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Meet me at the boulevard
or the local bar,
there’s something I forgot to tell you,

you act like a kid,
and I’m supposed to be the adult,
you walk the opposite way,
like a kid,
I know we’re young and free,
but I can’t seem to pull you with me further,

you want to stay in your town,
like a bronze statue - still,
you disregarded the rules before they’ve been set,
traveling with the wind
and disappearing in light,
I see you through yet can’t move past you,

like a rock,
like a barrier,
you act like a kid,
I act like an adult,
so why can’t I move past you?
Poem #14 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. It’s about being stuck with one person even though you know they’re not worth your time. I can’t relate anymore, because I’ve moved on now.
Basically what I wanted to write down I had in my head,
but when it comes to you,
it’s fleeting,
like a thunderbird,

it feels good to say,
you have not your favorite park or radio station,
but your favorite person,
and that person is you,

but you can’t lose me like your car keys,
with that heart-shaped charm I gave you,
I won’t burn out like gasoline in your car,
even though I feel I burnt out long ago,
the roadless,
New York,
no matter where you take me,
your car keys fit in my heart’s lock
and I can’t do nothing about it,
the night,
the day,
my head,
no matter when you take me,
I’m hung up on you
and I like it,

it was like a lightning strike,
however spectacular,
love is my working tool and poetry’s the playground,
I don’t know if I still love you,
but I will because I like it,

like a thunderbird,
like lightning,

and I like it.
Poem #13 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. I got the idea in my car. This is a love poem - no matter what you do, I will stay with you.
The coastline bent over breaking through sea level,
not a single constellation will stay the same forever,

I almost fell up when you landed,
past the frost moon and the overheat wave out of place,
after the fractured embrace pictured between Barbara and hell,
everyone now knows everything,

I lost the test which I usually ace,
same shade as the belt just above your waist,
silverish luster comparable to a cosmic cluster so enigmatic,
no one has ever described,
even I on the day heavens fired
a fireball which splashed into the deep blue oceanic eyes of mine,
with deep poetry instead of cold water,
freezing and vibrating like the wings of a South America butterfly,
moving further barely like a bayou,
in East, not the paradisal Malibu,
wish faster under the descent of disaster, of course enigmatic,
I’ve said ton of verses but never three words directly formed,
and those were ‘I love you’,
you don’t know a thing and it’s funny to me,

me versus irreplaceable limitations which both exist on my way and not,
I thought I’d heal my wounds with salt and forced laugh,
then I discovered Sylvia Plath,
and I’ve lived until I found the way out which has no personification,
born of cosmic inflation,
upon the world creation,
I’ve been through a revolution, through war with the walls and you now,
but the fire moves always in the opposite direction,
that was January,
when I loved but said no, to avoid the lesson,

it happened, hurt, and gave me one life lesson,
I was born with my poetry upon world creation and now I just have to let it out,

everyone now knows everything,

everyone except for you.
Poem #12 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. I like how deep this one is. This is my favorite poem off the collection.
I rediscovered you in my notepad today...

it takes just one innocent gaze to get lost in the misty word you carry,
it takes one ephemeral look to travel to the Hollywood Boulevard,
it takes one brief touch to turn your life into a good romantic movie,
so much can cost so little,
and life easily turns so hard,

it burnt out like a match,
but let’s remain where we are,
in the spotlight,
or the avenues,
not our favorite boulevard,
like in autumn,
and February,
if you got rid of my love letter,
let me repeat,
what was said,

I’m your star,
only yours,
I shine bright,
just for you,
I shine brighter than most quasars do,
if there’s anything I won’t do for you,
then forget it,
cause I’m here to love you,
and you’re here to direct
the best love story ever written.
Poem #11 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. When I wrote this one in late August, I knew I wanted to make a whole poetry project. This is the first poem I’ve written for ‘Feels like Roswell’.
You are the proof of my great development,
diary made of waves,

emotional gradient which occurred in the fifth grade,
witness of great change,
from one man to another,
during the last moon phase,

shallowness of my deepness was my ticket
to the land of harmony,

the keeper of all the evil must have opened the doors,
when we were unaware,
and happy,

and then I met you
and my mind went desaturated,
I remember Ivy,
no one else does,
no one has the keys to my precious vault, which I call home,
I carry it everywhere,

I took part in an unfair lottery hosted by the devil,
I walked into the dark tunnel,
and left two months later,

I got good at this vague game called ‘living’,
it’s Hardmode now,

but the Waxing Crescent told me telepathically, there are no losses on the acute horizon

there will be confetti,
biggest party of the decade,
you must be the perfect lover,
you won’t harm me,

I’m independent,
I know it,

after the distance that I’ve crawled it’s clear as the night sky,
all the stars say:

I got this.
Poem #10 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. There’s no more losses coming up, only victories. It will only get better.
**** you,
you’ve never known that feeling of being span around,
until all you see is tiny stars,
your maneuvers never backfired at you with the wind change,
and you played your cards right in casinos, but those in your head,
and all those games you won blind,

but hey - it’s another wind change,
another summer in which I avidly participate,
season of the races,
later January poetry,
written over the black and white filtered paintings,

but I have some sunlight in stock,
on an unused highway leading nowhere,
that’s because I don’t want to share the light with you anymore,
since you are a light source yourself,
and I’m not just yet,

and you’ve gone through winter like it was nothing,
was it full moon or some other type of black magic?

but, as I said - it’s another wind change,
age of millennium,
when dying stars regain lost power,
peaceful aeon,
and the circumnavigation continues,
the next stop is where my sadness was born,
and if you’re the main obstacle again,
then I’m alright,

I’m resistant to the **** you do,

you really want to know why,
you never learn fool,

I’m stronger now.
Poem #9 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. This is a poem I started in July alongside with ‘Caramel’ - a poem which is coming out later this month. These two I had trouble writing and luckily I managed to finish them.
we’re seven nights away from the apocalypse,
but Malibu is so hot,
I don’t want to leave just yet,
September is peaceful,

I went for a ride to the northern coast of the country,
with Courtney,
I saw too many new faces in that place,
and reflections lead me to this revolutionary thought,
this is not where I belong,

so I went to the city of gain and loss,
carefully between rosebuds,
that somehow grew along the driveway,
I visited your favorite place,

and I know this is not where I belong,

now I try to live a double life,
in the first one I brighten up the eternal night with a candle, out of kerosene,
and in the second one there’s no limits or world boundaries,
the sun is young,
and burning with passion,

I have a passion,
what, everyone’s curious,
I live from morning till evening like in a happy book from the 2000s,
I’m the brighter light,
rarely I get obscured but no force can summon melancholy,
those memories vanished in snow,

in laughter,
an hour away from Laurel,
you picked me up,
and we started a new journey,

I leave my bed every midnight,
find my side car in the lantern light,
park in my second parking spot,
so no one discovers our little secret,

every night,
whole lifetime,
you and I,

God, I feel so high.
Poem #8 off my first poem collection titled ‘Feels like Roswell’. It basically tells the story of me trying new things and ending up unhappy with them. So now I kinda live in my past, turning it into my future.
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