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Dear my shooting star, my cold wind in summer, and my bee sting, you were both a beautiful and painful thing I had in a short moment of time. Every pieces of it, from the littlest to its every bit, were the ones I always cherished. Though it had me stung ― like how you put salt to my wounds ― I still felt the happiness when you showed me the grandiose of stars and the sensational touches of a cold wind. You were a short moment who gave me a lasting sentiment in transience. Thank you, my ephemeral.
I was walking in nothingness, barefoot. My feet was colliding with the universe, feeling nothing, and seeing everything without a bit of emotion. I had this unexplained emptiness inside me for so long, ‘til my soul met yours. We shared something so different. That feeling seemed so peculiar that I couldn’t even think I’d feel something so divergent and new, like how it felt. You were so perfect I could almost think you were unreal — like a water in a desert. Then suddenly, I felt like you were so far and unreachable, ‘til I realized you were just an illusion. I was astonished by the sight of something so perfect that I almost forgot that I don’t deserve it. And maybe we got lost somewhere in our thoughts, and found a love we thought we had, but it was just a mirage.
Heart cheering
Chest uplifting
Light breathing
Eyes seeing
Mind wandering
Spirit freeing
I am in perfect timing
A man could be surrounded with a thousand beautiful things around
But only recognizes the beauty of his only love
A woman could blabber every word she wants in ceaseless
But her man is the only one that could make her speechless
A father may have found company with his co-worker
But will never forget to be a daddy to his daughter
A mother may be busy with the dishes
But never forgets to take care of her babies
A brother might be nervous with his exams and quizzes
But always brave to get you away from cockroaches
We see love everywhere
Maybe in parks, in churches, in aisles
Maybe love is there for every smile
For every laugh, and for every cry
Love is seen at every place
Never hidden, always in pace
And as we grow, we meet different people
They might make us change, or we might make them change
Some days you feel like you’ve been poured in heavy rain
And then you meet someone who brings you umbrella and washes out your pain
Love is present at all junctures
Never late, never early, always on time
Love is always there
Just open your eyes
And let them see how it shines
Love is the sun that doesn’t just give light
But also the reason why we see everything bright
I can see love in the hands of a child feeding his sick grandmother
In the arms of a mother carrying her crying baby in cover
Her voice sang songs of lullaby, until she stops to cry
Her touch softens the rough weep, until she starts to sleep
I can see love in the feet of a friend, who joins your silliness in no end
Love is in the deep breaths of relatives after successful operations
Love is in the screams after winning competitions
Love is in perfect destinations
And maybe love is in between pages
Hidden in phrases, filling the spaces
Maybe love is seen in right words
In almost all situations, in what ifs
Maybe love is in what could’ve been-s
Maybe love is when you’re forgiven
Love is in you
Once you recognize it, it reaches people
Like a contagious smile of a little kid
Reaching the ends, uncovering a seed
Sleep early, drink tea
Break from stress; get yourself away from any mess
Write journals, create paintings
Smile, laugh
Listen to music
Love yourself
You see, we define love the way we experience it
And just as how beautiful it looks at us
It’s also as beautiful when we give it back
But love also has its other side
You will get hurt
When it seems to be not right
We take back the words we once held tight
And then it falls
It falls back again to the dark post
We become afraid when we are betrayed
The things we once believed to be true
Will slowly vanish like dew
Heart thumping
Chest shaking
Heavy breathing
Eyes closing
Mind hiding
Spirit weakening
I am lost
But love always comes back
Like the sun’s rays
Beaming radiance across
From a dark, gloomy night
It comes back with lustering light
Then love is here again
Kanan, kaliwa, taas, baba
Kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan
Hindi ako magiging sya kailanman
Gaano man kalayo ang inyong pagitan
Siya pa rin ang iyong inaabangan
Kanan, kaliwa, taas, baba
Nilingon mo sa kanan ang kanyang mga ngiti
Balot ng iyong paningin ang kanyang mapupulang pisngi
Kabisado mo na ang galaw ng kanyang labi
Habang umaasang ako nalang ang iyong minimithi
Hawak ng iyong mga kamay
Ang kanyang balikat na lagi **** akbay
Di mapigilang ngiti ang sa sistema mo’y nananalaytay
Habang ako’y nakatanaw sa mga tawa **** walang humpay
Tumingala sa taas ang iyong noo
Pinapanalangan na sana’y maging kayo
Hinihingi sa Panginoon na sya’y maging sa’yo
Habang ako’y nakatingin sa aking mundo
Yumuko ang iyong mukha
At tumulo ang mga luha
Sa harap ng Panginoon, hiningi mo sya
Habang ako’y nananalangin na ako nalang sana
Ang mga salitang alay ko sa’yo
Ay sya ring mga salitang sa kanya’y sinabi mo
Ang mga tingin mo sa kanya
Ay kagaya ng mga tingin ko sa’yo
Ang kurba ng iyong labi
Ang pagpula ng iyong pisngi
Ang tingkad ng iyong ngiti
Nakikita ko ang sarili ko sayo
Sa kung paano mo tinitingnan ang babaeng
hindi kailanman magiging ako
Kahit hingin ko pa siguro sa mga tala
Kahit kay kupido pa ipa-pana
Hindi pa rin tayo tugma
Ang pagtitig mo sa kanya
Ay isang paalala na 'wag na akong umasa

Sana kaya kong takpan ang iyong mga alaala
Ibaon sa limot at tuluyan nang mawala
Sana kaya kong buksan
Ang puso kong ikaw lang ang laman
At tuluyan ka nang palayain
Kahit di ka naging akin
Pero kahit anong gawin
Ikaw pa rin ang sinisigaw ng damdamin
Ilang beses ka mang limutin
Araw araw ka pa ring alalahanin
Kahit masakit, pipiliting maging masaya
Kahit hindi ako
Pipilitin kong maging buo
Para sa'yo
At sa taong mahal mo
Kaya bahala na
Mahal pa rin kita
Kahit sya lang ang nakikita ng iyong mga mata
You can’t just force poetry

to come out from you,

it just suddenly happens.

With that certain feeling

that you’re feeling,

good words painted with sound

just come out naturally

forming the rhythm

of your beautiful poetry.
Napagod sa mga panandaliang pagbalik
Sa agarang paglisan na akala mo'y sabik
Napagod sa mga pagpansin na puro kalokohan
Sa mga salitang walang kasiguraduhan
Maaari bang kumawala
Ang pusong napagod na
Sa bawat sakit, kalungkutan at pait
Pagod na sa pag-alala sa nakaraan
Utang na loob
Ipatikim mo naman ang salitang “pagtahan”
I can see my self in you
every time you look at that girl.
The genuine stares you have,
those smiles you show,
and how your mood quickly changes
when she’s around.
You look at her
the same way I look at you —
and that’s exactly the look I show
every time I see you
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