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Jammie Zaire May 2016
What's the point of living
When deep inside you're dying
What's the point of living
When the whole world is lying

What's the point of leaving
When your hopes and dreams are staying
What's the point of writing
When my whole world started falling
Jammie Zaire May 2016
He was there
Just there
I failed him
Because he failed me
I failed everyone
I can't stand up
And he wasn't there
And he's still not here
But he was there
Jammie Zaire May 2016
Don't say hello,
because then we'll have to say good-bye,
and I can't  stand good byes.
Jammie Zaire Apr 2016
Day had passed, again
You never know how I endure the pain
For all of my good byes
I hope you know those are lies

From our simple talk on your room
Where I saw your kindness and bloom
Your smile were just so perfect
My heart crampled as the effect

But, you were never there
Just one day of your last kiss here
You never gave me a clue
And you're gone out of the blue

I missed you but you never know
I craved for you but you never know
I loved you but you never ask
I hate you but you never care
Jammie Zaire Apr 2016
On your special day i wish you happiness
Forget all your sadness and loneliness
I may not be with you on that day
I know you'll enjoy it come what may

Let me be honest, I thought it's a fairytale
But once again it's a fail
Now that I'm gone,
I know it's sad but at least its done.
I don't want to get hurt by you
And you were just too kind to be revenge on to.
I'll try to live again without you by my side
But you will never be wash away on my mind.

Through good and bad times you were there
Even my tears and joys were share
Continue to have that helping hand
It felt so good to be on your hand
When I have bad day, you're always on your way

Thanks for the first coffee and sleep
I learned to ride even in rush a "jeep"
You came in just the perfect night
You were just so perfect in my sight

On your next next next next years
Wish you all the best and no tears
I may not see your hair anymore
Being with you can't ask no more

Lastly, a greetings of happy birthday
May God enlighten your day and way
Study hard and enjoy your parties at weekends
Continue your life as if it will never end
Jammie Zaire Apr 2016
I know i should stop but i cant
I know i should go but my feet stand by
I know i should let go but my hand hold on
I know i should move on but my heart stay

I chose to stay and get hurt
I chose to get hurt and now i cry
I chose to cry but i'll never regret
I chose to not regret for something i wont forget

I know when i stop, i will miss you
I know when i go away, i will regret losing you
I know when i die, you'll always be on my mind
I know when i stay, i will be forever dumb

I chose to be with you even it hurts so much
I chose to hurt so much for this pathetic life
I never chose to live this pathetic life by the way
I never chose to fall but it all just there, happening over again.

— The End —