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Maddie Apr 2015
Let me breathe
Some sort of ruthless fire
Into your soul
And light up the remains
Of your heart
So you can be brought back
To life
And maybe Find
Some sort of love
For yourself.
Maddie Mar 2015
You crave the love
You're afraid to find
And so you drown yourself
In bars and lies.
You thrive in the sadness
You pretend you don't feel
And look for happiness
In emptiness.

I think of you often
Cry for you even-
Praying someday
The scars of your past
Will fade away.
I pray someday
You'll find
The love your soul so craves.
Maddie Mar 2015
I love you because
You respond to my touch
Even as you dream
And it makes me think:
    Maybe that dream is of me.
Maddie Jan 2015
sometimes we were
in love.
but those feelings
caught fire
and in the end
caught flight.
the ebbing memories
of how we used
to be
weren't enough
to hold us together.
in the end,
it was me who left
after two years
of begging you
to stay.
and in the end
it was me who said no
when you
came back.
in the end,
your shallow words
weren't enough to save us.
in the end,
it was you who drove me
near the end
i found someone else,
and you didn't care
when i went to his house
you should have cared
because that was when
i saw i no longer loved you
i no longer wanted you.
that was when i saw
i only wanted him.
now i have him
and you're gone,
and in the end
we were too different
and we fought
and you were mean
and the love we sometimes held
wasn't enough
to save us.
Maddie Dec 2014
You were never
A Miscarriage
Because that implies
You were never really
Maddie Dec 2014
I mourn for the
You were never meant
To have.
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