breathe for yourself but who thinks for you?
Whose mind do you have?
I swear this was meant to be a personal reflection on how I see my poems and the effects they have, however this poem took several different turns and became heavily political.

I've been lost for a while.
Madds Dec 2014
"I hope you have a lovely new year and that you have many happy New Years to come. I also hope that your years are as good as mine were"
I met her whilst working on Saturday 27/12/14
She was so kind, caring and so interested. She left me with these words and they struck me harder than a thousand trains all at once. She placed her hand on my shoulder and she was just so wonderful. I couldn't even manage to say a comprehensible sentence back to her.

I wish I had asked her name, because she'll never be forgotten.
It was so minor yet so precious to me.
Madds Dec 2014
I'd like to be able to write again, but the universe is turning too slow in the wrong direction.
My heart drips instead of duh-dums
And my breath slips.

Rhyming sticks to the top of my mouth catching grains of rhythm as I regurgitate yesterday's thoughts.

I haven't been able to write lately, not because I am a bumbling busy body, but because time is frozen, I'm cemented and dissolving into the tasteless air.
Everything is too colourful lately, too... anything for me to understand.

Maybe I should start reading again, go back to painting stale blue skeleton hands with not enough paint.

Maybe that's my problem... There's not enough paint in my life.
I don't know, I'm trying... Okay?
Nov 2014 · 1.6k
Madds Nov 2014
Whose gun is at your head?
Tomorrow I graduate,
And feast on my heart; they're giving it back.
Only small parts though...
Freedom is not exactly free.

As I tick through a day that doesn't feel
     R. E. A. L.
I'll remember a time when eating clocks
Was a delight
And night never came
Because time never sung.

But what will tomorrow bring?
The final burst of detrimental metaphors and acidic teachers egos,
Who depend on a pay package
"Not enough" for their knowledge.
They should've stayed human.

I wince as the cogs twist
And an ever continuing robotic system
Chomps down on thousands of more souls.

And I beg for new a freedom.
A revamped version of one sentence  and a whole lot of mind *****. I'm scared for tomorrow.
Nov 2014 · 8.1k
Madds Nov 2014
Whose gun is at your head?
This was just emergency jotting down of thoughts, I had not pen or paper at the time.
I will add to this soon. Stay tuned.
Madds Oct 2014
I have more than just flames,
Flickering on the tips of my fingers;
Underneath and above the edge of the world
I will dance, similar to the way wind creates wars between the leaves.
A melancholy dawn to new days; and the fear of uncertainty
Rumbles through you, shattering all your teeth.
I will pour you another cup of tea,
From my psychedelic purple cat face teapot containing a stopped clock,
We will sit silently on the brink of disaster
As we always have... and something beneath us will laugh.
Madds Sep 2014
Limp, lifeless and longingly dry.
Like the packet of crumpets I lost to mould last week
The rot finds it place under my tongue.
I toy with ideas that maybe anger
Is the reason waves erode sandbanks
And the turbulent wind is why walls like us crumble...

T   U   R   B   U   L   A   N   C   E

The ambiguity of what happens now rings loud and clear
As another fear added to a never ending list.
Professionals would have a field day and a whole new genre within me.
But that's conformity.

The cavern with which my mind resides is dark
Chaotic and violent to say the least.
Self preservation is a fantasised option only present in the books
Surfing the stale wind inside my mind.

If you wanted normality it's taken you two years to undiscover it.

I'll beg each and every second for you to never leave the park bench
That sits across from me staring at everything behind.
I'd give all my soul, dreams and whatever hopes I think I have
To know that you're going to stay in my mind with me forever.

I'd give my heart just to know that you'll stay mine forever.
Madds Sep 2014
I had never thought about little things until now, until I had become displaced and detached. Little things like the scratch of grass against bare feet and the little crunch noise that undoubtedly breaks the blades of grass... But natures green carpet always bounces back immediately. Perhaps the noise of tree branches, being tangled, tortured and embraced by strong southerly winds in the middle of a steaming hot summer, should have held more importance to me back home. The art of appreciation and great-fullness  is so easily lost amongst the concepts of time, greed and the incomprehensible human need to succeed.
Aug 2014 · 445
Scribbles #3
Madds Aug 2014
I could sculpt the same 26 letters
Into a thousand different formations
And it still wouldn't be enough for you.

Unknowing of my, little but still existing, greatness;
You rip apart my limbs,
Dismember my colourful insides
(As I'm trying to paint you picturesque landscapes)
And replace them with fear...

And your control over me still isn't enough for you.
Aug 2014 · 407
Scribbles #2
Madds Aug 2014
A lot of pain lately, a lot of second guessing.
Tossing and turning; picking my skull into tiny little pieces.
You've devised a grand master plan
Of bright lights, excitement and satisfaction of your seemly, as seen through a lovers eye, insane dreams.
But where do I fit into all of this?
Second best.
Aug 2014 · 347
Madds Aug 2014
Our lives are moving at the speed of light,
weaving our veins together in such symmetry
that it reflects rain like a window,
we become one and find our feet to rule
Aug 2014 · 301
Drink me
Madds Aug 2014
It's time for me to find creativity and feeling again.
I'll start with the sky where you and I met.
Stars are all we have left.
I don't know how I'm going to accomplish this.
Ps this is unfinished, I'm just putting the idea out into the universe at the moment
Aug 2014 · 503
Universe 1, madds 0
Madds Aug 2014
I fall in love with concepts of the simplest human movements.
I find my sense of purification and healing in the way you close your eyes,
No different to any other person.
A powerful burst of anger overwhelms me as you clench your fist around air.
The way you walk brings fear...

Are you staying or going?
I'm becoming desensitised and I find emotion only in movement now.
Jul 2014 · 688
Madds Jul 2014
Isn't there better ways to diagnose me
Than asking me a thousand questions?
Couldn't you all just put a gun to my head
And call it;


July 22nd.

And then dance with my body,
Just like I used to
And stick pins in my mouth
And force a smile
Just like I used to
And put me on show one more time
Just like you used to.
I don't know what this is, but today was bad.
Jul 2014 · 457
Year 12.
Madds Jul 2014
7 months,
         And a 1,178km medicinal trip
         To a freedom unbeknown
         And untasted by these eyes
         I am so ready, but is my life?

8 weeks,
              10 tests, doused in falsities that kidnap the education system,
              3 months and I am done,
             Finished and fully educated to their standard.
             So close and yet so far,
             I haven't learnt a thing.
I've almost finished my last year of high school... I've almost conquered my hatred and fear of the system... This is all I've got to hold on to, all that's keeping me going.
Madds Jul 2014
Never, not once, in my life
Or past lives, even past centuries,
Have I been a formula.
I dance in the eyes of needles
And underneath the skin of skinless beasts.
I sing with my fingers,
Around (your throat) the pen
And I smile with a thousand hearts in my eyes.

I have never been the essential equations,
Numbers, measurements and shapes
That glue together formulas.

I am not normality that you can bottle,
I was born to drown in the sky.
Inspired by a comment of a dear Jim Musics from long ago. Thank you.
Jun 2014 · 360
Veins full of stars
Madds Jun 2014
The sun folds into the moon and dances new light on forgotten grounds, these grounds grow and tend to hearts like yours; rare and beautiful. I'd say it's a garden but it's not really, you are a swimming pool and I'd happily drown amongst your stars... I already have.
I was tired and very in love.
Jun 2014 · 2.1k
It's getting worse.
Madds Jun 2014
As it continues to grow darker,
My lungs continue to morph or dry out.

Is it a saviour or suffocation?
My brain hurts, my lungs hurt, the pressure is crushing me and I'm entirely engulfed by everyone telling me what to do. I'm struggling to find my feet.
I don't know what this is, and if it's poetry I'm not sure.
Jun 2014 · 461
Madds Jun 2014
Carry me to the edge of the world
I want to see colours as I fade.
Shake me free of all the shackles
As you leave me behind...
Shake me free of all this wisdom;
The torments of my mind.
Carry me, as I breathe heavily,
To the edge of the world...
Carry me; I want to die.
I have no idea what this is or why, but enjoy my mind.
Madds May 2014
I lay on my back, absorbing the pressures
Of the rocks beneath me, I breathe.
Eyelids resting on now blind eyes, I feel.
I stretch out as high as possible and hold it...
Allowing each fingertip to tingle, arms fall.
A rush of blood and my eyes snap open,
I see colours never known to man,
Unpaintable by all extremes.
Now, I sit cross-legged
Rocking as the wind sways.
The small clearing expands, opening up,
I see more now than two 1800's explorers
Ever did as they searched the world for forgiveness.
Looking up, it has grown dark
A deep blue, a deep grey.
It proceeds to rain, closing my eyes,
I open my mouth as if to speak...
The taste of wilderness rushes in.
Heavier, precipitation grows,
Heavier and birds begin to scream,
Landing at my sides, eyelids open...
I remain still. Screaming songs so intense,
The birds, they start to dance.
A pair with the tango,
Three with the jive,
I smile... I'm alive.
Beckoning me to join...
We danced all night.
The story behind this is no more complicated than I wrote it during an English exam, nevertheless... I'm failing English and my HSC.
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Medusa heart
Madds Apr 2014
I couldn't rush any quicker
Than to taste something
More bitter than your soul.
And swearing on improper nouns
I told myself to never look
Directly at your heart...

I did; you turned to stone.
Headstone gravestone. Everything's a tumble **** for now, for ever, for never. A dried oasis, stretching like a maimed ghoul for the sweet smell of creative freedom.
Madds Apr 2014
How ironic it is
That we mutilate this earth
With the very substances
That bind it.

And how humorous we are
That we think
We can save ourselves
From us.
I'm exhausted and I could probably add to this one day. Enjoy
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Fire pit
Madds Apr 2014
It's getting harder and harder to breathe,
Out of fear of spitting the blackening  truths inside me.
You are rainbows; and sunflower meadows,
I am the remnants of a fire pit, burnt for over a thousand lives;
I amount to coals and hot embers havent rolled past for a while.
There is no spark.
I have six layers of skin
Scorched with darkness.
And I am guiltily okay with that.
Madds Apr 2014
You are not clued into
The extensive wiring
And miscommunication within me.
You are sure as hell
Not brainy enough to
Attempt to figure it out.
So instead with your ignorance
You label me more than
That movie you hated
With all your might...
But believe me when I whisper
To myself as I cry alone at
The break of dawn that
I am nothing more than that movie
And I am everything less
Than you deserve.
The people in this town are exhausting and I am not ok.
Madds Apr 2014
I found hell sliding down
The slight curve of your flawless porcelain back,
Embedded discreetly in electric spinal cord buzzing.
And yet... Your eyes moistened with
Glittering pools of heaven.
The reports say I drowned...
But I know your back cracked,
Hell scrambled out...
Breaking my neck
And crushing my ribcage
In a swift enchanting dance.
I'm not sure, but welcome.
Apr 2014 · 836
Madds Apr 2014
Lately, I've been disassembled,
Rest assured... in shambles.
And my minds been sliding
About the tasteless hardwood floors,
Collecting delicacies unknown to sadnesses.
It's been a while since I've tried to drown,
But I think on the corner of the kitchen
And lounge-room floors,
My mind found something
Worth living for...
How ever subconscious it may remain.
Down and out for the long run.
Apr 2014 · 401
Old soul, or broken?
Madds Apr 2014
To you, To she, He and we.
To all whom I have met,
Thank you for teaching me
That I cannot make friends
And keep them, longer
Than 6 months.
Tonight is a bad night
Mar 2014 · 554
Madds Mar 2014
It's been a while...
And time has become a ten-razor-clawed beast,
Ferociously dislocating the ball from it's chain.
Sharpening it's teeth on my ankles,
Ripping the false stability from under me...
There are not enough hours in a year
For you to fully comprehend how much I love you.
This was going to be about the amount of school work I have to do, but that takes away from the beauty of it now.
Mar 2014 · 755
Trust the bones I break.
Madds Mar 2014
I am 26 letters more empty,
Than I was yesterday.
This world is the constant dripping of a tap,
Drilling into my skull one millimetre at a time.
This world is safely wrapped in bubble wrap,
Beautifully shattered from the inside.
We have thousands of bubbles to pop,
One god ****** pope at a time.
Interfering personal spaces,
Dancing wildly on the edges of dust.
We sit and rust on O2 particles
Kissing dreams of lust as our bones cuss.
Well, school homework turned into this. You're welcome.
Mar 2014 · 804
Writers Block
Madds Mar 2014
Again, like a clogged drain filled with leopard fur,
The tantalising words of my next and newest mind burst
Seeped through and escaped.

Most nights I wish I could escape
From monsters I cannot see,
Hear or feel...
Are they even monsters at all?

I keep finding hell's butterflies,
but I don't think they're real any more.

Other minutes pass and I'm stuck on remembering
A single line that was never meant to enter my mind.

A whole day now has introduced a double cosmos
Swirling its nebula around my toes,
I'm still stuck here but it's cosy...
And I'm wholly overcome with mesmerising tastebuds.
1. I don't think hell butterflies ever existed.
2. The cosmos doesn't touch your feet, but if you stare at the stars long enough, you become them.
3. I'm tired
4. Welcome to my mind on an indifferent day
Mar 2014 · 577
Autumn winds
Madds Mar 2014
Sometimes I'm not home
But I remain sat, snug between it's walls.
Sometimes I'm home,
Existing only as a body,
A spent bullet shell...
Empty, warped and scratched gold.
All of the time I'm at home,
Yet, the wind traces it's fingers through my hair
Shivers down my spine,
My gaze to stars...
Peeking between cracks in the roof,
My heart to a parallel beat...
And I am not there.
My writings a mess of recent and it's ripping my brain to shreds.
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Madds Mar 2014
We move by instinct,
Darling, move by instinct...
Shuffle past barriers,
Push through foggy eyes,
Hold me close...
Warm, together.
I'm crumbling darling,
Move by instinct,
Hold me in your arms.
Find a temporary repair,
My tourniquet.
I'm falling all over drenched eyes.
Faint screams ring,
Chiming louder and louder
The more you fade from view.
Move by instinct darling,
Move into me.
This is a mess, which I suppose is rather reflective.
Mar 2014 · 821
Madds Mar 2014
I was going to write a poem today,
About love and loss,
Sin and gin,
But the motion was buried
By the question of how to drown myself
In the puddles outside my window.
Feb 2014 · 975
16 going on 17
Madds Feb 2014
9th February.
I suppose it should hold special meaning,
Or coloured dinosaur eggs
But it's merely volcano silt.
Washing out a year and bringing in a brand new blandness I don't need.
It'll be the celebration day of my birth in just a week
Everyone has forgotten,
Too wrapped up in their own brain mazes;
Everyone forgets,
Mauve poison daggers seeping through memories
Mostly warm summer days,
Mostly the southerly change at night
Mostly February ninth.

Everyone's forgotten me.
Mind *****. I'm sick and feverish.
Madds Jan 2014
It turns out, - like hands, like pages turning, -
That I am more petrified of everything
Than you could ever comprehend.
I suppose it's the waves crashing in my lungs,
Or baron wasteland kissing the tip of my nose,
Even more, it could be the death touch
Whispering its mermaid lures to me inside my heart.
Expectedly it could be the curse of gangrene winding it's way around my toes
As a result of standing stagnant in this town for far too many milliseconds.
But the crippling hunch is I have many places to be, a heart to give,
Myself to mend, myself to mend,
Shard by thumb pricking shard
I am rebuilding who I breathe to be
And with a time span the size of a spec of dust
On the geological time scale.
This is atrocious
Jan 2014 · 768
"I'm fine"
Madds Jan 2014
From afar I stand structurally sound,
No large gashes or permanent pinkish slashes,
But wind your way closer and peel back your eyes
The rust begins to show,
Climb inside I'm slowly eroding,
And collapsing.
Most feel it's better to partially admire
From behind a series of cement structures
Only glimpsing at my strength and stability.
So tired, so done
Jan 2014 · 815
For Bryce.
Madds Jan 2014
As we approach the stop sign,
And your road lane begins to disappear,
The sadness washes all around us
I pull at strings to bring you on my path,
You fall still while a smile widens.

A tear falls, the realisation finally reality.
We have no gauge to bring forth certainty
To when your last life grain falls
Down upon the many lessons learnt in your hour glass.
It has been glorious years spent,
Rebelling and repelling social norms of our lives,
Drinking wisdoms out of library glasses
And camping mischief around bridges we built.

Your lives clock is ticking it's last heart beats,
But I'll find you in every life I meet.

You've learnt, you've grown,
you've seen, you've lived
and you've loved.
Keep loving.
Always love, who ever you are
And where ever you end up.
I hope this isn't taken the wrong way or too sad. This is also for all those held dear in each of my lives.
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
Dragon's last breath
Madds Jan 2014
How do I escape this..?
A dragon no more as I shed the scales
Setting my breath alight,
Muscles tightening as the sobs turn to gasps,
Sea water is salt laced by sadness
And my lungs are ill equipt to survive.
Had I been released to my spirit being,
I might have slipped beneath their skin,
Crawling eight boneless legs to happiness.
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Cut pinky promises.
Madds Jan 2014
Deep within
A genie bottle you and I
Are forever snapping
At wishbones, but neither one
Of us gets the middle wish.
Sent into a plume of empty smoke
That leaves us spent and separated.
I wonder how many dandelions
You dedicate to me.
Dust falls upon our cut pinkys
We lay wasted and dry of all
Childhood promise games,
There's nothing left but to
Pluck out each individual eyelash.,
Our lungs forcing one towards
Another hopeless, begging wish.
We deserve no more pain.
Perhaps it's all superstition or false hope, but god... It warms the heart doesn't it.
Dec 2013 · 994
Madds Dec 2013
You will only feel or see snippets of other lives at a time,
So depending on where you go or what you say
Something will trigger them and you'll feel it too.
I believe there are certain circles of people carried through your lives,
Whether they are family or you find them during that life,
It's the same souls altered slightly.

We have something medieval;
I tip-toe navigate my parents castle
While you bust me out of soul ******* walls,
We were lovers.

Again... another life, later in our years...
I was living in France and you,
A Swedish traveller man, courted me down by a bridge maybe,
Possibly the country and definitely raining.
Unlike like France, where it was free, simple and peaceful,
Medieval times for us were horrific.
Carrying much heartache and a very gruesome end;
Screaming for eachother as we were torn apart.
Past lives are our sculpture, our repetition but not our chances to get "it" right. Merely a blueprint continuously having a line drawn as each live passes.

Thank you dear friend, Bryce, for expanding and exploding my mind on the subject. Had I been given half the mind you have maybe I would accomplish something.

Pour qoi?
Pour j.
Dec 2013 · 1.4k
Madds Dec 2013
Perhaps I'll find my tongue one day,
Soon after I stumble upon stable feet.
Dreaming of colourful winter days
Spent waking you up for tea.
Perhaps I wasn't born with a tongue or feet or even a mind for words.

I fail to write much anymore but I'm hoping that changes soon when everything morphs to sunlight
Nov 2013 · 654
Madds Nov 2013
I have,
After spending millions of years
Of past and forgotten lives
Wandering lost
Beneath shrub and trees,
I have finally learnt to fly.
Blessed with bent wings;
A tortured butterfly...
I found myself shaping the clouds
Into masterpieces of your heart
Embedding the world in a darkness
That reflected so beautifully
Off of impure eyes.
After years of jumping...
Breaking impenetrable ground....
I have learnt how to fly.
And as the tear drops turned
into pained faces
I remembered
I dreamt you up one night.
Okay. This lake of sleep deprivation is getting deeper, muddier and thicker than ever to wade through.
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Madds Nov 2013
Dost thou love me?

Art thou in pain?

Doth the wind change shapes?

Shakespeare is dead.
And I fear all that you held
is dead too.

Magician pulls the strings,
To the puppet wings...
We bleed.

But for what is this chatter,
As the rain doth pitter patter,
Drawing ever closer the sea to my feet.

A breath of fresh air
Too sharp to swallow softly,
I cough and magenta butterflies

Falsetto wings.

I never learnt to sing.

Typical pulsating blood organs
Punching blue and black
Against bones made of metaphorical steel.

You stole me.
10:50 pm. Lack of sleep week 2.
Nov 2013 · 1.9k
Madds Nov 2013
Preach your colourful knowledge of me,
From a jaw that could hold nothing more than a faint whisper of insincerity
And a flailing bird tangled on your tongue.
But when the rainbow bursts;
Don't attempt to rain materialism down on me
Stuff your grocery store heart shaped chocolates up your nose.
And stop dreaming up all the sadness I stand for.
I am not your fixer-upper-er.
I am whole, trust me,
The serpent rejoins once cut
And heals.
I am a serpent, rainbow and colourless.
Materialistic seduction...
Give me a minute while I puke fluro ***** on your shoe,
You are the needy one and I remain whole...  
Scuffed and cracked
I am healing, alone.
But I am whole.  
Mixing strings of blues, greens and pinks
Into one strand,
There are scars.
I don't know. Ha ha ha I'm tired.
Nov 2013 · 758
Madds Nov 2013
Strange the way things are so easily broken.
                     Even stranger is how delicate they are when built.
                     Like hands, small... soft and gentle on a baby
                     But so easily destroyed by another.
                     Hearts... not an element of strength about them,
                     But they suffer the most and yet...
They continue to beat...
Sometimes slower like mine,
       I feel the force of time
            Stuttering at points
              And even SHATTERING.
we               A world too arid... too destructive and self imploding
breathe                To allow any such existence..... A Hero...
  sin                             We slaughtered the ones we had.
  and                               Jesus beaten and nailed to a post...
   saviors                              Burnt at the stake... I suppose.
                                                     Because we are scared.
                                                        Petrified and screaming from a man
                                                        That had mastered redemption
                                                        we corrupted the only hint of peace we imagined.
                                                        we are the masters of nothing.

Now as he floats in space with the stars we murdered to save our "souls"
We bleed empty bones and blame everyone else for our guns to our head,
Shaking... will you smile when you die....
edited and re uploaded to cry upon
Nov 2013 · 551
j'en ai assez..
Madds Nov 2013
each tear.
than the last
cutting deeper
than any ever
and suddenly
im bound within
the depths of the earth
scratching my way through bones
and dinosaur skin, knowing what its like to sink
as the hypnosis begins, i forget everything....
you, the dream.. the smoke. a heart. a religion
breathe in. breathe in. breath in. breathe in.
turn table heads, blacking out again
a colour and feeling im too too
familiar with. drink.
i am drunk with pain
a shot. a gun.
its all gone
Nov 2013 · 816
Late night thoughts
Madds Nov 2013
in every sense of the word
the naked body is pure
and the mind is the biggest impurity
next to blood.

do you welcome death
just as much
as you welcome fridays?

sun shines the brightest
when the sun is not seen;
it's called the moon.

if i could work colours
like you can... changing them into words,
i might actually be a good poet.

But if silence was a friend,
i wouldn't be alone anymore.

i want to lose my voice.
brain dead and envious.
Nov 2013 · 632
"It keeps me safe.."
Madds Nov 2013
My heart grows heavy,
weighing down a ribcage made for mending
only to let it drown.

There are cold impressions
on my waist and belly
where your hands should rest.

It's a cold summer
only to get worse.

I fill the emptiness
with your old Guns N' Roses t-shirt.

We will be together again.
Nov 2013 · 732
Madds Nov 2013
How do you stop this debilitating aching
Within your chest?

And how do you keep from drowning,
When all you can do is sink,
Choking on water thicker than cement?

Have you ever tried to convince those around you
That you are in love with the very person they hate?

How do you walk again
After falling,
Crawling and then shattering every limb?

And who ever taught you to breathe,
After suffocating on sorry's and do you still love me's
And spewing up your lungs corrupted with
False innocence and lies?
I'm so sorry/
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