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M Hughes Sep 2014
Your letters used to taste so sweet
rolling off of my tongue, and into my heart
where you lit a candle that we watched burn.
We traveled through my arteries and got lost.
I breathed nothing but you, and it was enough--
until you tossed me a buoy and started pulling.

I came up for air and found myself lost:
Where had you gone? (Where was my heart?)
I coughed you up; you left behind the burn
of a swig of Absolut that I thought would be sweet.
I tried to open your door, but you kept pulling
it shut. I guess you had enough.

All I can feel now is that burn
like a sweltering sunburn on my sweet
porcelain skin. You tug me and shove me, keep getting me lost--
your heart
is the moon that won't stop pulling
my tides. Enough!

You've weaseled into my brain, pulling
the strings you sewed to my heart--
I tried looking for it, but it is still lost.
You lit another candle, smells sugary sweet.
I trace my fingers through the flame to watch them blister and burn:
a singe I can't resist. I just can't get enough.

Now your letters do nothing but burn,
yet no others seem to taste as sweet
as yours before you ran away. You are lost,
it's okay, it's the fault of your heart.
It's got strings sewed on, too. She's pulling
yours, and you can't get enough.

I suppose we are all staggering, lost
in this thick, crimson sea of massacred hearts:
Can't stop licking the blood that smells so sweet--
but, like a straight shot of *****, it scorches, it burns.
I had a heavy, glass bottle-full, but it, too, got lost;
Guzzled by a soggy, fraying man who just can't get enough.
This was a quick exercise in my creative writing class. We were supposed to write a sestina about something we've been obsessing over, and I just kind of ran with it.
M Hughes Jul 2014
Well, I always knew that you weren't the one
But we sure as hell did have some fun
During our too-short yet ever-so-sweet little run.

You were a mere moment in time
Yet everything changed when you were mine
Because you are without a doubt one of a kind.

I always knew that we soon would end
But never thought my heart would take so long to mend
It's taking a while for me to comprehend.

You're a drop in my bucket
A wave in my sea
I'll never forget you
I'll just let it be.
M Hughes Jul 2014
Have you ever been afraid of your very own mind
Of the thoughts that can possess you
And keep you in rewind

Have you ever felt trapped in your spinning little head
Chained up and imprisoned
Wishing to be anywhere else instead

Have you ever been your own worst enemy
Fighting yourself in combat
Wanting only to be free

This can be overwhelming
And feel like it's too much
But it's important to remember
It will get better soon enough
M Hughes Jun 2014
I used to believe that humans were good
That most wouldn't harm
That most did as they should.

Then I caught a glimpse of the other side
What I saw was ugly
It made me want to hide.

I now believe humans are malicious
Filled with bad intentions
Everyone is suspicious.

I lost my faith in mankind
Maybe it's better
I'm no longer blind.

Turn on the television
Hear about disaster
It can happen to anyone
Better walk home faster.

We shouldn't have to live our lives anticipating in fear.
Will somebody do something?
Can anybody hear?
A little thought about all the shootings and horrible things happening lately.
M Hughes Jun 2014
I don't exist in New York City.
I'm a figment of my own imagination
made up to fill a void in my soul.

I'm anonymous in New York
the other pedestrians not knowing my name
not caring
because they, too, are trying to get something from this mysterious place.

We're all so jaded
Our enthusiasm's faded
My heart now is gated
All the love has been raided.

This city's so crowded
yet I feel so alone.
I walk these streets daily
but they still feel unknown.

Put everything in
Get little out
I no longer feel much
other than doubt.
M Hughes May 2014
The human experience.
It's the others we encounter.
Those we share more with than with even our own minds.
Those we would die for
Give up everything we own for.
Those we cannot fathom a life without.
Those whose laughter is contagious
Those whose smiles cause our smiles
Those whose pain compels us to feel it just as deeply.
They're our air
They're our shelter
They're our nourishment.
Our worlds would collapse without them.

The human experience.
It's the times when we lose them.
When we push them away
Because we can't understand why the world is what it is
Or why we are who we are.
It's when they're stolen from us
Because of life's cruel mysteries.
Or the times they dispose of us
Without explanation
And we can't apprehend why
Or how to move on
Or so much as attempt to face the world without them.

The human experience.
It's the times our lives cave in.
When everything goes tumbling down
Like an avalanche of our sanity
And our naively made-up stability.
The toppling piece that once made up our worlds.
When everything we know
Everything we live and breathe
Everything we are
When it all slips away.
When we lose our innocence
Our faith in humanity
Our once-invincibility.
When it's taken from us.
Or we leave it to the dust.
It's the moments we feel clueless.

The human experience.
It's the times we pick up the pieces.
When we learn who we are
Understand who we were
Realize who we want to be.
It's the times we start over.
When we leave the past behind
And look only to the future.
When we stitch up the wounds
And once again restore our hope
And our faith
And our invincibility.

The human experience
Is feeling.
Feeling it all.
M Hughes Apr 2014
What happens after the flowers bloom?
They don't stay like that like we all assume.

What happened after that picture was taken?
We all look so happy, but we've been mistaken.

What happens after we fall in love?
I've heard it is something you can fall out of.

What happens after the moment is gone?
We must all find a way to keep going on.

Some spend their lives waiting for "forever"
Life isn't quite so simple, however.

We must live in the moment
Remember the past
Enjoy what we have
Because it all goes so fast.

Live life with passion
Don't live in your mind
Because to wait for forever
One must be so blind.
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