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Jul 2019 · 677
the sun.
If i say that they're sunshine
then do not ask me
if i think anyone
could ever make me as happy as they did
because mark my words
they were the sun
and nothing brings more light than the sun
no thing nor being brighter than thus
could **** with it's touch
tis the only thing able to vanish the darkness with a simple show of face
something that has a warm glow
emitting from it's every trace
so naturally
completely unaware of its ability
to so wholeheartedly sooth ones soul
with just it's presence.
May 2019 · 214
Where my ashes lay
Let the ocean swallow me up
And the sky take me away
Scatter me in a place where birds sing
And flowers lay

Let my spirit fall through your fingertips
And sink into the ground
Let the wind whoosh and whirl
While it whisps me around

Let the sun absorb my ashes
And in the treetops I will sway.
When I die take me everywhere
And everywhere
I shall lay.

— The End —