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Madalena Jan 31
Death is all around us
I fear it
I fear It will take  me away
what will happen to me after?
will I be remembered or missed?
My body will be hidden away
but my soul will visit
I will forever live eternally in your memories and dreams
But until that day I will live to one day regret  nothing
listen to the clock tick, tick
Live to the fullest
The end of time is unknown  
Madalena Jan 30
My body makes music by the beat of my heart when I look at you.
I can't explain why
A simple touch of you and I tingle
Yet, my body echoes from the silence
You don't know this
You may never love me
You may never know how I feel
I write to you and yet you will never receive my letter
But, I close my eyes every night thinking
you are happy where ever you are


I simply

Madalena Sep 2019
I don't know why I hate you

You think you are better than me
You think you are more beautiful than
You think you are smarter than me
You think you know more than me
But the truth is, you are not
But neither am i
I am nothing more or less than you
You say you speak the truth
But your words bite like hungry snakes
with venom that will **** me
Love yourself, because I can't do it for you
Madalena Jul 2019
you know what don't bother, love is gone
kindness is rare
I am mad
Mad at the cold world we live in
we lie
we don't love
we hate
what is the point?
one day we are going to die
they say you only live once
but if you do it well enough
once is enough
Madalena Jun 2019
It's hard living in our world, I am afraid I might not have the kids I want or meet the man I am meant to be with. I might not live up to my expectations. I am afraid that it will be late one day to act. I am afraid of telling you I like you. I am afraid I might not be enough for you. Every day I think about what can I change to be the person I need to be.
something from the heart
Madalena Jun 2019
I miss you
I stare at the void, wishing to see you
I stare at our torn old photos, trying to put the memories back
That day you were mad at me, you took all the photos and tore the moments
I speak to myself as if you were here
The room is so quiet without you
I remember the day we last said goodbye
it was a sad day, one minute felt like an hour
that moment the music stopped
the birds stopped singing
as you were leaving,
I count your footsteps
but the number kept going
trying to realize what was forgotten
you are gone now
you are elsewhere now
I might lay alone,
but somehow I feel your presence
through my thoughts
I was the one to tell you to leave
and you did
now its the two of us
before we were one
I love you
Madalena Jun 2019
Are you looking at me
You have no business
Our messed up Society
has also messed up our brains
Think before you say
And think before you act
Who are you to judge me
Where is your place
Why are girls always betrayed
as creatures who want attention
Why, why do you care
Why do you care so much
of what she does
Why do you care, who she likes
Why do you care, what she wears
Society has molded the statue
how us girls supposed to be
They tell us what to wear
They tell us how to sit,
What to say
How to stand
Pink, a dominated color
Pink shirts
Pink shoes
Pink Everything
But no Blue  is not for us
Blue is for boys they say
so I say to you
Shame on you to criticize me
to have an opinion
My actions and my everyday life
So why do you care
it's a long one
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